Beautiful Penang, Georgetown Cycling Trip Part 2

Yeah finally my bloody exam is over!! not performing so well tis morning, should have a better performance, blame myself for slacking n not well-prepared, most important: NERVOUS!! gosh nervous is killing me. BTT, gonna continue about my cycling trip in Georgetown during my last holiday in Hari Raya and it was a superb one with Pat. The route for today is a long one, the green and the pink route =)

The map =))
** correction for Penang Peranakan Mansion (9), it is located at Lebuh Gereja not Lebuh Bishop. Lebuh Gereja is a street next to Lebuh Bishop on the left in the map

After we had our lunch for bagel in Mugshot, we continued our journey to Lebuh Cannon at the end of Jalan Masjid Kepitan Keling. Again, there was a big crowd for the mural. So we just parked our bicycle and waited patiently. 
We cycled from Lebuh Chulia, turn into Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling and reached Lebuh Cannon. 
Finally it was our turn to take picture with this cute mural. It was fading days by days T..T 
After took picture and had a stop by in the owl shop, we turned into Lebuh Acheh and passed by Khoo Kongsi. We did not enter Khoo Kongsi as the entrance fee was expensive and we planned to visit Baba Nyonya House later =)

with the wedding mural in Lebuh Acheh. Pat u will meet ur real prince one day soon =)) 

We cycled into the first junction on the left into Lebuh Pantai, then turned left again on the first junction into Lebuh Armenian. We parked our bicycles nicely on the roadside, then we chose to walk along the Lebuh Armenian. FYI, Lebuh Armenian is the most famous street among the heritage street in Penang, Georgetown, and it was always crowded. Lots of cultural house, murals and heritage exhibition can be found here. SO, what is so special about Lebuh Armenian?

First, the 101 lost kittens sculpture, which is the theme for the Georgetown Festival 2013. Isnt Pat look cute with the kittens? haha

Our beautiful Pat with the kittens full of love. just like how she take care of Anne's cat in the house ya haha. 

some advertisement for bicycle rental. the bicycle rental is everywhere so no worry for it. 

Me and Pat with the giant cat!!! selfie selfie haha, girls like selfie. miss my long hair, LOL. Honestly tis giant cat behind us just look like TIGER in K17. fat and orange, haha

BUUU!! wat is going on here? such a long queue!! promotion? mega sale? korean artist visit?? Pity Pat to wait under the hot sun for such a long time. don make ur face like tis like a bun la Pat, so cute until I feel like wanna punch it haha. 

Tada!!! This was what we queued up for such a long time under the hot sun!! the most famous mural in Penang~ Siblings with bicycle!! yeah still survive after so many episodes of sabotage by those brainless people. I mean the mural haha. Satisfied =))
maybe you will ask why the photos look so schema? haha I will keep those funny funny one myself Xp

Then we entered the 14 号 生活艺术馆 not far away from the mural, and tis was the first time I was so lucky to watch the live performance from this old man!! so excited to listen to the music that he played from the 凤凰琴. must must must visit this place in the mural visit trip. 

I love Penang~ and I love this photo so much. although I don look pretty in this photo haha. Penang is my hometown, my home, and my future home. I love this place although I always go for travelling.

cute bunny in the cage in the 14 号艺术生活馆. 2 bunnies, remind me of something =(

Another cat mural not far away from the 14 号艺术生活馆. should ask Pat acted like how the cat look like. Love the way how they play with the colour, reminds me of the primary colour in my art class in CLB. 
Mana bicycle? haha we cycled along the road after the "siblings bicycle". don worry there is always a lot of place for us to park our bicycles in a shady area haha. 

walk walk walk then we met the lion dance. It was not completed during my visit in June, and now it looked much beautiful and colourful!! they put a bench in front so we can have a gap with the mural. different view huh muahahaha

Pat played with the magician mural haha. Pat u so just broke someone's head and body into half muahaha. We can enjoy this funny shooting only when the shop was closed. dunno why tat day it was closed so early 

Last mural in the Lebuh Armenian~ the thinking old man. It was the first mural completed by Mr.Ernest and that is why it faded so quickly compared to others. ( except the mural in chew jetty, due to erosion of salt water @.@) 

We then turned right into Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling again, and turn right again on the next junction into Lebuh Ah Quee. Be careful during cycling as sometimes we need to cycle in the opposite direction on the road. Obey the rules and regulation on the road is the most important =))

the latest art piece from Mr.Ernest: Minions!!! it is located in one of the small junction in Lebuh Ah Quee, 1st junction if not mistaken ( but right now even we dunno the exact location, just look at the crowd will do Xp)
minions so cute!! ppl still have despicable me fever tat time 

