Swan River, Perth

Want to go for a short holiday? well maybe Perth is one of the good choices. So, I went to Perth last year with my mom during Hari Raya Puasa in Malaysia, and for me, Perth was really a good place for relaxation. the life rhythm was not as busy as Singapore, and the public transportation was very convenient together with some gorgeous point of attractions. Too bad i stayed there for just around 5 days, so i had not enuf time to explore the real beauty of Perth. Wish to visit it again when i got chance in future hehe. 

Today, I am going to write about the Swan River in Perth, in South West of Western Australia. Perth is a place with a big land but little population, every destination is far away from each other in outskirt. I love this river, as I seldom had the chance to enjoy the spectacular view of "river". Don't tell me Penang River is a big river, and it is dirty, same goes to most of the river in Malaysia, badly polluted. Surprisingly Swan River is very clean and beautiful, which really amazed me at the first sight. 

Here is some introduction about Swan River from Wikipedia:
The Swan River drains the Avon and coastal plain catchments, which have a total area of about 121,000 km2. It has three major tributaries, the Avon RiverCanning River and Helena River. The latter two have dams (Canning Dam and Mundaring Weir) which provide a sizeable part of the potable water requirements for Perth and the regions surrounding.

There is many attractions along the Swan River, such as 
  • Lake Monger
  • King's Park
  • Fremantle
  • Perth Mint
  • Perth zoo
  • Margeret River
    and lots and lots more!! but becoz of time constraint I visited only the King's Park, Fremantle and the Perth Mint. Still, fun was there haha ( i took the half day tour to King's Park and Fremantle in Perth)

View from the King's Park, the Swan River is so amazing! 

Photo from the jetty at the Barrack Square. Peace and harmony

another photo from the jetty at the Barrack Square. Well I saw quite a lot of "white swans" on the river, but the fake one. LOL those white boats. Seldom i got the chance to see the real swan, only once, the last day before I left Perth. Most of the time I saw sea birds along the river. 

Mummy with the Bell Tower in Barrack Square, an icon of the Perth. The full bell ringing for the bell tower is at 12pm to 1pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We were lucky to have the chance to listen to the bell ring =)) 

The entry fees for the Bell Tower is $14 per pax for adult, and $9 for children. Really regret leh for not entering although the fees was not really cheap T..T

So after we finished our half day tour to Fremantle, me and mummy stayed around Barrack Square for lunch and we decided to take the ferry to cross the Swan River to another side. We planned to visit the Perth Zoo but it was already closed that time. So we just hang around there for sunset. 

How to take the ferry? took the blue line of the CAT bus in perth, stop at the Barrack Square Station, go to the jetty at Barrack Square, buy the ticket from the machine and take the ride hehe. click here for the schedule of the ferry just to make sure u dont miss the last one hehe. =))

This is the public transport map that i got from Internet. They Called it CAT. can get a better and clearer version from the airport in Perth or their website. 

My mom with the ferry and the skyscrapers along the Swan River. 

I think, i had fall in love with this place. In fact, I fall in love with travelling. 

the jogging lane along the Swan River. very good for exercising hehe. Look at the golden tree, the sunset painted it. 

skyscrapers in sunset view =))

My mom's product for the night view of Swan River. She did not use the tripod becoz she forgot to bring it ( in Malaysia LOL). Best time to have the best view of Swan River is around 6-7pm. After that we took the last ferry back to Barrack Square, then go back to our hotel and had our dinner in the Northbridge. 

The last day in Perth, me and my mom went to riverside of the Swan River again in the morning, to enjoy the morning view of the river which was different from the sunset view. 

The jetty with the big mouth birds ( i dunno their real name becoz it was so difficult to remember, i know them from Finding Nemo LOL)

Me and mummy with the Swan River. There was a big contrast at two riverside, the one along the Barrack Square was so busy and full with skyscrapers, while the opposite site was the relaxing one, i had no other words to describe how much I love this place.

The jogging and cycling track along the riverside. Hmm, should rent a bicycle next time to enjoy the life.

view of the Swan River and the small park beside the road. Well maintenance and well-planned city

last one, leave my footprint again in the Swan River. Goodbye Perth =))

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