Lobster meal ^^ ~ Perth vs South Africa

Love to eat lobster!! I ate it for the first time when I went to Taiwan, it tasted so delicious~ well since i went Taiwan a long long time ago until i forgot about the details haha, I would like to share another two places that you shouldnt miss the chance to taste the lobster food there!!! 

In local Malaysia, most of the lobsters are imported. Tambun in Perak, Pulau Langkawi in Kedah and Pulau Aman in Penang are some of the places that is recommended by the other of my frens. But i never tried lobsters in local coz it was so expensive. How about overseas?

I ate awesome lobster during my vacation to Cape town, South Africa and also Perth, Australia. personally i still prefer the lobster from South Africa haha. Let's see how special the lobsters are

Comparison of Lobsters from 2 different countries with two different cultures~ the above one is from Perth Australia with cheesy grilled Lobster ( freshly cooked, yummy yummy) while the below one is the lobsters from Cape Town South Africa, which is larger in size and more juicy hehe. Both of the lobster meals came in set with french fried. while the South Africa served a better meal with mushroom soup and dessert ^^ 
**my dad told me that Perth's Lobster is more expensive, im not so sure about it.

Now we look at the Perth Australia first, we ate it during our journey to the Grand Pinnacles in Perth. Usually it is included in a package tour. It is named as " LOBSTER SHACK" and it is located beside the Indian Ocean i think? coz the wave current was super big. wow

Me with my mummy at the lobster shack for photos, haha we became lobster jor

FYI, the lobster shack from the Perth is actually a kind of factory. they kept the freshly caught live Lobster from the deep seas into this factory for labeling and marketing. they got several grades from A to F according to size. the A grade is the largest and most expensive. we ate the grade C and grade D lobster that time. Public are allowed to visit the factory and translation machines are provided to visitors =)) 

the lobster shack provide a picnic spot for visitors and we all had our meal there, with a relaxing mood. Actually the trip that we took provided picnic style lunch for everyone, with typical western food ( not chicken chop but ham, sausages, fruits and mash potato)

The outside scene from the lobster shack. looks like a war zone haha. 

After describe about Perth, now we go to Cape town, South Africa. We had our meal in Cape Town after we visited the Table Mountain, the restaurant is located beside the Indian Ocean, sometimes if you are lucky enuf you can see whales from the restaurant. such a good spot!! but I forgot its name adi haha.

The sea view from the restaurant, I picked the seat next to the window ^^ the restaurant was very famous and crowded. Oh yeah, for the Perth tour and Cape Town tour, both we took the package from Super Tour Sdn.Bhd and they offered good packages with good food. 

There were a lot of sea birds on the beach. we fed them with pieces of bread after our meal when we went for a walk on the beach. The beach was super pretty and the ocean was super stunning. 

The dessert after the meal. well it was a typical western meal, first they served us with appetizers~ the mushroom soup and garlic bread. Then they came with the main course~ the lobster meal!!! after the meal they served us with chocolate vanilla ice-cream with a cherry on top. 

And at last, my picture together with the blue sea+ snowy white sand ^^ I love both of the places, they are really awesome!!! and of coz, I love lobster too hiak hiak

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