Cycling day in Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Bored of shopping in KL and wish to find something new?? Let's go for cycling!! Good for health, save money, explore the beauty of a city~ these are the reasons y I love cycling so much, especially when im new in a city. Walking is too exhausting, and car makes me miss out a lot of beautiful places along the journey. and I spent around RM15 for the whole journey for cycling!! RM6 for taxi, RM 6 for bike rental, RM1 for bus fare to Putrajaya Sentral and RM2 to get our ass back to K17 muahaha. So nice and so.... economic haha. And we had a wonderful time together in Putrajaya although it was as hot as oven. 

So early morning we called a taxi to go to Taman Botani in Persint 1 Putrajaya ( just near to the mosque). It took us around 15 minutes to the park. Uncle Cit ( the taxi driver) highly recommended us to have a cycling in Wetland Putrajaya and Dengkil Wetland next time. Ok, put in my bucket list again haha. The reason we chose for Taman Botani is becoz we got more information of this park compared to others. Initially we wish to rent a bike in the city and cycled around Putrajaya, but we really lack of information where can we get the bike, so we changed our mind to Botanical Garden ( was a good choice actually, Putrajaya city was just too hot for a cycling in the morning, but suitable for a night cycling)

The botanical garden opens at 7am, but the cycling counter opens at 9am. Free admission for the botanical garden. 
Entrance of the botanical garden~

The office in the botanical garden. Queue up in the ticket counter in this building to rent for the bike or tram service. The abang in the counter was very friendly and nice!

We reached the counter around, and we waited around 15 minutes for our turn. But so sad when he told us that all the bikes were rent out!! OMG, how could it be? we came so far from Serdang and there was no bikes for us?? He told us that there were only 30 bicycles available in the garden, and we needed to wait for an hour for the bike ( when ppl returned the bikes LOL) So we decided to have a walk around while waiting. TOo bad the counter did not have a waiting list #$%^&*

So we decided to go for a canopy walk~ 

Cheesse in the morning!! The canopy walk... not so canopy to me, as this botanical garden is an artificial one, which means it is built by human, but nt develop from the original forest, so what to expect? takkan I request for a real jungle in the canopy walk meh haha.

The Sun was just too hot, pick a big leaf to have a shade for a while first haha. 

Beautiful blooming flower in the morning, hello sweet one =))

beautiful.... tree tower?? haha so tall until I had to squad down to take the picture XD

one corner of the botanical garden, feels like u r in foreign country huh

A single tree in the big wide field. Look so lonely, no good. 

So after an hour of "berkeliaran", we walked back to the counter around 10am in the morning. And too bad we were told by the abang that we needed to wait for 16 ppl before our turn. Which means we were the 17th, 18th and 19th people. We were like 0.o wait for another an hour?? Oh gosh.... We told them that there were plenty of bikes downstairs, but they told us that all the bikes that we saw in the "bengkel" were not functioning.... and waited for the arrival of the spare parts to save them. WTF... it is weekend man. 

But, this is nt the end of our cycling trip yet. We told them that there was 3 baby-sitter bikes available, and we asked is it OK for us to rent it? hiak hiak, the answer is yes!! and hence we no need to wait for the 16 ppl and we can get our bikes immediately. haha so happy!! 

Originally we should get a single bike like this, which costed us around RM4 per hour.

But then we chose to rent the baby-sitter bikes like this, costed us RM6 per hour, with an extra chair behind. Ppl used it to carry their toddlers, we used it to carry our bags haha. Useful what. Took this picture at the river bank at the another side of the garden. 

Photos together first before we started our journey, woohoo ^^ 3 of us were so excited. but my excitement was like blown away after I saw my camera took this kind of photos.... walao e!

Bicycles on the path~ Guess which one was mine?? hahaha. For sure nt the pink colour. Some of my frens said: I tot u like pink so much, you got a lot of clothes in pink right?? I emphasise here, I like peach colour but not pink colour, princess is not my style, don mix it together. haha

The view of the river bank in the opposite~ 

The bridge on the river bank. Quite nice and beautiful. But we were not allowed to cycle on the bridge. Care for others =)) prevent accident. 

Soo Ling with her bicycle. arg it was so hard for me to "bike and take picture", but... it looks like not bad huh, except for my kisiao camera shoot kisiao photos that day XD

Sien's Bike with the old old trees. 

Good morning Hibiscus ^^ u looked so charming in the morning. happy blooming ^^

View of the mosque, and the prime minister's office from the garden, together with the Putra Bridge. The main attraction of the Putrajaya. but we did not go there that day, haha. That place was too hot for a visit in the afternoon. 

Take a break with soo ling under the shady area. 

pathway up to the flower garden area~ again we skipped it haha. LOL 

pass-by a flower path before we cycled back to the starting point. So beautiful ^^

Beautiful pink flower~ but I cant name it. Im not a botanist haha. 

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