Putrajaya with Seri Gemilang Bridge

After our tiring cycling trip in Botanical Garden Putrajaya, we wished to take a bus of Nadi Putra back to Putrajaya Sentral so we can go back to K17. Then accidentally we hopped on into the wrong bus ( L10, we should take L05) and like tat accidentally we got a chance to visit to Seri Gemilang Bridge. thank you to the bus uncle so much as our tour guide!! so nice!! we actually got a free trip to go back from Seri Gemilang Bridge to Putrajaya town before we went back!! 

Putrajaya is famous of 7 bridges, which includes Seri Gemilang, Seri Wawasan, Seri Bestari and many more. Yesterday we got the chance to visit Seri Gemilang Bridge. Most bridges are accessible by Nadi Putra bus ~

 Seri Gemilang Bridge is a ceremonial bridge in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It connects Heritage Square with Putrajaya Convention Centre.
The bridge has a main span 120 metres (394 ft) long, with a 60-metre (197 ft) span at each end, for a total length of 240 metres (787 ft). There are six traffic lanes, each 3.5 metres (11.5 ft) wide. The deck level above the water is 36.75 metres (121 ft) at the centre of the bridge.
The road from the bridge leads to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre at the end.

Along the way to the Seri Gemilang Bridge. well Putrajaya was the first planned city in Malaysia ( look at Georgetown and notice the difference, hmm more neat and tidy, but still I preferred Georgetown, Putrajaya is just like a dead city for me in weekend)

Another building that we passed by when we were on the bus. Im not sure about the name of the building, but most of them are government office. 

Uncle bus just dropped us at Seri Gemilang bridge and promised to pick us up again in 20 minutes time. Too bad there was a convention in PICC and we could not get into it to have a full view of Putrajaya. Still, excited to walk on the empty bridge with no traffic XD 
background building is PICC~ Putrajaya Internation Convention Centre. 

Really no traffic leh beside the Nadi Putra Bus haha. Lovely blue sky and a beautiful bridge. With just a little edit in the brightness!! my camera was not working well that day, emo. 

The look of Seri Gemilang Bridge, the skyscrapers behind with the Putrajaya lake. 

Khai Sien on the bridge with the blue sky. Look like a poster isnt it haha. There is a small garden underneath the bridge that connect two sides together. 

My photo with the Butterfly Bridge behind ( dunno what is the real name haha). Im a happy girl =))

The real look of the Seri Gemilang Bridge with the beautiful blue sky. I love blue sky so much~ 

Skyscrapers opposite the Putrajaya Lake. 

Me with the ukiran under the bridge. LOL my hair looked so messy all the time. Time for a nice hair cut. 

Lake View from the left side. The white clouds were so soft and beautiful like a cotton candy!!

View of the small garden with the jogging/cycling track. It should be fun to have a jog or cycling at night here. think of buying a folding bike for cycling in future hehe. 

Seri Gemilang Bridge with the skyscrapers from the left. Im still a beginner to learn how to shoot beautiful photos, and save money to buy a DSLR haha. Nice place to take photos!! even the " vege bird" like me also can take nice photo adi, expect more from those professionals!

Spot the girl?? haha cute and tiny Khai Sien from the bridge

So we hopped on L10 Nadi Putra again after 20 minutes. arg, feel so alive again with aircon!! 外面简直是热死了 muahaha

Continued our sight-seeing tour in the bus~三剑客



So the Bus uncle just dropped us in the Putrajaya City and reminded us to take bus L03, L04, or L05 to go back to Putrajaya Sentral. Thank you uncle so much!! 

**the public bus in Putrajaya is very convenient and frequent. There is a bus tour in every weekend in Putrajaya which I read from Internet. going to try it out when I got chance and free time then. Goodbye Putrajaya ^^

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