Malaysia 13rd General Election~ we hope for a good future

so hey, what is the latest news for Malaysian's Facebook nowadays?? yupp~ Malaysia 13rd general election is coming soon on 5th May 2013!!! Yesterday was the nomination day, and it break the record of previous general election for having the most number of candidates ( 1900 ppl in total) and the most number of independent candidates ( 270 ppl), which means they do not side for neither BN nor DAP.

well im not going to talk more about it becoz my freedom of writing is actually restricted under AKTA MAHASISWA, which means i will get caught if i comment anything or side to anyone in my writing. if I want to do so, yes i may but i will lose my qualification as a JPA holder and the worst outcome, kicked out from medical faculty of UPM ( well i haven get my JPA although my new sem adi started since last month, im super poor now =_=

I am a Penang lang ( proud to say that). 我所居住的地方有一个很棒的国会议员~ 槟城首席部长林冠英先生, 很负责任的州议员林峰成先生。yes, i am a bagan ppl. As a penang ppl, most of the students was exposed to political issues since secondary school and we are aware of what is happening around us ( don think we are nerdy, some ppl said teenagers nowadays all 政治冷感,but we do care about it, not becoz we want to become a politician in future, but we do care about our country.)

Nomination day in Penang for Mr.Lim Guan Eng, with a super big crowd of supporters from DAP, PKR and PAS, or we said, Pakatan Rakyat. He is really a very successful ppl to get all the Penang Langs' hearts although it was some objection towards him during last election becoz he was not borned or lived in Penang. but he proved that although he was not a Penang lang before, he can still live as a Penang Lang and understand what we want for our future. Good job =)) ( no political offend, just appreciate what he had done to us for the pass 5 years time, Penang really improved a lot from the previous)

while BN government introduced a lot of international artist to have a concert in Penang, first is PSY during CNY, and now is 黎明,谭咏麟 bla bla bla. but tis concert got a lot of offensive voice from the public becoz we need to pass up our IC copy if we wish to get the ticket. I don understand y? sincerity is not there for me, if u want to open for public it should not have any rules or regulations. thanks for bringing them here, but too bad u bring them at the wrong timing. They said there was 60k + ppl attended the concert yesterday, Im not very sure about it. but at least we can see some effort from them. 无功也有劳

Before that, most ppl who lives in outstation or overseas would not like to come back to vote, it is a responsibility as a Malaysian to vote for our country during general election but the awareness is not there. But for this year, something changed a bit. those who lived in overseas try their best to come back, getting tickets, by all mode of transportation. the awareness is really high enuf. and the local restaurants also give some sort of support as a salute to those who come back far away to vote. 

I don have the chance to vote this year, i am a 92 kids. yes i am 21 but i haven pass my birthday yet TT so sad so emo.... 

**one thing I would like to beg to both party, plz la reduce the amount of flags, posters or banners on the street for election. If u want to do so plz make sure that u do not block the view for the road users. so dangerous and can cause accident anytime

finish first part for general election, there is some point of view from me about our current social issues. 

First, students for undergraduate should not be restricted from politics, freedom have to be given with certain limitation but not totally banned. we should be given a chance to walk on the street, said out our hope for future without being scared of get caught and expelled from the school. We are mature enuf to have rational thinking, we know what are we doing and most important, we know what we want to fight for our future. We are no longer 3 years old small kids to get influence easily by other. We might not get to vote but at least we can have the freedom to speak. I don understand why certain politician are so afraid to let the undergraduate students to have such an opportunity? We are uni students. politics should be exposed to us since secondary school, if not like some of my frens, they cant even named out who is our Timbalan Perdana Menteri, and they have zero knowledge towards the background of our country. In short, they dunno what is happening around them. stop being fooled by those fake manifesto from some immoral action from some party!!! tis is really ashamed enuf to play dirty during election just to win. 

Second, apart from general election, all the "candy" given show their sincerity, but not give just becoz we want to run this project, without any proper planning. Most of the collaboration partner do not aware of this program and confuse with the service that they should provide under this program. Kad siswa for undergraduate students is a failure I could say. I can do nothing with it except to get a 50 cents discount when I had my meal in Marrybrown in Pudu before I on board or when I reached.
 A&W yes, buy one free one for only regular cups for root beer; 
KFC, 10% discount with not exceeded RM20 per receipt; 
KL rapid card, I have no idea how to relate it with kad siswa; 
Dubu-dubu restaurant, only with one set of selected meal, and that food taste suck;
Mydin shopping, I wont go that place, it totally crowded with foreign labours and it is unsafe at all....
the others? sorry I dunno what can i do with it. 

Beside the kad siswa, i woule llike to say about the education in Malaysia. I went to an open day in a college with my sister yesterday, and no offend to anyone, private college organization you all really look mata duitan in my mind. You should brief the students about what is the A-level programs and courses provided under Bursary scholarship from KPM but not brainwashing the parents to send their children into the private college and started to suck their money like a vampire. Obviously, this is not a good scholarship offer at all without a good planning ahead. What is the point to send their children in if they know that there is a high chance they cannot fulfill the dreams and ambition in future? Actually I would like to suggest for not taking A level with Bursary coz I don think it is worth for it. You have to fight for a spot in the top 10 uni in the world with over thousands of elites from other countries. You are actually gambling ur life without a safe guarantee as a backup. 
as a small advice here to parents and students who wish to get medicine for their uni course, 
DON TAKE IT if you have no interest in Medicine.
For the parents, don force ur children if they don wish for. For the children, think it twice, is it your real interest to be a doctor? As a current medical students, I would like to say that life is totally not easy at all. Will share more info about how to choose a right course especially Medicine in my coming blog post if I have the time. 
**I blog my life as a medical students before, check the lable on UPM student life and a link of life as medical student

Let us pray for Malaysia, no matter who is going to be the next government in Putrajaya, We hope that our leaders can have a good planning for Malaysia to make it better, and for a better tomoro in ahead. Im not going to side on any party, just let the ppl to judge and vote for it. Although the current government had a lot of things need to be improved, but still they did build our country in certain degree.

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