Red Sauce Macaroni with Rice Cooker~ how to survive in Hostel =p

Since i was so sick with the food from cafe, I learnt how to cook with the mini rice cooker ( from my housemate) in order to survive in hostel. with the rice cooker we can cook many things such as spaghetti, macaroni, green bean and red bean soup, fried eggs, tomyam bihun with vege soup bla bla bla. I believe most of us cant cook very well ( me too haha), so i just wanna share some simple steps here to make ur dinner =)) 

So i decided to cook red sauce macaroni today in order to clear my fridge. Wish to buy more variety of food actually haha. it just took an hour time to prepare and cook for it, and between u got plenty of time to do others things. hehe

Simple steps to cook
1. Prepare ur ingredients. it is depends on what you like to eat. basically these were the food i left in the fridge. should add broccoli to make my dishes more interesting >< oh yeah i cooked for 2 ppl servings here
here are my ingredients:
  • macaroni 1 pack ( depends on how much you eat)
  • mushrooms ( watever mushroom also can, i used 冬菇 here, actually i prefer 草菇 lol haha)
  • a can of Prego traditional red sauce
  • a piece of cheese
  • some salts
  • side dishes such as sausages, 竹轮, crabmeat, ham, bacon watever bla bla bla
    ** here i labelled the mushrooms and all the sausages i had as Ingredient A

the mini rice cooker that i was using, multipurpose haha

2. put the macaroni into the rice cooker, add some salts so it wont sticky. ( recipe from Joyce) cooked it until it boiled and keep it warm for around 5-10 minutes.

3. while you are waiting for the macaroni to be ready, chop all the Ingredient A into smaller pieces like this. 

4. when the macaroni is boiled and kept warm, filter it into the cold water, we called it 过冷水 to make the macaroni QQ haha. 

5. after washed the rice cooker, use the can-opener to open the red sauce can and poured it into 

6. don waste the hot water from the macaroni just now, poured it into the can ( half of the volume of the can), mix of the remnants in the can with the hot water. be careful the can might be very hot

7. pour the hot water into the rice cooker. ( if you don like ur sauce too watery, you can add some tepung jagung). mix the sauce well

8. Next, put all the chopped ingredients into the sauce, and start cooking ^^ 

9. When the sauce is boiling, add some cheese into it to make it tastier. if want to add the broccoli, cook the broccoli with hot water and oil first to make it looked green =) and put it together with the sauce

10. and at last, the food is ready to be served ^^ just simple 10 steps and you can enjoy your home cooked macaroni ^^ my dishes looked ugly without the crab meat and the broccoli lol ><

Plan to cook green bean soup tomoro for detoxification, I ate too much unhealthy food recently and gained a lot of weight >< huhuhuhu

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Good day and Good rest ^^ enjoy my dinner first haha

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