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Penang got so many interesting point of attractions recently and how I wish I can visit them all. After months of waiting, the first 3D interactive museum in Penang is ready to welcome her customers on 1st November 2013, with an overwhelming response. Lots of people love it!! just like the murals in Penang streets, this museum not only emphasise on 3D pictures but some real materials too! 

The first 3D trick art museum in Malaysia is located in i-city Shah Alam, which I visited it before during August and I blogged about it before =)) People might compare, what is the difference between these 2 museums? The difference is huge with the theme. For the Shah Alam, it looks more like foreign art feel; while for Penang, it displays the lifestyle of the Penang Lang of different generations, from our grandparents to our current generation. And this is the reason why it is special compared to others, it transform our lifestyle into pictures, more than pictures, a 3D interactive museum. In short, this museum is totally Penang feel haha. 

We went there on weekend and it was totally crowded, really 'people mountain people sea'. Just a suggestion here, to go this museum on weekdays so it is not so crowded and you can have more space to enjoy the visit. Will definitely go for the 2nd time, a more crazy one, with the gang when Zerga and Bamboo are back. And don forget to bring IC, they checked IC if we wish to purchase the Malaysian ticket for the museum. Our typical Penang slang is not an identity to prove that we are Penang Lang, sad. haha 

Little cousin Amelia sat on the trishaw at outside, a real trishaw. Quite excited for us becoz in our lifetime we never ride on a human trishaw like this ( I rode the bicycle one, once I think?). It is a main mode of transportation in our grandparents time, if you got $$$. How it works? Human will tarik it. Don understand? watch more TVB or Stephen Chow drama please XD

There are 7 miniature dioramas which reflect the Penang lifestyle in the gallery. Yes, this is the first gallery in the museum. or I should say, it reflects the lifestyle as a Malaysia. They make it so real and I was really impressed with the dioramas. 
The first picture is the Indian Barber. Haha it is so familiar to me becoz my brother still have his haircut with Indian barber with less than RM10. he said it is cheap and speedy. the woman was holding the rotan to force the child to cut his hair. LOL
The second picture is the nasi lemak stall. We all love nasi lemak, and it is our favorite breakfast when we are rushing for class. I wonder how they make it. 
The 3rd picture is the Malay Food Lemang. 
The 4th picture is the Mamak Stall, where we can get our favorite Roti Canai over here hehe ^^ and sometimes teh tarik. 

And next station: the early 20th century Penang Jetty 
Penang was once one of the most important jetty in Penisula Malaysia, especially when British colonised this country. Whenever we watched drama and people mention about "nanyang", most of the time it is Penang. Feel so proud haha. This gallery really impressive, from boats, goodies, people, building, birds on the sea, and fishes. Good job Made In Penang ^^

Then we proceeded to the 2nd part of the museum, the 3D mural art gallery at the 2nd floor. woohoo ^^ 
She just bomb a ship and she was so happy with it. haha
Go to Fort Cornwallis near the City hall, and you can see a lot of cannons there. Bomb to the sea haha. 

and her sister, Natalie saved the fat lady by pumping air into the punctured tyres on the trishaw. haha 

while I tried to help the old guys for some art craft. big hammer ^^

beautiful chinese joystick. if want to see the real one, please go to the Guan Yin Temple at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, you can see a lot ^^

spread my love to mummy =)) Love Lane is existing is Penang FYI =)) a street with all the love stories. Hmm government should consider to build a love and romantic park in Love Lane? 

