Suan Phueng Sheep Farm~ The Scenery Vintage Farm

Guess this is my last post about my Suan Pheung trip in Bangkok last year? haha I love travel so much, but I always face a big problem for travelling: No partner T..T my mom wont allow me to have a backpack tour by myself. But adi have a few plan for next year, hope that I can really have it!! 

Basically the scenery vintage farm is not as popular as Swiss Sheep Farm in Hua Hin/ Bangkok, it is more to a local tourist attraction than international. But something good about it, it is less crowded!! and we had all our fun time there, which was our focus in this trip. Thanks to daddy and mummy for the trip, love it so much and i wish to have another one in Hua Hin next year. ( gosh pray i can have holiday together with daddy mummy). Highly recommended place!!! 

For the entrance fees, I was not so sure about it as my daddy was paying for it XD but it was at a reasonable price as I know. For me, money is not the problem, since we had the ability to travel overseas takkan waste this beautiful chance to have a close contact with sheep?? yea sheepp!! I tot i will see them from the TV, internet,or have a chance to travel to New Zealand, but I was so close to them once just in Thailand!! fantastic experience hehe. 
family photo in the farm~ and bla bla black and white sheep as the background haha

playing with the teapot before the feeding time~ 

This photo is so cute with my cute sister and cute mummy!!

More photos with the farm house~

I just rode on a fake sheep haha. this place is just more than just a normal farm. wish to visit the real big sheep farm in New Zealand, which I plan for my graduation trip in 2016. wish my dream will come true!! 

sister on the swing with a beautiful hut~ everything was beautifully decorated here. Nice place for shooting, and wedding photos haha. 

Sissy love~ Love my sister so much hehe

Mummy imitate the cute gingerbread haha

Beautiful picture with sheep before the feeding time!! credit to my mummy. I cant take good pictures that time haha. another thing in my bucket list next year: buy a DSLR. 

**we were only allowed to enter the sheep farm during feeding time. If im not mistaken the feeding time lasted for around 30 minutes in each session. The gap is around 2 hours a section. Please get more information about the feeding time at the counter during the visit =)) Food are provided by the authorities, don feed the sheep with outside food. and don worry they were so tame and wont bite ppl, just enjoy!!

mehhhh looks like u enjoy the food ya sheep~ and look!! there was a lamb with the sheep~ so cute!! 

lots of sheep, a cute little lamb manja to its mum, and a black sheep. really a bla bla black sheep adi. haha. they were so fluffy and so adorable!! 

sister with the sheep~ the compound was quite big and all we need to do was trying our best to catch their attention to eat the food haha. 

Me surrounded by sheep~ I looked like dancing haha. But i really enjoyed!! although some of them climb up on my clothes for food, still they were so cute haha. 

so close to the sheep haha. 

more and more sheep~

sheep on the green grass. well this place of coz not as spectacular as New Zealand one, Im not sure with the Bangkok one. Will go for a visit if I got time and money then haha

with cute pony~ not available for riding, just for display in the farm haha. 

even the shop also have beautiful decoration!!! the food and beverage here a bit expensive compared to the price in the town in Suen Phueng, but still OOK for us. don forget to try the ice cream!! what is so special?? try it out then haha

Love Suan Phueng so much and I wish to have another visit in future. Thailand had a lot of nice place yet to be explore, so i will just wait for more and more surprise =)
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