WeeHouse.偉億屋~ 童心未泯的晚餐

Went to Weehouse for a cute bento last Saturday for dinner, I know the existence of this shop since 2 weeks ago but i always wanna reserve it with my BF haha. But, since mummy wanna go for it so we just go together for dinner. It is located opposite Chung Ling Butterworth, same row together with 甜园 and 漫画疯, so it is actually easily spotted hehe. 

So what is so special about this Weehouse? hehe they make cute bento, ya i mean cartoon bento. The normal set will be hello kitty, snoopy, winnie the pooh and also rilakkuma. If not mistaken they served dolphin bento set with sausages also haha. Of coz, we can have the cartoon that we want, but it need a pre-order about few days before, maybe 3 days? well I saw a lot of cute cartoons in the TV in the restaurant, such as Larva ( my favorite), Ubah, minions and even PSY!! check out more in their facebook page:

We did not make the pre-order so we just ordered for the normal set. The taste is OK, not really like fantastic, but the design of the bento is really surprising and i think the cartoon in the bento is the main focus of the dishes haha. So, if your GF love cartoon like me or you have small children, maybe can bring them to WeeHouse for a surprise meal? 

the outlook of the WeeHouse~ the picture quality wasnt so satisfied as i forgot to bring my camera. Samsung Note 2 is really good for camera quality but not at night, and of coz, totally a different level from camera la LOL. from the outlook of the restaurant, you can feel something....CUTE inside adi hehe

the wall of the WeeHouse with lovely bear couple =))

Even the toilet design also very cute haha

on the wall introducing about WeeHouse to the customers

can make birthday party here? hehe

I love the chairs and tables design too~ nice colour match with the environment

The view from the counter. I saw a lot of huge and puffy bears in front of the counter!!! it reminded me about my BUBU, i got one onli, but they got more here haha. Kids love it, I saw a lot of kids took pictures with the dolls by the parents and they really enjoyed it

Bears on the wall~

Another view of the restaurant hehe. Princess feel huh~ 

Each table has a decoration with the number. We sat on No.2 table that day hehe. Ok my face look really.... zombie... haiz... haha

sampat self shot while waiting for my food and drinks. they served us quite fast, maybe becoz not much customers that time? haha

Some of pages of the menu in the WeeHouse. The price is still affordable. the bento mostly targeted on children i think, the designs were so cute!!

My brother's snoopy bento meal. I read from some blog that this restaurant emphasize on health so they use organic materials to make colours on the rice~ 天然颜料 haha. and they served herbal soup too ^^ nice way for parents to feed their kids with herbal soup haha. 

our Hello kitty, Rilakkuma and winnie the pooh bento hehe. cute leh. the red colour is actually crab stick i think. If my taste bud is not dysfunctional la haha. ( RM16.90 for each bento)

my mango blended with 爱玉冰 ( RM6.90)

Daddy's Blue Crystal Coffee Blended ( RM 6.90)
Actually mummy ordered for a dessert, the gold bright mango snow ice ( RM7.90) but they ate it adi before i took picture >~< 

As conclusion, WeeHouse is suitable for couples or family with small kids but not with big kids like me and brother! haha feel so awkward when the small kids were running around us in the restaurant lol. 

Here is some information about the WeeHouse
Address    :  22, Ground Floor, Jalan Teras Jaya 9, Kawasan Perniagaan Teras Jaya, 13400 Butterworth
Phone       : 016-4079080/ 016-9869628
Operation Day : Monday- Sunday
Business Hour: 12pm-11pm
Website    : https://www.facebook.com/weehouse.weie
email        : weehouse.weie@gmail.com

the map of the WeeHouse~ Good night and enjoy ^^

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