Plastic surgery VS love with lies

 There is a hit articles in Fb recently, which I had read it few months ago. Now it was heated up again becoz of one reason, the husband won the lawsuit. So why it was so popular? Here is some information about the story behind which I got it from Internet: 

A man in China has divorced and then sued his former wife for the equivalent of $120,000 for giving him what he deemed to be ugly children, and the court ruled in his favour. According to reports, ultimate vainer Jian Feng from Northern China, when his newborn child was born, said she was 'incredibly ugly' and accused his wife of cheating on him due to the child looking nothing like him. With no other option but to tell the truth, his wife revealed she had had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to change her looks.

Well Good job man, you just Fuck the meaning of " love" and "sincerity". How could you dare to mention that you married your wife becoz of love when you focus more on her beauty than her personality? Guys all like that huh, prefer girls with pretty face and big boobs. No offence, but admit it, most of the guys love it. That is why plastic surgery is so famous among female.
And yeah plastic surgeon is under my consideration as my future career since I can earn a lot of money and no oncall, which means my timetable is more flexible LOL, if i can make someone from a ugly into someone gorgeous. But i will prefer to be someone who can reconstruct the deformity, like cleft palate, burn injuries and women after mastectomy, than help to make someone who look OK or beautiful into someone who lagi beautiful, no point. . 

And what is the most funny part in the story, he accused his wife of cheating of him for the ugly first child. But then they got 2nd and 3rd "ugly children". Why you want to have more children then, to prove that she was really cheating on you to prove that ur gene carried a ugly DNA? for the woman, she should explain to her husband before they get married. If he really loves her, he wont even care if she is a ugly. Woman should understand that beauty is not eternal ( which is so superficial to guys. same goes to someone before, bla bla bla beauty is not important sincerity is everything, at last he ran away with a pretty girl. He said that but I did not judge the beauty level of tat bitch yet. opps sorry to name you that, but you deserve with that name). 

Plastic surgery is getting common recently, most of the female have an idea to have a plastic surgery to make themselves look prettier, while some of them adi did it. It was not something to ashamed for, it is not wrong at all to make ourselves look prettier. Girls love beauty and everyone deserve to get a chance to become beauty. That is why make up is so important, urgh I hate make up but I had to do so sometimes if I go to pavilion or outing so I don look like a ghost. Even myself think of some plastic surgery too, but just a minor one for my eyes, too small =..= overall I feel confident and satisfied with my outlook, just I wish to have a double eyelid and open angle at my eyes. maybe my nose bridge too? haha. 

This man in the story divorced his wife becoz he felt cheated by the wife. How about the wife? yes she was cheating, but at the same time she was deeply hurt by the man becoz of his irresponsible attitude. how can you entitled your daughter and son as " the ugly one"? oh gosh they are your biological children!! but this case is funny becoz the mom had a huge make over and her children get all the original gene before she had the surgery. So, plastic surgery cant cover ur ass huh. Personally the mom also a bit over, or should I said the plastic surgeon was too advance in transforming a human into a gorgeous one? plastic surgery, a small one is enough if you don really have a major problem for me. 

Plastic surgery might bring a lot of side effects and complications too, especially when the doctors are using inappropriate items just to save budget so they earn more profit. black-hearted one. surgical infection and sepsis is the most common one, followed by facial palsy, asymmetrical in shape and size especially for breast surgery, hypersensitivity effect due to foreign body injection, and more. Yea it might don have any complication after 1 year time, but how about 5-10 years time? no one can predict the future right. especially for the boobs surgery, some doctors who don have any ethics will just allow their patients to increase their cup size drastically. ya it looks awesome with huge boobs, but how about our body? they cant afford a heavy load especially spines, then will experience with back pain and shortness in breath in long time effect. want to increase size? drink some herbs and do more push up exercise then. 

I don think it is something to proud of if you change your face into something that your frens cant even recognise. natural beauty is everything, not enuf beauty? simple make up will do. ( and i have no idea how come some girls are so proud with their heavy make up, for me it looks like ghost). Don ever try to grab a guy's heart with beauty becoz it will never last long. There are so many pretty girls in the world, takkan you go for cosmetic surgery everytime just to please the bastard? if so, that guy do not deserve to have you. We as girl deserve to have a guy who can accept our weakness. If the guys say he love you and he is sincere to you, fuck off lier, just admit that she is just good for your ego, so you can show off in front of ur frens. 

So girls, this lady in the story is a very good lesson to every of us. she was wrong at the first place for not honest to her husband, but her husband did not deserve to get her. Don ever please a guy with our beauty, our beauty, we keep it for ourselves, and pamper ourselves for that. 
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