Cutie opened up the vege for the tortoise. wonder where you can see this scene? it is in Kek Lok Si temple where there is a big tortoise pond with lots of tortoise. This is what I like about this museum, they merged all the attractions in Penang in the art, one stone kill two birds huh. 

playing water gun with the Dragon. When to see Dragon? of coz not in the real life, can see in Penang everywhere during Chinese New Year, together with the lion dance. Love Penang so much for being so unique ^^

two little cousins trapped in the mutant plants and screamed for help. Think this is not relevant to Penang? Penang has a botanical garden which is very beautiful and I would like to say " green and original". In short, Penang has it all 

Played mirror game with mummy. Mirror effect ^^ can have a lot of fun here with the "symmertrical" old style furnitures. 

wow Amelia got super power to carry this huge coconut and throw!! clap clap clap bravo 
this scene can be seen during Thaipusam festival, especially in Little India in Penang Heritage Zone. One of the tradition for Indians during Thaipusam besides the Kavadi. 
*so don buy coconut that time, expensive till die XD 

Adui Hui Xin why you so careless? see la the lipstick spoilt her face adi la. 
When to see? this one ar, ghost festival in Chinese Calender the 7th month. Will have a lot of opera show at the roadside that time. with all the beautiful costumes and 京剧. A chinese tradition. 

One of the MUST Do activities in the new year for Chinese~ pukul orang kecil 打小人
actually it means that we hit away all the bad luck and welcome a good new year la. sometimes can be defined as " hit those ppl who bring bad luck to you/ you dislike" haha. 
See, mummy hit me with the wooden clogs T..T
**how we do this? optical illusion with a good angle la haha. 

Amelia with the super big prawn for Char Kuey Teow. Hey you sure your mouth is big enough to swallow it bo?
If you come to Penang but you do not eat Char Kuey Teow, sorry you have to come back again and eat it before you go back. How can you forget about Char Kuey Teow this super famous Penang food?? Normally, a plate of Char Kuey Teow costs from RM3 onwards ( RM5 a plate in Penang consider very EXPENSIVE for me adi). Where to get nice Char Kuey Teow? well most of the ppl recommend Lorong Selamat and Jalan Anson. I might eat them before but Im not sure. Find one time la ha I got eat this superior char kuey teow haha. 

Spiderman please save my mummy and Amelia from falling down from the Clock Tower!! 
To take this photo, we have to take off our shoes ( must la) and lie on the floor to create the effect. One of the most interesting 3D art together with the wooden clog one. should never miss this 2 3D art in the museum. 
Where is the Clock Tower? The full name is Queen Victoria Memorial Clocktower, one of the recognisable icons in Penang, located at the Light Street Roundabout, near the Weld Quay. 

lots and lots more but I did not post every of the 3D art here. got 30 of them in total ^^ 
The gallery is actually quite spacious when there is no crowd. if not sempit lol. until I wanna suffocated liao haha. 

Then we went down again to the "semi second floor?" for the interactive kiosk. There is 2, one is the Tse Chuan mask and another one is the KOMTAR and Penang ferry. 

I got a KOMTAR on my hand. Play with the sensor. Don throw away the entrance ticket as we can use it as a bookmark ( and I am using ^^). Make Penang a greener environment. 

And not to forget to have a tea with our Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng at the entrance of the museum ^^. 
actually this is the most popular art in the museum haha. 

And finally, mom carried the goods back to house haha. 

  1. Like the way they merge the art with the Penang lifestyle and some attractions in Penang. It is like a lifestyle museum than a art museum, it is close to real life. Especially for Penang lang
  2. Definitely will come for the 2nd time together with my frens. Heard that they wil have more 3D art in future, is it real??? OMG awesome. 
  3. I learned some history of Penang here that I did not know for the past 21 years haha. Worth for the price. 
Crisis of parking lots, definitely cannot park our cars at the roadside coz Weld Quay is damn congested all the time. Have to walk quite a far distance for parking T..T

RM30 for tourist ( Non-Malaysian card holder, or you forgot to bring Mykad, no mercy)
RM15 for Malaysian Adult with Mykad
RM10 for kids and students 

Made In Penang Interactive Museum
Rediscover Penang
Operating hours: 9am to 6pm 
Address: No.3, Pangkalan Weld, 10300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia ( just opposite Penang Jetty)
Phone: +604-2626119

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