SIMIC & Bangkok, rock and crazy =)))

My Day 3 in Bangkok for a day tour~ 

17/3/2013, my third day in Bangkok and it was one of the most interesting day!! In the early morning we had a workshop on antibiotic resistance and a 90 seconds presentation, and of course case investigation session with lots of station games. After we had our lunch in the faculty, then we started our day trip to Wat Phra Kaew and the Great Palace. 
**We were told that we had to wear formal ( no sleeveless and short pants) on that day. And guess wat, everyone was wearing proper casual wear, while my teammates were wearing the long sleeve formal wear. Isshhh we wore the wrong attire again!!! >~<

So we woke up 6am in the morning, as we had to depart to Siriraj Hospital around 7.30am ( quite sleepy 0.o). When we reached the hospital, we entered their lecture hall in the faculty for the talk. The hall is really awesome!! Compared to mine =_x 

Attended for talk about proper antibiotic usage and resistant, which most of the ppl have a misconception about the proper usage of antibiotic. And here we learned a lot of fun facts about antibiotic, after the talk we were required to have a short presentation with poster on the stage for 90 seconds. The discussion was about : " What is your role as medical student on antibiotic usage" ~ i guess so, forgot the real topic, again =_=

We had around 30 mins for the discussion includes the drawing of the poster, and thanks to the GM for group 10, Aum, Mou, Noo, and Fang, we completed our task on time. And it was a nice poster anyway hehe, although we did not win at last. So me n Htun Min Aung were the presenters of the group, while my good fren~ Hang acted as the patient of the group. 

All the groups really showed their creativity for the presentation, most of them played the scene role in clinic~ which my group played the same thing too, and for group 11 they played for Thai-boxing, it was very funny!! and of coz, they won the competition. Congratulation!! hehe

my fren Wing Liong ( the red long sleeve) and his groupmates danced for "Banana song" for the presentation. haha it was really funny. 

I dont understand y shan kai wanna covered up his face... LOL =p

Me as one of the presenter of the group. We nearly exceeded the time limit!! Oh gosh luckily we made it on time hahahaha
Group photos together with our groups' poster. the right lower picture was the winning poster. Lo our junior won the competition with her groupmates. It was really interesting that we can PRODUCE a poster in 30 mins time. Amazing right?? haha

Then we had a short break with snack before we started the Games station. We always eat eat eat eat eat during the SIMIC program. Gain weight jor when I come back to Malaysia haha. 

The case investigation session was a creative one by using SIMIC baht to buy the investigation tools for the case, and you have to win the games to earn the SIMIC baht. ( hard earn money?? hahaha) It was something like PBL session for me, and I really enjoyed it. Forgot about academic, forgot about study, it was all about fun!! 

After we finished 4 of the station games, each team was provided with a patient, for our case investigation so we can something like clerkship from her to get the information that we needed. We got a clue as "rash with fever, presented with left cervical lymphadenopathy " ~ I forgot the complete one hehe, so we interviewed the patients for around 15 minutes and decided which lab investigation that we wished to buy. at last, we diagnosed the case wrongly hahaha, It should be EBV viral infection but we gave the answer as CMV infection. Nvm, as long as we had fun during the process haha

We had our lunch around 12pm ( yea eat again muahaha), and we prepared ourselves for the day tour in Bangkok. I forgot to bring my sunblock along ( as i thought it was ok for me since the weather don have much difference with M'sia), but I'm totally wrong!! It was very very hot here in Bangkok, and thanks to Mou, my GM, she borrowed me her sunblock. So nice!! and the other GM brought their sunblock and reminded us to apply too. And lets go group 10 lets go!! We started our journey after a long waiting.

