Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum

Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, sounds a bit not familiar to us. In fact, I was surprised that this air force museum is so near to Serdang, located in Sungai Besi, near to the old palace. In fact, the bus that I took to Pudu, will pass by this place X..X the small airport that we saw everytime, wondering what was the function of a small airport. It is not just a airport, it is a air force museum!! this museum, is all about aircraft 

So I went to this special museum last Saturday with my family. Before we went for the Doraemon secret gadgets expo haha. We departed from KL sentral by taxi around RM13. Quite near and fast if the traffic is co-operate hiak hiak. We went there around 4pm, and the museum closed around 5pm, but the ppl was kind enough to let us have the visit until 5.30pm. Kamsahamida ^^ 

Upon arrival, we had to stop and inform the guard house that we wish to visit the museum before we entered, since it is a army force museum. The museum is just at the left after the guard house. if you think you can get a taxi easily after the visit, you are totally wrong!! There is no way we can get a taxi by roadside when we are in somewhere....military. Get a private car or SOME taxi drivers numbers, don get the call centre's number ( which the service was not available when I wanted to call a taxi to go back Bukit Bintang). quite lucky that day as the worker in the museum offered to fetch us back to Bukit Bintang, haha maybe he was just too bored to sit in the office for the whole day. 
Happy to take photo with the military Recce Helicopter. Oh ya the museum is free for admission for adults and kids, so definitely suitable for a family trip during weekends

The logo of the TUDM. 

The RMAF Museum was officially opened to the public on the 2nd June 1985, coinciding with the 27th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Malaysian Air Force by the Chief of Armed Forces Staff, General Ghazali Bin Mohd Seth. It was a simple beginning for the Museum at the Sungai Besi Air Force Base. The inventory back then consisted of only five aircraft as exhibits.

This is the base of the museum~ Where it all begins. This quote is quite nice =)) this museum records the aircraft history of Malaysia. It looks like the training airport in "Triumph to the Sky 2" in London, but of coz that one high class a bit. This one also not bad actually, but just need a bit more maintenance and more attraction spots to attract people for the visit. 

Selfie with aircraft before I entered the museum. One tips here, don visit the museum after the rain, unless you want to take photos with the aircraft while stepping on the mud like I do. 
But I cant deny it, this is really a good place to take photos... and KNS my camera was not functioning well, once again. 

with my new pseudo-bf?? haha it is actually a air force pilot model with the uniform. But it looked quite scary too, my little cousin cried out loud when she saw it and she tot it was a real one. pity little cousin. 

those engines in the aircraft, so big! well I am not an engineering student so I have no idea about all this aircraft and engines's name. All I know is take picture take picture take picture. haha. 

Me sat on a aircraft model. I read some bloggers' blog that they get the chance to climb into those aircraft which exhibited outside and take photos. Maybe we went there quite late that day so I can only sit on this aircraft model ><

aircraft model~ with lots of aircraft models behind on the wall

BAng Bang Bang!! shoot u with the anti-missile starburst launcher haha. 

with Northrup F-5E Tiger II and Canadair CL 41G Tebuan

McDonnell Douglas A-4 PTM Skyhawk fighter bomber
 super duper yeng!! 

FM-2201 Canadair CL-14G-5 Tebuan

The super duper cute Bell 47G-5 helicopter
wish to ride on it, but the muds in the surrounding failed me to do so.... emo

The overall view of the TUDM museum

with my big family in the visit. 

This little girl was so happy to sit on the aircraft. Guess who know she cried 10 minutes ago becoz of the aircraft pilot model? haha

Guys always love aircraft models and these 3 "guys" , or I should say, boys were "investigating" what was so fun and what they can play with the model. 

cute girl pose with the beautiful aircraft ~

Goodbye with FM-1125 Canadair CL-14G-5 Tebuan

** one thing, they should have a Mig-29N simulator for the public but we cant find it that day. There was a room but it was empty inside. Feel quite disappointed to the kids ( I tried simulator in Singapore before so it was OK for me). Guess they need to keep it up for the maintenance and bring more interesting activities into the museum. This museum is unique enough to expose the public to aircraft, but they just need more improvement. 
Will recommend those frens who love aircraft to visit this place =) If i wish to visit it next time, definitely I will wait for a good weather with blue sky and white clouds, not cloudy grey sky which spoil most of my photos 
**and I wish they have a package to fly us in the air!! really in the air! I will pay for it if i get the chance haha

Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum
RMAF Base Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Lama, 50460 Kuala Lumpur
+603-2141 1133
Monday to Friday : 8am to 4pm
Saturday : 8am to 5pm
Sunday:    10am to 5pm

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