Choose your future~ WISELY

LAst weekend, I went to a private college with my sister and family to listen for a talk for a Bursary program, and the director of the college pre-u program was really good in persuading the parents to send their children into that particular private college. Well she did a very good job with super fluent English and a very broad knowledge on programs offered to them, in order to send ur children to the overseas. there were many students get an excellent result for their future, and get a place in Havard, Cambridge, bla bla bla

But the problem is, look carefully, Bursary program took a 24 months course ( start from July 2013 to July 2015, and the result for A level is going to be announced on August 2015), but for the international university, their school admission is usually fall in late August and early September. which means you need to apply for that uni quite early if you wish to get in. Do you think you are able to register yourself to get a place in University during mid of August? FYI, according to my frens, several interviews and paper works are required for the selection ( not even admission), unless you are a superman, if not you are not able to finish them within a month.

Furthermore, Bursary scholarship only targeted at world TOP 10 university for medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, engineering bla bla, which means you have to go through a very fierce competition to get a place for the interview with thousands of elites all around the world. Do you have the confident to do it? for me, this programs doesnt show any sincerity to the students. Limitation is there, and it does not sound fair to everyone. Y cant i choose for other universities in overseas which i have more confident with that i can get a place? If a student want to enroll themselves in Top 10 university, they have to be really outstanding in academic, co-curriculum, leadership and most important~ proficiency in English. and here, English is a very big trouble to most of us especially Chinese educated students as it was not our mother tongue since young and we do not speak it everyday. Even now I try to speak English everyday in my life, my English still beyond the qualification level.

For those who are wealthy enuf, you may think that it is not a problem at all for you to give up Bursary scholarship, and enroll yourself into any college for overseas program by using your own money, and maybe apply for scholarship in future. But what about those ppl who cannot afford the fees? study in overseas for medicine need around RM 1 million for the study fees ( not included living cost and rental fees), if pharmacy and dentistry maybe around RM 600k, it is not a small amount but a very huge number to most of the family. That is why these students with excellent result need to have a scholarship from government, to support them for a better education. If the scholarship is offered without a secure guarantee in future, what for you take for it? JPA is no longer available for SPM students, this maybe a heartbroken news but sorry, the chance you get medicine, dentistry and pharmacy for ur degree under BURSARY program is very low. ( according to the lecturers and some students from previous batch of Bursary program)

My sister is one of them who fall into this dillema, whether to gamble her future life or not. If she choose for A level under Bursary program, she might not get what she want in future and end up with disappoinment; if she choose for matriculation, she will have a better chance to get dentistry ( this is what she want). actually my sister deserved for a better education, not in Malaysia local public university but some overseas uni which offered good courses. But she don have the confident to fight for the top 10 university in the world.

So, why most of the good students in our country wish to go overseas for further education but not staying in Malaysia? look at our ranking, is it a good and wise choice to stay here? I have no choice becoz my result was not that excellent enuf to get the chance, but my sister is really an excellent student! Malaysia public uni-s world ranking keep on dropping year by year without any improvement. And our government deny the statement that our universities have bad ranking in the world, by using the reason the organisation who ranked the universities is using a different concept for judgement, which do not reflect the education system in Malaysia. But why our university had such a bad ranking if they think we are qualified enuf to compete with the world?

Look at the chart, for the following link and photos from several sources, no matter who is doing the arrangement, our universities ranking are really bad enuf compared to the others countries like Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar. The best ranking we had is not enuf in the list of top 100 in the world. what a pity news!!! what is the reason? is it becoz of unfair education system in Malaysia? i don wish to mention much here as it is a sensitive issue, you know what do I mean. In my course, there is only 50 chinese out of 130 ppl in my batch, and 3 indians. for my juniors, the number is worse, around 40 chinese in their batch, without STPM students. There are a lot of elites in our country couldn't get what they want in their life, the courses that they wish to get so much; while there are some ppl who is taking the course that others want it so badly, and gave up in the middle of the study journey.

Malaysia uni world ranking

for those who are interested to do medicine for their degree, here is some of the list for public uni and private unis. of coz, public uni had better lecturers, education systems and facilities compared to private uni. 

List of Public University that provide medical courses
  1. University of Malaya ( UM)- KL ~ MBBS
  2. University Kebangsaan Malaysia ( UKM)- KL Cheras Campus
  3. University Putra Malaysia ( UPM)- in Serdang 
  4. University Sains Malaysia ( USM)- Kelantan campus
  5. University Malaysia Sarawak ( UNIMAS)
  6. University Malaysia Sabah ( UMS)
  7. University Technology Mara ( UiTM) 
  8. University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
  9. IIUM
    **Source from Medical schools in Malaysia 2012 and wikipedia
List of Private University that provide medical courses (21 in total)
  1. International Medical University ( IMU)
  2. Monash University Malaysia Campus
  3. Penang Medical College ( PMC)
  4. Melaka Manipal Medical College
  5. AIMST
  6. Royal College of Medicine Perak
  7. University College Sedaya International ( UCSI)
  8. Allianze College of Medical Sciences ( ACMS)
  9. Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences
  10. MSU-IMS
  11. Mahsa University College
  12. Taylor's University College
  13. Newcastle University-Medicine Malaysia
  14. UTAR
  15. SEGI University College
  16. Asia Metropolitan University
  17. Insaniah University College
  18. Perdana University, John Hopkins
  19. Lincoln University College
  20. Quest International University Perak
  21. University College Shah Putra
    **Source from list of medical private uni
and you know what is the consequences of having so many medical programs in Malaysia? we are facing the problems of Doctor over flood in our country, and during my year, the ratio of doctor : patients will be around 1 :2, which means 1 doctor with only 2 patients. we will have more doctors compared to patients in future, yes patients will have more medical attention from the doctors, but the bad outcome is this trend will produce a lot of unskilled doctors as they are not well-trained in handling situation during their houseman-ship. we will have less chance for being exposed to variety of cases, less practice and less confidence in case diagnosis and management. what i saw in hospital nowadays is a bunch of doctors surrounding only a patient, and only of them had the chance to treat the patient while the others just stood and watched.

seriously government should limit the numbers of medical programs offered in Malaysia, limit the number of medical college ( abolish those colleges which do not meet the qualification) or limit the number of medical students enrollment for each year with a fair system. yes we need a lot of doctors, but we need to emphasize on the quality and not the quantity. what is the point if we had a lot of unskilled doctors to put our life on risk? and this is one of the reason why our university had a bad ranking in the world list becoz we produce unqualified graduates. 

Choose your life wisely and with a smart, rational thinking. Your path should be chosen by you without being influenced by others, bcoz no one can control ur life beside urself. if you don like it, don choose for it. 

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    1. Well i write blog in ENGLISH becoz i want improvement n i nvr said tat my english is good. Perhaps u should do the same thing as well when ENGLISH is spell wrongly and definitely, u r translating english from some other language. Lets make a move together ya

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