UPM life part 7~ start of 4th sem

The fun time always don stay long.... yes it is...... 55555 after my super short sem break for 3 weeks ( deduct one week for kuching trip)... now i start my new sem @.@
4th sem in 2nd year, it sounds nice?? maybe yes and maybe not. What happen during my first week of my new sem?? well many things happened recently, a very busy schedule for everyone of us... =_+ i don have enuf sleep everyday until i cant focus in the class ( but thanks God no assessments for the modules tis sem and it all abouts PROFESSIONALISM, no need to jot down notes during the class hehehe)

I kena fined for RM84 by the office in the collage for not emptying my room PROPERLY. this is really bad enough, they did not give us an early notice before that they will fine us if we keep our things in the room, it just mentioned that if we want ? to stay in the collage during our sem break then we had to pay for RM 4 per day. now what? new rules without notice??
And i swear they put on the notice very late coz i saw the notice only after I came back from Kuching. If we did not return the key, congratulation another RM 100 fine is coming for you. What the hell happen to our office until they need the money so EAGERLY?? **and the office lady flirt my BF in front of me, isshhhhh..... volcano bursting that time.

Start my research project. everyone is talking about research projects around me recently. We have to read endless articles to do our research proposal. My senior said that research: search for ppl's articles and journal and modify it into ur own articles XD...
I got my title already, and mine one is the easy one to be conducted. HPV vaccination KAP ( knowledge, attitude and practise). I don understand why I'm the leader of the research team huhu. A lot of jobs need to be done and i have to keep in touch with Doctor from time to time. Argh I just wish my research project can be smoothly done as soon as possible.

Going to have my first PROFESSIONAL exam in May while my Bf one is next week haha. After his exam he graduate adi lor, so fast >~< so stress until he slept 5 hours per day only. I think i can sell him to the zoo after his exam, THE PANDA?? muahaha. but really pity him. I suffered tis during my CNY for my final exam. trust me medical student's study week is really HORRIBLE. I cant imagine how am I going to pass my study week for my prof exam soon, yerr geli lor.

Some of my frens have relationship problems in this new sem, fall into dilemma, haiz tis is normal la. I also very dilemma now haha. But tis kind of problem is depended on how u trust ur partner, and how much effort that both of the couple had put to sustain a relationship. If you coupling just becoz u r alone and 寂寞, or you just need a replacement to forget your EX, plz don start a new one and hurt the others. Tis is really irresponsible attitude. I don understand what is the situation but quite fed up with it. Once is just fine but TWICE?? hey come on Love is not something that you can play with. The most funny one is when you denied it.

AMSA projects again------ going to have a Diabetes Run and Diabetes Day scheduled around Oct and November and we need to do some preparation for it. There is a neuroscience event during 12 June in Anatomy Museum Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, UPM for FREE for the whole day, open to Public and school children. Usually ppl have to pay for it for a visit, but now it is free. We got a lot of specimens in the museum and a lot of activities regarding to the structure of the brain and neurons, which the aim is to expose the school children to health science and let them have fun with science and love their brain which they cant access it. tis is a very good opportunity for children to have fun with discovery of human body. We will have doctors and medical students around for the tour guide ( XD) and explanation around. It will be fun!!
this is the interior of Human Anatomy Museum in FPSK UPM. but all are plastic made la haha. we got a lot of specimens from skull, skeletons, human organs and muscles. We brought them out once to public before during AMSA Health Day 2013 in SRJK(C) Jenjarom

Feel not real for the plastic one and look forward for the real one? here it is, they got 2000 specimens ( real human body specimens, not the plastic one) but I'm not sure whether they got open to public or not. I went there once last 2 weeks and really Impressed!!

The Siriraj Hospital Parasitology Museum

here is it!! The Congdon Anatomical Museum in Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
there is a specimen for full body Central Nervous System, the only full body specimens in the world. ( told by my Thai frens)

 And last, look forward for a trip to Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Show with my frens tis Saturday morning ^^ woohoo, hope that tis sem will be nice to me =))

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