Last day in SIMIC~ party day

17 March 2013, it was the last day for us in SIMIC huhuhu. We really had a lot of fun in this 3 days time. It really makes my holiday so meaningful than playing computer or sleeping all the day. Thanks to my parents for the financial support haha, they always support me for travelling, so I can gain more knowledge and experience before I trap in the hospital in future when I start working T_T

Took picture with my Thailand friends, Aum and Yok =))  
**If you notice yes I wore the wrong attire again @.@

So many envelopes here, but y??? hehehe the staff told me that it was a surprise for all of us during the first day of the event, and yes it is!!! Like this creative session so much hehe

    Me n Yin Yee were the observer that day, together with Michelle from Hong Kong, so we were not allowed to participate for the competition. We just sat in the cafeteria ( with air-con) and online for an hour while waiting for the revival round ^^ 

Took picture with my team with the cute McD uncle outside the cafeteria ( they got a McD in their faculty and they served samurai pork burger =D ) All of us wore the SIMIC t-shirt that day, nice shirt hehe. 

So after an hour break we just went back into the lecturer hall for the result announcement. In total there were 20 teams for the second round competition, 10 groups from the first round ( top 10 for MCQ) and 10 groups from the revival round. The second round competition was a SAQ session, the candidates were required to write down their answer on the i-pad provided ( so high tech leh) 
**and we can watch it live for the competition. There were around 3 judges for the competition from different universities. 

And our teammates, lost in the revival round =_= >>. since they played chor dai di the whole night while the others were studying for the competition. Actually we planned to go out before the second round competition started, but it was too interesting so we decided to stay for the second round and go out during semifinal hehe

Due to copyright issue, we were not allowed to take any photos of the question for any of the competition. But some of the questions were really difficult enough X_X 

Each team can only use one bonus ( X2) for each round. there were around 6 questions if im not wrong, the first 3 questions was a 2 marks Q, followed by 2 questions with 3 marks and 1 question with 4 marks ( wow tis one is really hard enuf). If there was 2 teams with same marks for the no.2 spot, then they will proceed into another round of questions ( onli 2 teams), the one score higher mark for MCQ will get the priority. =) 
*there were 5 groups in total, each top 2 teams from each group will proceed to semifinal round 

One of the scene for the competition. wow sounds so stress >< 

Congratulation to all the teams who made it into the second round competition =)) and the group names were specially designed!! hahaha group candida, group Ascaris bla bla bla 

Our team leader, Mr.Chang received the certificate from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University. 

And the top 3 winning teams!! FYI, another Malaysia team from AIMST won as the 1st runner up for the competition. Congratulation!! The winner was Khon Kaen university for SIMIC 2013 while Siriraj ( Mahidol University) won as the 2nd runner up. 
**the team with blue formal shirts were the AIMST team. 

The logo of SIMIC 2013 =)) cute cute bacteria

The organizing committee for the SIMIC 2013!! They started the preparation since last year June, and they had a very big committee team for it. A very successful team with a very successful and awesome event =)) I  feel very happy to join the event, and i feel very thankful that I got the chance to join it hehe

The one with the mike is the president of SIMIC 2013~ Vorapat and the girl beside her is the vice president of the event~ Earn Phicharmon. They really got a good leadership for the event, as you know, organize an event is not as easy as you think~ 
The guy beside Vorapat is the next president for SIMIC 2014, if I'm not wrong?? hehe

with teammates together after the ceremony~ yin yee, vince, me, ping an, shan kai and wing liong. 

With the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj, Mahidol Uni. He was a very friendly lecturer and one of the most popular star of the event haha

with Vorapat, the president of SIMIC 2013 =))) 

After the ceremony, we went to another building of the Hospital Siriraj for our farewell party. Actually, we should prepare a short performance from each group, but due to time constrain + most of the team booked early flight and they did not join the event
So, the committee canceled the performance and changed it into a GM performance show, wowowowow!!!

From the balcony of the 12th floor, outside the ballroom of the farewell party. the colourful building is the ward of the hospital. Jealous??? Yes I am!!! our hospital really looked suck compared to theirs one. 
The building is just beside the Chao Phraya River so we can enjoy the view, took a lot of photos while waiting the party to start. 

The view of the Chao Phraya River~ the River of King 

Post tis becoz my fren believed that he was one of the handsome guy in SIMIC too. errrrr..... judge it urself la, personally i prefer the guy behind him haha
**Bangkok really got a lot of handsome and pretty hehhe

During the farewell party, we were served by a lot of nice Thai food and desserts, but I forgot to take their picture =_X And the OC team had a spontaneous dancing show too. But the most epic part was the GM show, where they performed the oppa gangnam style muahahaa. Too bad my blogspot got problem I cant upload the video here.... 555555 emo I 

After the meal and the show, we had a Karaoke session ( like in the pub haha) outside the ballroom. They got the light effect summore!!! OMG we were so high and excited in this session. It was really a party for me!! we sang a lot of English songs like I knew you were trouble, Born this way, Payphone, Hot cha, Toxin bla bla bla. We danced and sang all the way~ 

The international food stalls. SIMIC 2013 involved around 11 countries tis year, so we can enjoy a great variety of food from different country, for FREE!!! hooray oh yeah haha

And these are the msg I received inside the envelope, thanks guys~ Really happy to read all the msg. Although we just knew each other for 3 days, but we really had a lot of fun for it ^^

Pic with the MC of the night in Thai Traditional attire, they can speak fluent English =)) 

And finally!! group photo together with all the candidates+advisors+observers+ OC+GM
11 countries, 135 candidates, 5 observers and many advisors, not to forget our group GM and OC, and tis is SIMIC 2013 ^^ Thanks to SIMIC 2013 committee for giving us a platform to learn and interact with medical students from other country. 
C u SIMIC 2014 !! ** I think is not me anymore, my juniors adi haha

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