Surgical posting~ UPM life part 9

Time flew so fast!! Here I am, the last third week in surgical posting. I still remember how excited I was in September for my first clinical posting in Surgery, and how I look forward to meet doctors and patients and also witness how a surgery was performed!! ( and yeah, after my first entrance to Operation Theatre to watch a fistulectomy and I am so lazy to go for the second time haha). Undoubtedly, this posting meant a lot to me. It was my first posting, and I learnt a lot throughout this 10 weeks. Will post photos and make a overall summary after my exam. Gosh I wish my exam can be as fast as possible.

Through this posting, I learn how to grow up and stay strong. Well thanks to my ex for giving me this chance to be strong enuf to overcome all the obstacles and challenges in my life. He dumped me in this posting, LOL. Before that I was thinking of how romantic it is gonna be when he teaches me physical examination bla bla bla and now it really sounds bullshit. So? have to be live my life with my own foot. but still we are good fren for now la, don wish to blame or hate him as it is not necessary to me. At least he really guided me a lot during my pre-clinical life, and be my best vitamin for motivation all the time when we were together. Just hope that he is doing good also in the hospital =) life is always unexpected huh.

My life in hospital is all about clerking, physical examination, and most of the time walk around from ward 6B to ward 6C to look for cases and patients. It is really hectic sometimes when I need to stay in the hospital until 7pm. Loneliness overwhelmed when i cant find someone to talk to as they don understand my situation. I miss the old times.... =(( when he is still around for me. but it just remain a wish =(

My look in the hospital~ with white coat and a tidy look. must tied up our hair in the hospital, if not really messy and will a big present from sisters and doctors ( a big scold!!). 
I took tis picture when I was waiting for a minor procedure in the scope room. We need to witness lots of minor procedures in the surgical posting such as OGDS, colonoscope bla bla, and the best way to learn is in the scope room haha. 

My look in the OT attire. OT = operation theatre. 
This clothes was just too huge for me, L size man!! haha, so I looked like a dwarf here lo. I took this before my scrubbing class, and we learned how to wash and sterilize our hands for an hour class. Everything is serious when you need to be sterile!! And it was a totally different experience to enter a real time operation theatre than a "TVB show". 

In the OT room we just stood aside like a wooden stick and witnessed the operation, we cant involve la of coz, even HO also cant really involve in the operation, but they did all the preparation jobs lo. really salute those surgeons who need to stand or sit for hours for a surgery!! backache! this was what Miss T ( our pretty surgeon) always complaint of haha. 

Me with my group members outside the HKL after we had class with Miss A ( a breast and endocrine surgeon). At first we were excited to go to HKL, but then we were tired of it as we needed to depart from K17 at 6.30am to avoid from the traffic jam. sometimes this is killing me when the weather was so nice for me to have a good sleep! No choice, had to sacrifice my sleeping in order to learn. HKL, as the busiest hospital and the chief referral centre in Malaysia, had a lot of cases for us to learn and practice. It is really a nice spot for learning purpose. Too bad UPM just lost the contract with HKL wtf.... 

me and my clerking partner in the group~ Azie =)) Do you notice I change my hairstyle?? haha basically i just sweep them aside as it grows longer. wish to keep my hair again haha. I don have a fixed clerking partner in usual time, but I don like to clerk alone too haha. Depends on my mood, sometimes i will join the clerking with my housemates or my best frens, or sometimes I will just cincai join the clerking of any of the frens who wish to have a case for presentation. Azie as my clerking partner, we had 2 presentations together haha. and doctors satisfied with our performance. Nothing is more important than getting a recognition from doctors about your ability. from this I can gain confidence step by step to make it better. 

*Better than someone who just took my clerking case note and act like his case note to present to Miss A. I was like "KNS that is my clerking!! you bastard!!" this kind of dishonest ppl, he never felt that he was doing something wrong, but he felt he was right!! ( he told me tat he wanna borrow my case note, I tot that he wanted to do some add on so I just lent to him). plz, this kind of action, is nothing different from stealing. Yes maybe I should be proud that my notes had the potential to be show off or "stolen", but let me tell you that I AM NOT HAPPY WITH IT AT ALL. got it?? 

Keep updated with my life in surgical posting ^^ maybe after my exam haha. Not going so often recently due to exam exam exam, although it was just a mock exam but still it is an exammm!!! muahahaha. 
Thanks for reading my boring medical student life LOL, what to do? this is my life XD
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