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Have you ever imagine what is the feeling to dine in a post office and send out ur memory in the cafe with a postcard? well there is a cafe in Penang which provide this service, hehehe.... feel curious about this cafe so i decided to try it out. 

Penang got a lot of unique cafe recently ya haha, read a lot from blogs and someday, i found an interesting cafe from my favorite blog 蓝天白云数格子 about a cafe with the post office as the theme. Wow, something new to me, and i saw the decoration in the cafe was really beautiful. So i went there last Sunday with my family for a family day. It is located in Jalan Perak, not really hard to find becoz it just located at the road side with a very special outlook haha. 

Oh ya, forgot to mention that Post Cafe is a western cuisine cafe which they serve spaghetti, burgers, chicken chop and fish and chips.~ hehe i love burgers haha. And dont worry Post Cafe is an air-conditioned cafe. 

The outlook of Post Cafe, just look like the old style of post office huh haha. There was a lot of parking lot around and so no trouble for it haha. With Lunch set hehe

it is easily recognized becoz of this signboard. So don miss out the signboard for the post cafe. It is located at the roadside of the Jalan Perak. 

The entrance of the cafe was really interesting and caught my attention. Besides the photos from the customers, there were some mail boxes on the wall, with different month. Well it is actually a post service in the cafe, if we spend more than RM50 in the cafe, we can have a free postcard service and post it to the address that we wrote down and we can choose when is the date we want. There was a lot of choices from July 2013 to Feb 2014 if im not mistaken haha. Means that you can also post ur post card to ur future hehe. 

The interior view of the cafe, the red, blue and white is the main colour for the cafe hehe. 

some cute decoration on the wall. with the post office and the post office box as the theme~

Me, my brother and my grandpa, family day together~ ^^ 

A beautiful decorated corner spot, is it a private spot for dining? i think so hehe

Another view of the cafe with the photos on the wall, describing about the history of the mail box and mails. We used to mail each other in old times, yes i did, I mailed my fren Siew Siew when i was standard 6 during my school holiday, although we were living quite near to each other haha. 

I like the concept of this cafe, it really brings us the memory which we were so excited to receive a mail from frens, with full of sincere. i still remember the time I replied my frens' mails ( handwritten that time and decorated with stickers or beautiful papers haha), and waited for the postman in front of my door for my letter from frens, oh gosh that was really fun enuf. Compared to nowadays, the technology is so advanced adi and we replace the mailing system with e-mail, which is more convenient to us and not so time-consuming. Just a simple click and everything is settled. But, where is the fun and excitement then?? 

the view of the cafe with the big red mail box and the red colour bicycle~ we can see this bicycle only in the drama adi i think hehe. so special ^^

Me with the cafe~

found a photo and a set of stamps with our previous prime minister, the legends of RAHMAN~ 

the menu of the post cafe, with the set lunch promotion where we can enjoy a maincourse with spaghetti/rice, a soup of the day and a dessert hehe. ( but i forgot did i really had the dessert? hmmmmm.....) 
set lunch ( from RM10.90 to RM12.90 ) 

My daddy's Ice Lemon Tea~ just add RM1 more for the set lunch and you can have the drinks 

the soup of the day~ Mushroom soup ^^ tasty for me hehe, will be a better combination if they serve with garlic bread. hehe too greedy for it? LOL

My cappuccino ( RM6.90) nice cappuccino but a bit too sweet than usual one hehe. Oh ya i did not order for the set lunch becoz i tried for something new =)

the food combination
 from left top to right : fish & chip with spaghetti, pork charcoal burger, and the last one sizzling chicken. 

From left bottom to right: chicken chop with spaghetti, and seafood carbonara
** I lost the receipt so i was quite uncertain about the price

Me with the burger~ I was so worried with the size becoz i ordered for the 1 layer of pork one. U know la im a big eater..But the size of the burger was just nice for me hehe. and it was tasty!! the charcoal bread was crispy and the pork was... delicious haha. 

Overall the price of the food were satisfactory, that was wat i remembered haha. we spent around RM98 for 5 ppl ( and 6 dishes in total ) 

mummy with the mailboxes and the bicycle in the front hehe 

My postcard with mummy~ they use canon DSLR to take the picture and printed it out, chopped the format at the back of the photo to make it like a postcard =))

the machine to print out the postcard~

So we decided to send it out during October becoz me and my mummy are having out bday in October together hehe. So now i will just wait for it like how i waited for my letters before hehe

map for the post cafe~ 

Post Cafe:
Address    :   No 378 Jalan Perak, 11600 Penang, Malaysia
Hours       :    Mon-Sun : 11am-1am
Phone       :    016-4420812
website     :

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