Suan Peung Diaries~ Resorts and Farms

After one year from the Suen Peung trip, only I have time to update my blog with such an awesome trip planned from my parents. FYI, my parents love to travel by themselves, or we can say as free and easy trip coz we had no schedule for it and more relaxing. Well thanks to my mummy for arrange a trip to Suen Peung after my hectic final exam during my first year hehe^^ super duper love this place

We went there around April 2012 by flight from Penang to Bangkok Suvarnabumi air port, well dont ask me about the total expenditure of the trip, coz it was all sponsored by my dad!! Thank you daddy hehe ^^ When we reached Bangkok it was adi so we just spent a night in Bangkok~ My dad rent a Honda Vios car for the trip, and the car was really comfortable enough. Car rent in Bangkok is really easy, you just need an early booking, your license, deposits, and you will get ur car when u reached airport. 

my mummy with the restaurant in The Cottage, the hotel that we stayed in Bangkok~ cost us around RM 200 per night per room, personally I think it is worth coz I love the environment and facilities in the cottage, and it is very convenient, very near to shops and petrol stations

saw a very cute pet shop in Bangkok when we were having our dinner there, but I forgot the exact location for this place. This place looks like autocity in Penang, got food, shopping malls and etc. We had a nice time there before we departed to Suen Peung the next day ^^

After a night rest, my family start our journey. My dad was the driver while my mom was his GPS haha. They did  a lot of homework and research of this place before they decided to have a tour in Suen Peung, of coz I also got contribute some of it la haha. Suen Peung is actually at the border of Thailand and Myanmar, and it took around 3 hours journey from Bangkok to Suen Peung. Since Suen Peung was not yet a hot spot for travel that time, we really had a big trouble in communication with the local. Again I should learn Thai from Chalida XDD

We reached Suen Peung around afternoon time. Suen Peung is one of the place in Ratchaburi, and it is very near to another hot spot Amphawa in Thailand ( will go there some day). 

So, since we were hungry that time, all of us just think of FOOD, and we found a very nice place on the map, also recommended by the other travellers~ The NEW LAND. it is a combination of farm and restaurant, and it has the only ATM machine in Suen Peung haha ( read this from others, dunno whether is it real or nt). so we just ordered some pork, squid and of course, TOM YAM GONG. seriously Im so phobia about tom yam after I came back from Suen Peung, we ate it everyday during our 5 days journey. Sounds crazy right? but the food there is really cheap and nice enuf, awesome!!

The restaurants in New Land, wifi is available in the whole farm. Look very colourful and relaxing, we had our first lunch here hehe

The souvenirs shops in New Land, maybe you wil ask, y is there so many sheep here? yes, I will reveal it then in my upcoming posts haha. Actually, Suen Peung is famous of the resorts and sheep farm~ which my SIMIC frens from Mahidol University had their celebration for success of SIMIC here too ^^ The souvenirs here were so cheap so I bought a lot back for the others ^^ and yes, all are sheep hahaha

After our lunch, we then departed to our hotel~ Eden Garden ( which costed us about 4000 baht per night per room, but trust me, it was totally worth for it!!The scenery, the facilities, the river, the breakfast, the relaxing mood, the room, the balcony, EVERYTHING!! a perfect spot for family stay and honeymoon~ Not far from it there was a sunflower garden, but when we went to there it wasnt the season yet so we saw nothing, huhuhuh. but nvm, i enjoy the stay in the resort, and it is the main focus of the post today ^^

The interior design of the room~ isnt it look awesome? i nvm stay at this kind of room before, it looks like a 4 star room to me!! the bathroom and toilet were big too, and the bathroom was partially open air so u can enjoy the morning and night view when u r bathing ( morning view was nice with all the birds sing but the night view was a bit, errrr horrible haha)

The balcony view from the room. We were lucky enuf to get a room beside the river and forest, it was really relaxing when u sat outside the balcony in the evening, enjoy the sunset and the land breeze. rate 10/10!!

Me with the sofa of the room ~ my clothes suite with the sofa haha. cute design in the room. really love the interior and also exterior design of this resort, such a wonderful combination

My sister with the exterior view of the room and the staircase, me, my sister and my mom stayed in the upper floor while my dad and my brother stayed at lower floor. we stayed in one 2 storey house actually haha

The river view from the lower floor of the house ( my dad n bro stayed here ), 晚上还有鸟鸣声和虫叫声伴你入眠,是一个亲近大自然的好地方。I totally admire the owner of this resort who bought this place years before and created such a Eden paradise for 

so, let's have a walk around the resort ^^

the garden of the resort, it was based on some stories for the design. I dunno y the picture effect will become like this @>@, actually the grass was really green and pretty enuf d lor

Also in the garden not far away from the ducklings ^^ the Giant World. My sister was so excited for it and she cant wait to climb up to the giant chair, holding the giant cup and had a lot of pictures~ nice place right 

Me with the giant cups in the garden ^^

one of the house in the Eden Garden~ I think this is for the couple for honeymoon, coz the design was really romantic, with flowers and a swing in front

And wat is another famous thing in Suen Peung?? FRUITS!! I love Lychee so much and my dad bought me a packet of it. I'm so happie!! Thanks daddy ^^
this room stayed by my daddy and brother~ dont worry all rooms are air-conditioned and they had hot-shower for it.

