Accommodation: Corona Inn Kuala Lumpur

Wish for a cheap but at the same time comfortable place to sleep? Corona Inn might be one of the choice. Located in Jalan Tong Shin near to Jalan Alor, Corona Inn is a suitable choice for accommodation when you travel to Kuala Lumpur. I stayed in Corona Inn for 2 nights and overall the service was satisfactory. And it is very near to Bukit Bintang shopping mall, all within a walking distance include Lot 10 ( H&M), Sungai Wang, Fahrenheit and Pavilion. Of coz, we need to know the shortcut way haha. 

Corona Inn provides free buffet breakfast, wifi and parking for their customers. Breakfast... erm OK, wifi.... good, but sometimes lost connection for no reason, parking.... arg tis is the problem that we don like. They do not have their own parking lot for customers, which mean the parking is also available for public. So the first day of our arrival we nearly don have a parking place. Should solve this problem. 

Outlook of Corona Inn from internet. This one I google it. Those photos which do not belong to me, I do not put my blog caption on it =))
The hotel looks soso from outside, but the room is really spacious enough. Again, don judge the book by its cover haha. 

We had a superior family room with 1 single bed and 1 queen size bed, which is enough to fit my family members. the room is super spacious compared to other hotels that I stayed before in Kuala Lumpur. For me I think can accommodate up to 10 people at a time? The room was clean, no funny smelling upon arrival. So what to complain of? they need to fix the floor. some parts of them adi "floating"

The single bed and the queen size bed. The mattress was comfortable, at least I don have insomnia or nightmare this few days. Since most of the time we were out from the hotel, so our requirement for the room was not so high. Just a place to sleep what. haha. 

The bathroom. also clean and ample towels are provided. I like it when the hotel designs the hair dryer in the toilet instead of the room, so I can fix my hair well before I go out like a devil. The shower is just beside, with a glass in between the toilet and the shower. The bathroom is a closed space =)

The shampoo, soap and shower cap aligned nicely on the table, with the label of Corona Inn. 

view from the window. It looked peace in the morning, and sipek crowded at night. Near to Jalan Alor, the street of food, so what do we expect for? haha. 
The cabinet comes together with a small fridge,  coffee/tea maker. They don have a safe deposit box here, so must take care of our own belongings. 

The room is spacious becoz of the pseudo-living room. It has a seating area with sofa, a desk with the mirror, and a cable TV. which is why I said this room can accommodate 10 ppl at one time. Love the spacious area, sometimes the tiny room in the hotel made me feel like suffocating. The TV, only got 3 channels available, sleep is better haha. 

So here is the part of the room, so now we go to the lobby. 

The reception counter. The workers were quite friendly. 

The beautiful X'mas Tree in the middle of the lobby. Of coz this is just a sap sap shui one compared to those 5 star hotels like Berjaya Hotel. Still X'mas mood is approaching! cant wait for X'mas

The Corona Inn Cafe. This is the place where we had our breakfast in the morning. The breakfast served from 7am to 10pm if not mistaken. They provided western and Malaysian style buffet breakfast. For the western is something like bread ( as usual), while the Malaysian breakfast got a lot of variety, such as fried rice and noodles, curry, eggs, sausages and porridge. Orange juice, tea and coffee are provided as well. This is why I love Malaysian style breakfast ( I was suffering when I was in Perth for the Breakfast honestly Xp)

The interior view of the cafe. 

They have some shops like mini mart too in the hotel. The small white counter is available for some tour package and taxi calling. 

One of the attraction about this hotel is it is very near to the Street Food in KL~ Jalan Alor, so there is no worry about food. Watever time we feel hungry, we can always go down and have food. very convenient!
**but one thing bad too, the traffic always congested around the hotel area..... and hons are everywhere. But luckily there is still some distance from the hotel to the Jalan Alor, so it is not so crowded and noisy yet. 

And finally, all the details about Corona Inn Kuala Lumpur. See, I din tipu, it is really near to all these shopping mall. ^^ the price of the rooms is reasonable for me ( as the room is spacious). visit Agoda for more information about the price rates =)
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