Semenggoh with orang utans and Jong's Crocodile farm

After we drove back from Santubong, we drove back to Kuching first as my friend fell sick during the trip >< Then we stayed in the house until 2pm only we started our new journey of the day. 

Actually we planned to visit 3 places that day: Semenggoh Wildlife Center, Jong's Crocodile farm and Annah Rais Baruk long house, and of course, Annah Rais hot spring water if possible. but due to certain reasons we had to cancel our plan to Annah Rais ( as I read the comments from the web, they said Annah Rais is almost the same like Sarawak Cultural Village) 

The feeding time for the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is 9am and 3pm. At the same time, Jong's Crocodile got 2 feeding time at 11am and 3pm. Well i missed out the feeding time for Jong's Crocodile, as I think Orang Utan is much better than crocodiles haha. 
**Jong's crocodile, Annah Rais closed at 5pm, while Semenggoh Orang Utans close at 4pm. 

First, without any delay we just drove ourselves to Semenggoh which took us around an hour journey from Batu Kawa, Kuching. We reach there around 2.45, bought the ticket at the entrance, the fee is RM5 per single entry ( with Mykad) . quite cheap, oh yeah ^^ 
For more info about Semenggoh, can refer to this website

Well, we were quite lucky that day. there was no raining, we saw Rithcie, the king of the center and met with Nurul and her kid right at the entrance of the jungle. **in total we saw 9 orang utans that day, according to the workers, tis number was considered as MANY, hehe

Nurul and her child walked on the road searching for food. The rangers in the center took their responsibility well, they always make sure that there was some spaces between us and the orang utans to prevent us from being attack. thank you ^^

Took the pictures with Nurul and her kid at a very far distance for safety. the little orang utan was so cute!!!

And then we went into the jungle to search for the orang utans around 200m apart from the entrance. and yes, there were quite a lot!! There are total 26 orang utans in the center, and each of them has their own name. sounds so special ^^

Delima~ the hot mama with her children. yes children, beside the little orang utan, there was another baby orang utan with her, but too bad i cant capture the photo of it. My camera was not DSLR hehe
Y Delima is called as Hot Mama? it is not becoz she is sexy, but she is super hot tempered!! She will do anything in order to protect her children, according to the rangers =) 

and here there was another orang utan swing to the feeding platform from the jungle. but I dunno his name. So cute ^^

Hot mama Delima was trying to grab as much food as she could, as her child was waiting for her on the tree, too small to grab the food with the other big and fierce orang utans.

Suddenly, the rangers started to shoo us away from the view point platform to a safer place. What happened? Oh yeah, Ritchie, the king of the jungle was coming out for food!!
Ritchie is the alpha male in the jungle, and he is the most dangerous animal in the center. Hot Mama and her children ran away when she sensed the Ritchie. The rangers told us that we were lucky as Rithcie seldom came out for food. He waited people to serve the food to him =_=

Ritchie, the dominant king in the center. I was totally shocked when i first saw him!! He was huge enough! as huge as a one-seat sofa. The was a visitor from Europe saw it first, and she got a shock and said: OMG he is really huge enough, I better run for my life. 

In order to keep ourselves safe, we followed the direction from the rangers to keep ourselves away from the harmful stimuli XD but still we feel very excited to meet with Ritchie ^^ 

Delima and her family ran for life!! 
well, Rithcie got into a big fight with another alpha male orang utan in the center before, ar Ritchie won the fight while the another orang utan lost his finger. As a result the poor orang utan were transferred to Matang Wildlife Center then. Ritchie the bully XD

The king just enjoyed the food served by the rangers in a very relaxing mood on the bridge. 

on the way back to the entrance =) cheez khai sien, see she so happy for the trip ^^ wildlife trip is totally different from the zoo.
Well i think animals deserve to live in a jungle or a rehabilitation center than a cage, they need more space and freedom!!

Took picture with the family of orang utans in the center. there are many human name among the orang utans, such as Edwin ( my seniors's name), Baka ( my coursemate name) and Selina XD

Love the orang utans, one of the most memorable trip in my life. **i love the wildlife in the National park South Africa the most, i saw giraffes, rhino, hippos and Elephants!! while in Bali i saw the real wildlife of dolphins, amazing!!

We stayed in the center until 3.30pm, then we moved to Jong's Crocodile Farm and reach there around 4pm. Thanks to Joyce, the Sarawakians, we bought the tickets at RM10 each. If for Malaysian, is RM16 per person if I'm not wrong. hehehe

The Bujang Senang crocodile's skull bone is in the exhibition hall in the Jong's Crocodile farm, but due to time constrain i did not visit the exhibition hall, arrr missed the chance to take picture with it >< the killer of Sarawak River

the first reptiles we saw in the farm, the iguana!! so tiny and cute

Besides reptiles and avians, there is a cute sunny bear in the farm too ^^ hallo sunny bear, nice to meet you

took picture together before we started our discovery journey in the little bird park. saw the peacock behind?? hehe

the first crocodile that we saw in the farm. but..... what the hell is happening to this poor crocodile? such a big head, LOL. but the pond is quite small for it to move around, pity it ><

the苏丁老大 from Myammar, also a killer >< 

took picture with the fierce Sudin in the pond. well it was inactive that time, lazy to move at all after it moved into the pond haha

guess what is the creatures inside the ponds? very beautiful scene right? crocodile? no, It is Arapaima, originate from Amazon River and Mekong River =)) the largest species of fish in the river. but the floating plants were too much until they totally covered the surface of the pond and i see nothing TT

One of the pond for the crocodile. Crocodiles are inactive during the daytime as reptiles are cold-blooded animals, they need to have heat absorbed process ( we call it sunbathing in human hehe) to sustain the energy generating process. I read tis from a magazine before, well I'm not sure whether is it real or not haha. 
There are around 100 corcodiles in the farm.They really need a more proper management to take good care of the crocodiles as some of them were living in a very bad condition. 

Not sure what happened to this crocodile, my vet friend told me that it was having mouth fracture, during a fight? maybe? 

One of the attraction in the farm~ the tailless crocodile, it was isolated away from the other crocodiles in an individual ponds. Poor crocodile, forever alone ><

And finally we ended our trip to the crocodile farm at 5pm sharp. they closed the main entrance without notice and we nearly trapped in the farm. Luckily we found the side door and went out safely haha. Picture session with the icons outside the farm ^^ yeah wonderful day.

We went to The Spring shopping mall at night and rest early as we were going to Bako National Park the next day. My friend told me that it was an exhausting experience and he did not encourage us to drive there ( and yes, luckily we din drive there, our driver Joyce was totally exhausted for the trip and slept in the bus)

Happy day to everyone ^^

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