X'mas Meal in Pasta Zanmai Mid Valley

This year Christmas was an ordinary but at the same time awesome one ^^ again, I did not celebrate it with my family becoz I got a class on Tuesday evening T..T and I cant skip it. emo to maximum. So I celebrated it with the same person again ( consecutively for 3 years, with Pat, Joyce, Hie Jing, Hie Ying, Siao Tiing and a new comer~ Wan Cheng). Gracie did not join us this year, would be nice if all of us gather again! Last year we had our X'mas feast in Seri Pacific Hotel Buffet, so we planned to have another X'mas meal this year. 

Since the groupon did not offer any attractive deals this year, we chose to go to Mid Valley and had our dinner there. And we chose~ PASTA ZANMAI!! one of my favorite restaurant ( in fact I just tried it out once in Sunway Pyramid with my family, but I really love it). We went there for dinner, and THANKS GOD we did not have to involve in the long queue for dinner. Mid Valley was super crowded in Christmas haha. We ordered our food and they served us quite fast. Not going to describe the environment in this restaurant becoz it just a normal one, and very crowded haha. 

**Pasta Zanmai don really offer a Christmas meal, we just ordered ho liao and treated it as our Christmas meal =)) as long as we have it together, anything could be a Christmas meal to us. 

Group photo together when our food were served. From here you can see, the food and drinks occupied the whole table!! haha. We had a very full and fantastic dinner that night. We shared the food and drinks, and shared the joy together. Noted there is a twins in the gang? haha

The 3 girls in white!! what a coincident when 3 of us wore white colour together haha. I was wearing a basic singlet top from H&M. look at this photo, errr I need a hair cut again. 

Our food together!! look so tempting and I am hungry again when I look at these food. They were just as awesome as they look. Zanmai never let me down ^^ and I just had Sushi Zanmai 2 weeks ago haha. 

Our beverage complication~ look very colourful here haha. 
From the left: Green apple juice ( RM7), passion fruit soda (RM7), ice lemon tea ( RM6), watermelon juice (RM7), carrot milk ( RM7), ice lemon tea ( RM6)

Pat said  : the green apple juice was very sour and healthy. 
Cheng said:  the passion fruit soda is awesome!! ( same goes to me her beverage is our favorite).
Me : ice lemon tea is soso. aiya ice lemon tea got what special taste oh
Twins: watermelon OK 
Siao tiing:  the carrot milk need more milk. ( very heavy carrot taste in the drink haha) 

and here comes the food~

Pat with Mini Teriyaki Chicken Pasta to Mini Hotate Pizza( RM25)
comment: satisfied with the portion, just nice for a girl to finish a plate. although it wrote there as "mini". her pasta came with a special sauce, a half boiled egg and terriyaki chicken, nice try.
 The tori Hotate ( chicken) pizza, divided into 6 so every of us had one. a crunchy pizza, with the tomato sauce on top I think, but for me the pizza was not as tasty as another one. still can try, everyone have a different tongue what. 
** I sure cant finish if I ate this set alone, the pasta seriously is enough for a girl. 

Cheng with her Chicken Terriyaki set ( RM20)
we all agree that she had the best set among us all. Since our cute girl love chicken so much so she had a very satisfying dinner. The chicken tasted awesome, boneless summore haha. The set came with a plate of terriyaki chicken, a bowl of sald, a miso soup and a bowl of rice. 

Hie Jing with her Mini Ebi Ika no Spicy Pasta no Mini Chicken Onsen Tamago Pizza ( RM25). 
her pizza was better than Pat's. Not sure about the pasta becoz she sat too far away from me and I did not taste it. but the pizza, the seaweed had a good combination with the crunchy pizza, the half boiled egg and the chicken. What I could say is Pasta Zanmai is not stingy with the food ingredients and we really enjoyed our meal to the maximum. Highly recommend this set ^^

Hie Ying with her Chicken Terriyaki Omu Rice ( RM15)
her rice looked tempting, saliva is drooling again haha. The food looked good, I think same goes to the taste? need to ask her then haha. 

Siao Tiing with her Chicken Onsen mini pasta ( RM13)
she had the same pasta like Pat's. Look at her smile and you will know how much she enjoyed the food haha. 

And finally it is my turn. Mine: Tori Tortilla Roll with mini pizza ( RM25)
What I should say? hmm this set serve a creamy mushroom pasta with chicken terriyaki, and 6 soft shell crab sushi. The sushi had less ingredients than I expected, but still can taste that there was a "soft shell crab" inside la. If you want a super sushi meal, please kindly go to Sushi Zanmai ^^ 
The pasta, creamy mushroom is my all time favorite, and Pasta Zanmai did not let me down!! They served me a really wonderful pasta!! and my tummy was satisfied to the maximum. It was not too creamy so I did not get yucks at the end of the meal. Highly recommend to all pasta lover ^^

Overall, this is a nice place to have a dine =)). It would be the best if they don have service charge and government tax ( in total 16%), but this is quite kidding LOL. 

Pasta Zanmai
Lot F-051, 1st floor, Mid Valley Megamall  ( just next to Watson and Madam's Kwan in first floor)
Business hour : 10am to 10pm

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