KLCC sky bridge with love ~^^~

First of all, I got a good news to share here. I got a Doctor Boyfriend adi ^^ weeeeee, and he is..... deng deng deng Dr Steven ^^ haha congratz to my boy for passing his prof 3 exam with excellent performance and become a good doctor in coming 3 months time. Feel proud of him ^^ 
so as a promise, we went to KLCC together last week. **promise him long long time ago adi. 

How we went there? from KTM serdang, we bought tickets to KL sentral, and bought the Kelana Jaya line LRT to KLCC. so easy right? the transportation is improving recently, due to election?? muahahaha

me and boy in the LRT, cheeeezzzzzz so excited haha

we reached KLCC around afternoon time, in less than an hour time. so without wasting our time, we bought the tickets for the sky bridge KLCC at C floor. Our mission tis time ^^ FYI, KLCC petronas tower is the tallest building in South East Asia, there is 86 floor in total, and the bridge is at 41-42 level. The skybridge was closed on Monday, so for those who are interested plz check the schedule first ya haha

About the price of the ticket, for the adult, with mykad is RM25, without Mykad ( foreigner) is RM80, for the kids, is RM30 for foreigner and RM12 with MyKid hehe. for more infomation plz visit petronas sky bridge tickets

Me with the Petronas twin tower as the background ^^ hehe

one of the exit at the KLCC suria shopping mall, there are 4 exits in total, each exits got different view for photoshooting ^^

See a handsome there? he is Dr.Steven ^^ haha boy with the fountain and the pool. 

**a tips here, if u dunno how to go to the ticket counter, you can enter the KLCC Suria via this door, turn left and you will saw a sign board written SKY BRIDGE and GIFT SHOPS, there is a counter for customer information too. it is a G floor once we enter, so we needed to take an escalator to go down to C floor to the ticket counter. 
There are a lot of session slots, from morning until night time. Mine session is 2.15pm, while my sister went there last time for night session after X'mas. If you wish for a morning/evening session, weekday is a better choice. =))

The KLCC tower tickets ^^ cant wait to get up to enjoy the view. 
The marker on the ticket can be used for visual game at the pinnacles of the KLCC twin tower later. 

OUr lunch before the sky bridge session. Our session was scheduled at 2.15pm, so we searched for lunch. Initially we wish to try for Little Penang Cafe which was recommended by the other bloggers, but it was to crowded then we had to leave. No a good timing that time, everyone was coming out for lunch. So we just simply chose a restaurant and had our meal there. Both of us ordered for white sauce spaghetti with beef  and we shared a cup of cendol together. not bad

Then we walked to the opposite gate to enjoy the park view. nice right?? ya I was amazed by the scene in the park. never expect for a beautiful park in this crowded urban area 

The twin tower ^^

The twin tower model in the waiting room at C floor ticket counter. The twin tower project started during 1992 and the concept for the design was a Islamic flora shape. There was an introductory video in the room so we can understand more about this building. It is a 525m tall building and has 86 floors for each of the building. It was built during the Tun Dr Mahatir ( our 4th prime minister in Malaysia) time. 

outside the twin tower in the garden with a very European feel restaurant, actually it is a high class japanese restaurant if im not mistaken hehe. the food here were really expensive enuf, poor me poor student, JPA belum masuk lagi summore @~@ 

inside the waiting room, played with the visual games first with my tickets ^^ 

Drinks, food and backpack bags were not allowed to bring to the skybridge, of coz, strictly non-smoking area. we had to put our beverages at the luggage counter at the check-in counter beside the gift shops ( free of charge, but have to make sure we remember to claim them bag after the visit). but luckily that shopping bags were allowed ^^ 

We have to Q up for check in 15 mins before our session. since we Q up quite early, we can start our journey slightly earlier together with the previous session. We were recognized by different colours of the bands, so they can gather us easily when time's up. 

Took picture together with the poster behind. 
My outfit of the day~ dress from Kitschen, shoes from Opera, bags from Bangkok and necklace from Forever 21~ I got them all at a very cheap price during sales!!! muahahaha i love sales

First we need to pass thru a screening check before we entered the lift to make sure we did not bring any harmful weapons. Then we will took the lift to reach 41st floor for the skybridge. There are at least 3 polis bantuan ( or we called as visitor police) along for each trip of the lift. No choice as KLCC Petronas Twin Tower was once the target for those terrorists after the incident of 911 in USA. So serious security check was taken to keep us safety. Good Good, but maybe they can arrange more police on the street than the lift?? 0.o feel so unsafe nowadays while walking on the street >~<

And yes, we reached the sky bridge!! we were given 10-15 mins to take pictures on the sky bridge. The sky bridge was suspended at the level of 170m away from the street. 
Hehe tis picture is BF with the KL view =))

KL view from the sky bridge. My sister told me that the night view was much more better than this with all the lights on, but last time they forgot to bring a proper camera so they cant really take a good quality pictures. I love my canon Ixus 130 =)) although there is upgraded version but i think this camera really have good colour quality compared to the others. 

another side of the sky bridge with the KLCC park and the water park. I used to play in the water park ( the pool side with the light blue colour) and it was really fun that time ^^

together with boy on the sky bridge +))

act cute time ^^ hehe do i look cute here? i think my boy was much more cuter than me lol

tickets together with the sky bridge =)) a lot of Caucasians came here for a visit.  

We then proceeded to the pinnacles of the twin tower at 86th floor. wow it is really high enuf haha. 

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