The morning view of the resort. we had to wake up quite early in the morning due to the busy schedule set by my mom. it was so peaceful in the morning with all the birds singing as ur natural alarm clock. What makes me surprise was their design of the restaurant~ a perfect place for dining!!

Here is it, one of the view of the restaurant! It was just beside the river and along the river there was a small waterfall ( we called it jeram in malay, not very sure in english hehe) Totally love it!! love it love it love it. and the water is so crystal clear and clean, but the workers there advised us not to play with the water coz there was a water-borne disease in Thailand recently. 

full view of the river and the restaurant. saw the shelter opposite? there was some boats there, I think it is for the extreme games. 

My breakfast in the hotel ( included in the 4000 baht)~ isnt it nice?? it was different from the usual American breakfast that I had before ( FYI I seldom eat American Breakfast coz it cant full my stomach and it seldom match with my taste, I prefer noodles for breakfast actually hehe, but this breakfast made me remember it forever coz it really taste awesome, soooo gooood) 
They served veges, love shaped egg, bacons ( my favorite since then), hams and sausages. They also serve us with pork porridge. They really cooked it so well until we did not need any seasonal to add the taste for the porridge ( no kicap no pepper haha)

After the breakfast me and my sister walked down towards the river ( there is a path beside the restaurant0 and took pictures~ the scene is very pretty enuf ( exclude my sister plz haha)

Another scene view in the resort~ there is a party zone for the customers if they wish to have their wedding party here ( nice place right). it is a british style resorts full with many stories ^^ well maintenance from the workers made us fall in love with this place 

My sis with the bike haha~

The entrance view at the parking lot of the resort ^^

The view of the entrance of the resort, they got a bike and an old car for the decoration and it looked so romantic to me ^^

So after breakfast, we then started our journey to different kinds of places, we went for the sheep farm^^ along the journey to sheep farm, we stopped at a super luxury resort for photoshooting~ Swiss Valley resort 

They had a very big field with horse running around, isnt it beautiful? Well it was not opened to public so we could not enter into last time.... 

daddy and mummy with the swiss valley~ there is a helicopter spot in the resort, so high class haha

Then my daddy drove us to the Flinestone resort~ also known as Suen Peung Resort not far away from the swiss valley. It is opened to public only at 12pm-2pm, yes the check out time ^^ need to pay for entrance fees one lol >~< but for me it was worth enuf, coz it was really a special resort!! 

Me at the ticket entrance~ saw the cartoon behind? don get a shock it was a hotel room~ looks like a chalet right haha

first chalet we saw in the resort~ well i didnt watch the flinestone cartoon so i dunno who is this, but my sis told me that she was the wife to the male character haha. 
**one night is super expensive enuf lol 

another cute chalet nearby ^^ they got around 20++ chalets in the resort, tis one can have 4 ppl maximum for it ^^

the largest chalet in the resort ^^ DINO!! It had 4 rooms and can accommodate around 8 ppl. the head of the DINO is actually a room too ^^suitable for family if u can afford the price  

A small chalet in the resort, for honeymoon>? haha not sure for it. Actually i forgot it was a resort or a bar adi, too long time ago 

another cute chalet with elephant ^^got fountain summore, it was really relaxing to spend a day here. even for a visit^^

another large chalet with the elephant ^^ this quite located quite far away from the others so more privacy for the customers, but had to walk quite far to reach the restaurant la. 

A super cute resort which just located beside the main road. you can see it from outside ^^ saw my sister?? haha she was so cute together with that big eye cartoon. 
Wish there is a LARVA resort soon too XDDD

Me with a very kiampa face haha

hehe posing time ^^ love it, swear if i was wealthy some day im gonna spend a night here haha

After the flinestone resort visit, we went to another high class resort named The Canal, well i dunno what is the reason it was named as it, maybe because we had to pass thru a canal first before we enter the resort?? haha

The design in the resort, mostly bungalow, wow~ look like a house for me actually

The canal that we had to pass thru before we entered the resort. for sanitation?? disinfection?? lol hahaha

And finally we went back to the Eden Garden again ^^ more pictures for Eden Garden ^^ love love love 

the party space inside the resort~ you can have ur wedding celebration here? haha

the reception counter in the resort, well-decorated ^^ and the workers there were very polite to serve us. awesome service ^^

the whole chalet that we lived in. stayed for 2 nights here 

And finally, say bye bye to Suen Peung with the evil apple before we left ^^ weeee bye bye lo 

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