Suan Phueng Ban Hom Thian candle making factory~

Wish to blog about this trip long long time ago but there are too many things kacau kacau recently. the most troublesome: research project =..=. thanks GOD im almost done with my part and can have a sweet time blog about one of my favorite trip: Suan Pheung trip. Thanks to mummy she really did a very great job in planning this trip hehe. Lots and lots of fun!! I love Thailand so much, visited it 3 years consecutively adi, and planning for a trip to Bnagkok and Kanchanaburi this year, if can better make it in Sept. 

Thailand is really a good place to explore, for the islands and a lot of nice attractions beside shopping. I have no idea y my frens love to go overseas just for.... shopping. Back to topic, last time I wrote about the resorts in Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi, and today im going to continue with some attractions in Suan Phueng, which is about 160km ( 2 hours journey) from Bangkok. Today, i would like to write about a special candle making factory in Suan Phueng, Ban Hom Thian

Ban Hom Thian is a candle making factory, which we can make our own candles too at here. If im not mistaken there is a candle festival in Ban Hom Thian during every weekend in December every year, but i cant find it in internet becoz the info about Ban Hom Thian is too limited. Check it out if interested ^^

found an interesting pet shop when i was in Bangkok hehe.  

Suan Phueng is very famous with the sheep farm, there is why we can see sheep souvenirs everywhere. 
Sheep farm in Suan Phueng : Scenery Vintage Farm

cute cute cute~ all these souvenirs sold at very cheap price, but we did not buy it becoz we scared it will overweight for the flight.

So after our lunch we went to Ban Hom Thian. I don really remember the exact location becoz my dad was using GPS that time, I remembered it was quite near to a resort named : The Canal. It looked like nothing special at the entrance, but when we stepped in for more "explore", OMG seriously tis is such a beautiful place! admission fees: I don really remember but it was quite cheap to me and worth!

Ban Hom Thian is a traditionally-designed compound with colourful made in Ratchaburi province fragrance candles and good local food. There is a restaurant inside but I did not try it out la. 

took picture with the entrance, hehe those cars were so special to "float" in the air.

my sister with the toys.... hey those are for children lol. 

took by my mom using DSLR. eco friendly and creative hehe. 

another look of the entrance with my cute sister. Don't judge the look by its entrance, more surprises were waiting for us inside!

the first stop: the souvenirs shop. mostly handicraft by the locals, but this one was not really surprising enuf, they got another better one inside hehe. 

the sheep and the candles in the Ban Hom Thian. Ok, don get too surprise, the sheep was actually made by candles too. I was totally amazed when another local tourist told me about it. 

candles on the ceiling. I guess it will be extremely romantic when it comes to night and the candles light on. 

time for self-shooting in such a beautiful place hehe. I can say this is a romantic + amazing + wonderful place.

romantic candles again. nice place for photo shooting!!

Mummy with the candle man =)) Most of the things here were made of candle!! of coz la those wood remain wood not so insane to clone a wood with candle yet.

Me again, if not mistaken, the flowers were actually candles too. LOL. Love the colourful sticks behind me =) Oh gosh this place is so unique and different from the others!

some of the samples of the DIY candles available. Sheep again haha. the workers there guided us how to make our own candles very well, and we can choose the colour of the candles that we want too ^^

My sister with the cute statue outside the small factory. hmm, not really correct to call it as a factory coz it does not look like one. haha. 

Someone was so happy to have the chance to make her own candles. She chose to make a sheep candle. There was a lot of choices, price range from 25 baht to 200 baht. quite cheap and worth to try for it ^^. I tried a simple one with 3 colours mixture, then gave to my bf as souvenir haha.

My sister's production. cute huh hehe

My brother with the angry bird. He also made a candle with angry bird. 

Price for the candle, the angry bird costed only 100 baht, i should make the "love shaped candles" too lol. If you wish to make one based on ur creativity, go ahead haha

inside the candle souvenirs shop. I really love the candles becoz they made the environment very beautiful and romantic. sorry for the poor photo quality and the skill ><

Guess who i met in the souvenirs shop?? haha

Lots and lots of made-in-Ratchaburi fragrant candles. really smell good haha. And they costed only 25 baht!! shopped till crazy haha. Dont forget to buy souvenirs here!

my photo together with another big candle~ 草泥马 muahaha

Family photo with tuk tuk at the exit of Ban Hom Thian, we really had a nice time here! That is y I love Thailand so much hehe

Some of the souvenirs we bought in the Ban Hom Thian. really some of it only XDD

Our next destination of the day in 1st day in Suen Phueng, guess wat is it? haha, next stop: Khao Chong Phran in Ratchaburi. 

Suan Phueng Ban Hom Thian candle making factory, Ratchaburi, Thailand
Opening Hours    :   7am-6pm daily
Address              :   Baan Hom Tian, Jom Bueng-Suan Phueng Rd. 33rd km, Ratchaburi, Thailand
Phone                :   085-845-7379

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