stop THESE flag war plz!!!

Oh gosh, what happen to those ppl nowadays? where is their brains? Being eaten by zombies or they don have any brain at all?? you may have your flag war but not like this plz!!! it is now a flag whore than a flag war!!! disturbing and distracting, bring so many uncomfortable situation to the public, what the fuck are you doing ha?? you are good at spoiling the image of the city but not helping ur candidates to win the heart of the ppl. shit you, make me rude and burst up with mad today when i saw these pictures appear on the street and my beloved Penang heritages!! 

and plz play it clean, why you can have ur flags all around in such a disorganised form while you vandalise others parties' flags, posters and models? what is ur motive ha? you wont win any extra votes if you kept on your vandalism like tis,  where is your moral teacher??? do you really pass your moral exam in SPM? or you are actually one of the new races in Malaysia?~ The satu Bangladesh??? Not trying to side any of the party but this is really over!!! As a Malaysian, do you want your country become like this?? this can cause accident do they really have any idea about it or not isshhhh. 

Furthermore, they are using 1 Malaysia flag for the flag war. what the hell is the connection of 1 malaysia flag with the general election 13 this time? u represent nothing and totally meaningless for these actions but wasting our money!! 
vandalism at the playground in Putrajaya, this place belongs to the children, not you

the street with flag war in Penang, you expect the road users to reduce the accidents on the street by using this kind of blocking is it? They don have idea how dangerous it is to those road users especially those motorist!! one flag sweep over their face and they can have accident anytime. Brainless!!

now the government adi dibubarkan and our previous government cant do nothing about it. 

This one I beh tahan!! shit you this is one part of the heritage ok?? not ur flag holder, dn spoil it with your ugly and dirty flagsssss

stop vandalism the heritage, give us back our street look for the tourists. everyone is complaining now. they come here to take nice photo of Penang but not all this stupid 1 Malaysia flags. 

can someone just burn all these flags?? cant stand it anymore!! If they make it nicely we wont have much comments, but now you are doing vandalism! stop it!

** i just got a news that these flags are actually weapons, if they lose that particular area, they will just took the stick from the flag and start hit ppl and destroy things. plz be careful about it!!!

And what the fuck they played it dirty again, so many news are appearing on how they cheat on the web. took ppl IC then change their location or even remove their name from the voting list, so those ppl are unable to vote, then SPR can take their name to vote for the party they like. Aboleh jiu make the vote invalid becoz of stain or damaged vote. cant they just make it clean?? neh, said undergraduates students cannot take part in the politics, then what have you done to my university campus?? y i saw blue colour everywhere??

I hate i don have the right to speak or to take the stand on politics.....I  hate that stupid law that will bring me to the jail if i involved in politics or mogok. Where is my kebebasan bersuara? Why we are restricted from discussing this kind of topic?? it is not fair at all. I want my country to be better!! stop corruption, stop dirty tricks, stop cheating!!!!
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