The first place we went is Wat Phra Kaew, a very beautiful temple which is beside the Grand Palace. We must wear proper attire for it, strictly no short pants and sleeveless top. I bought myself a spongebob umbrella at 100 baht outside the temple, hehe very cute. Since I have not much knowledge about Thailand history so I wont describe much here =))

Took a picture with my China friend~ Yao Shao Mei before we entered the temple. Thanks to Yok for the photo shooting ^^

Group photo together with group 10~ ^^ Thanks to Prach, our Thailand friend to be a one day tour guide to us, explaining about the history and the culture of the temple. 

Our Myammar frens, Htun Min Aung and his fren were taking some funny picture with the pose like the behind one. haha 

The side view of the Grand Palace. 
I asked Prach           : Did the King stay in this Palace?
Prach answered me  : Previously yes, but not now. ( the Yes means for the previous Kings) Our King was  in Siriraj Hospital recently. 

now i know wat is the meaning of 金碧辉煌 from this building. it is totally different from the China Palace. 

Another view of one of the building in the Wat. Most of them are gold colour~ Rihanna should change her lyrics to " Shine like a gold" hahahaha
**But it was really hot in the wat, luckily i bought an umbrella before i entered the wat.

Me with the Great Palace ^^ Love tis place. M'sia tak ada palace macam ini, apa pasal?? lol....... 

Group photo with Group 10 again!

After we visited the palace and the wat, our GM decided not to follow the bus provided but they wanted to bring us to other place for dinner~ Yeah!!! We went to a Thai restaurant named 


hehe i dunno how to spell it or type it out so i just directly copy and paste from my check-in in FB haha. We went there by tut tut and it was really a nice experience!! Thanks to our GM for the trip hehe

Me, Prach, Hang and Aum rode on the same tut tut, sorry Prach my skill was so bad until i accidentally cropped ur face >~< Hang was so cute here hehe. 

Group photo together with group 10 before we took out dinner in the Thai restaurant ^^
and we posed with "10"  hehehehe 

Our dinner for the trip!! chose by our GM~ from the left top is the Crab curry, then the Thai flower with pork, the prawn omelette ( i forgot the real name haha) and the last but not least, my favorite tom yam gong!!! 
Highly recommended for this restaurant, it was really comfortable and the workers were very friendly. They gave us discount too hahaha

In front of the restaurant. Too bad I can't read thai TT_TT I'm going to learn it from Chalida when i go back!!

We took a ride with the boats after the dinner to Asiatique, one of the famous shopping area in Bangkok. Hehehe, only for my group yo ^^ 

with my groupmates, Rina, Aung, Aum, Fang, Tohh, and Noo =)) on the boat hehehe

Yeah!! Finally we reached the Asiatique hehe. A very nice place for photos <3 nbsp="" p="">
group photos together at the jetty. Let's go Group 10 Let's go!!!

Ferris Wheel in Asiatique!! I'm so excited for it ^^

Photo with shao mei before we took the ride. 250 baht for 5 turns per round. Awesome!! 

1,2,3 kacha!! Finally we rode on it, no need to wait too long, just around 10 mins?? hehe 

Beautiful night view of Bangkok in the Ferris Wheel ( i took it when I was at the highest point i think?)

yeah group photo again with Group 10!! fang, shao mei, tohh, Hang ( sorry for my skill Hang), Mou and me ^^ We made a short clip for it, and it was with Tohh haha

5555555..... so high so scary so fun!!

After the ride, we took some drinks, and tis was something new for me, soya with fruit. hehe not bad for the taste ^^ I choose for the orange one haha

Photo session together before we left the Asiatique. Nice memory!! and we all really had a lot fun! Thanks to our GM for the awesome plan haha

Last post together before we ended our day!! Thanks to Nutnicha for the awesome photos!! hehe I got tis photo from her album~ she got a very good shooting skill =))

Went for a Thai foot massage with Hang after the trip around 9pm. huhu very tired... the foot massage is 250 baht per hour, and same price goes to the full body massage ( which I tried it out on the last night in Bangkok with my groupmate hehe). 

and last, I love Bangkok!! look forward for a visit again in future hehe

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