Beautiful Creatures~ a movie that you should not miss out

Beautiful Creatures trailer

Well, my bestie~ Miss Devon recommended me tis movie before, but I have no time to watch it until i finished my Final exam last 2 weeks ago~ and yeah it feels so good!! After I came back from Kuching, I watched tis movie with my beloved one, Mr.S although I was having a bad flu that time hehe.

It is a nice movie, which i rated it as 8/10 ^^ a romantic and mystery movie, between a caster~ Lena and a mortal Ethan Wate, which they were fated to be together in the dream. Their journey started since the civil war in the honeyhill, and when Ethan met Lena on the shortcut road during a heavy rain as Lena's car had broke down that time.

 Actually I don like movie series such as Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring, which talked about magic and supernatural power too much which I feel that it was not real in life. but tis one, hmmm just nice =))
**But i love Hunger Games and MAMA at the same time, girls always have different thinking with different mood haha

I'm not going to share about the synopsis of the movie here as it was originated from a novel which i never read =_= but I would like to share about the character in the movie, which some of them really impressed me a lot.

The poster of the Beautiful Creature which caught my attention in the cinema when I watched the Hotel Deluxe with my friends on the day I regain my freedom. Especially the sexy lady Ridley, OMG she is so hot and beautiful. 

One of the most important character in the movie~ Macon, uncle to Lena. He was claimed by the light and he tried to protect Lena from the curse, which will lead her to the dark side and her mother, Sharifine, the most powerful witch in the dark side, who wish her daughter will stay together with her and so they can conquer the Earth.
Surprisingly his ex-lover was Ethan's mother!! he sacrifice himself for Lena and Ethan at last, as Lena had to sacrifice the one she loved to break the curse. Not to hurt Ethan from Sharifine, he chose to pretend as Ethan by using his power. 
Also, he is the weird guy in Gatlin~ haha my college got a lot of weird guys too, are they having supernatural power too?? LOL

Lena was reading the book to find a solution on how to break the curse. And she was totally heart-broken when she found the solution, and she decided to let Ethan to forget everything about her, totally after their last date during Christmas. 

They looked so sweeeetttt~ but they cant be together as Lena was the caster, and Ethan was the normal guy who always want to get himself out of Gatlin. It is time to say goodbye~ 

Lo tis girl~ Ridley, cousin to Lena, she is hot and sexy!! She caught everyone's attraction when she appeared. She looked stunning, claimed by the dark side when she was 16, and help her auntie, Sharifine to get back her daughter. 
She looked very beautiful when she wore the attire for 1800s~ elegant 

One of the funniest part in the movie, dinner in the typhoon. 
Ridley purposely bring Ethan back for the family dinner, and irritate Lena so she can show her real power. As a result, the table was spinning like hell while everyone was having their dinner. Love the scene when Ridley blamed her mother for not enough love given, while her mom said : Oh dear i gave you a lot in a very funny look. 

last but not least, the bad girls in the movie. every movie has bad girls, right? 
Emily, ex-girlfriend to Ethan always try to get Ethan back and spread the news that Lena and her family members are devil worshippers. Gossips, always the thing that the girls will do. 
Not only in the movie, in fact, in our life, we got this kind of girls, everywhere.

hehe, tis is it, the Beautiful Creature. Heard that 后宫甄寰传 is going to have the movie version, is it real?? haha so damn funny when the fans made a movie named " the dark niang niang rises" for this drama. 

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