We then turned into a left junction in the Lebuh Ah Quee ( come out from the minion first) and went into a smaller junction for tis "Bruce Lee with Cats". landmark: a mural written: our art is dying with a very scary skeleton face
Woosa!!! Nice kick Pat muahaha. kick away those bad kitty in K17. Bad Tiger bite me last time and it left a scar on my left wrist, bad bad haha

With the motor teen =)) I was grabbing at Pat's bag so she wont leave me alone in Penang and run away with the motor?? muahaha
**The kid with kite adi fade terribly while the dinosaur was badly sabotage by ppl. Just want to ask those ppl WTH is in ur mind and WTH u go kacau kacau those murals. Tangan Gatal!! isshhhh

Accidentally past thru a bike shop with minions as the theme so we just posed with the minion. 

I dunno what was I posing in the photo haha. 
We then cycled into Beach Street and found the last mural in our plan =)) Not sure about the exact location but it is around that area muahaha. Sometimes it is more interesting when we discover something by ourselves, right?? 

Pat with the nice view of the building and beautiful sky. I entered this buidling before during my second visit with shea fen and siosio. that time this building was under construction so they did not really bothered us. Now it was not opened to public ( during my visit in August T..T) but it is really beautiful inside!!
真的是雕镂玉砌 ~ look at those amazing 雕刻

Beautiful street view in Penang in the afternoon. So leisure to cycle here when the street is not busy during weekend =)) although the sun was extremely hot that day but it gave a very awesome effect for the blue sky, which made my pictures so beautiful 

We then cycled along the Beach Street to reach Lebuh Gereja for the Peranakan Mansion. The sun was too hot and striking and we really needed a place for shade. So as our original plan we went to Peranakan Mansion ( Baba Nyonya Mansion). 

Out of my surprise they increased the entrance fee from RM10 to RM20!! I visited it last year for RM10 with a history guidance by a nyonya, and this year RM20 for a guided tour by normal worker. Felt not worth for it so I argued with the worker there ( the official website still wrote RM10 for adult entrance fee that time). At last they agreed to let us in with RM10 each, without tour guidance and we cant visit the museum at the backyard. Nvm, I just wanna show Pat how baba nyonya life looked like. 
**But we sneaked in into a guided tour accidentally at last. Still they should provide a cheaper rate for Malaysian, right?? especially local ><

Pat with the Tuk Panjang. you can find a lot of familiar shooting scenes of Singapore famous drama "The Little Nyonya" here. remember the tuk panjang when they were choosing a good wife?? or they usually had meal together?? this is the table la muahaha. 

on the antique chair together =))

beautiful stairs~  and my ugly fat leg =..=
There are a lot of exhibition in different room in the mansion with different theme such as wedding, courtyard, girls' room etc. Do visit it!! not going to elaborate more here coz I was not so sure with the history of baba nyonya Xp. Overall it is a nice place to visit, except the price. 

We spent around an hour more in the Penang Peranakan Mansion, and we decided to return our bike around 4pm. Gosh we spent almost whole day in visiting all those murals and exhibition house and it was really exhausting. But wait, our journey din stop here. It is not complete without a visit to Chew Jetty~ 

So we decided to walk to Chew Jetty haha
and saw another mural in Chew Jetty~ the happy grandparents muahaha. the banner just destroyed the view =..= should hang it in somewhere else haha


my emo photo on the end of the bridge of Chew Jetty with the sea and the blue sky. it is so nice to have a time to enjoy the sea breeze without any stress~ just relax. I miss the time =((

and guess who we met accidentally on Chew Jetty~ ANNE!!! another pretty girl haha

Before we ended our journey of the day, we went to the secret garden series along Pangkalan Weld~ the Ah Soh's Garden. But this beautiful little garden was closed down when I went back to Penang in October. dunno what is the reason but it is really a waste to close down such a beautiful place =(( 

Ah Sou's Garden is located opposite the shell petrol station. for more information about the secret gardens project in Georgetown please click HERE
Interior of the garden. isn't it beautiful??? I wish to have such a decoration if I owned a house in future. Love the marbles on the floor. and all those colourful decorations~ 

The setting of old dining table in the garden. 

Leng Lui again~ they transformed a abandoned house into such a lovely garden!!! should have more place like tis haha

Selfie time!!!

Such a long post with lots of photos haha. I am glad that my exam is over so I can have time to blog about tis. Going to Penang soon again!! But no more murals trip, I had it enough adi haha. Hello Penang I am coming back and I am ready to explore more of your beautiful places soon ^^

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  1. So...actually we really can cycling all around to see all those Mural Arts in Georgetown...?

    1. Yes of course!! there are many types of bikes available~ highly recommend to cycle rather than walking becoz of the hot weather and the coverage of murals in Georgetown is too big for a walk =))