Newbie in University?? haha

It sounds like doomsday for some ppl tomoro ya haha. I think a lot of students will have insomnia tonight? How I know it? coz i had the same feeling 2 years ago.... cant sleep, cant eat properly, pray hard, refreshed facebook for the latest news, checked the official website... ** i was praying for UPM medical program that time haha.  OMG wat was really happening? 

Ok, tis is it, tomoro the UPU result will be released to those who are going to start their university life in this coming September. Matriculation students and STPM students, pray hard for wat you wish to get for your dream. But don always put too big hope or too confident with what you are going to face tomoro, becoz things are not perfect, sometimes we might not get things that we want and feel so disappointed. Just get updated with the official website and Facebook for the result. 

Good luck to Matriculation batch 2012/2013 and STPM students tomoro =))

SO, what is next after you got the result? I felt so blur with it when i knew i got Medical Doctor program in UPM. Most of my frens got UM but I cant apply for it due to my pointer. Dont get panic, stay calm with what you got. If failed to get the desired university, don upset so fast , we should be glad as long as we got the course that we wish for. If failed to get the desired uni and course, don give up, maybe this is another way for u to fight for ur future. Most important, don post your emotion so public like " Shit, i got XXX, hate it". Emotion control is important, try not to so frus first, think it positively. 

Here is some suggestions after the UPU result is released, just a suggestion, not really a guideline =))
  1. print out the website page, and jot down the important notice on the webpage. 
  2. Find your friends who is in the same university, and if can same course with you so you can have a good companion in University
  3. Check out the facebook university group, for chinese can refer to 全升辅导团 to look for friends and seniors. Ask guidance from seniors for more information about university and a brief introduction about the course and the campus as well. For medical course, erm it sounds a bit crazy to deal with seniors so be careful for tat. 
  4. Certified all the document photostat copies. Usually UPU will required us to have at least 5 complete copies ( in fact i used 2 only lol when i registered). 
  5. Prepare as many copies of photos as possible, 证件照啊不是自拍. maybe the passport size photo is the most ideal one. I think i used around 12 photos during my registration if not mistaken. 
  6. Do body check up as soon as you get the instruction. Dont delay it! 
As conclusion, settle all the documents as soon as possible, don wait until last minute lol

time flies huh, from the newbie in UPM during 2011, now im a second year medical student in UPM ( going to be 3rd year in September if everything run smooth) Today I wish to share about my life in UPM medical school, it is not as dull as ppl think. Ppl always think that we are lifeless, busy with study,  unsociable, NERDY bla bla bla. Ya i do not deny that, but it is not 100% the truth. We need to study a lot for our future, becoz we are dealing with human life! So, we must really learn how to cope with stress in our live. 

Basically, our juniors have more life than us now ( ishhh..... haha). During my batch, we got 2 assessments for most of the modules, so we end up with weekly assessments. But for the current 1st year, they only got 1 assessment per module and they got so many free time than us ( jealous... =..=) 

UPM medical program is Medical Doctor program ( MD), so we studied integrated system, which consist of anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology for each system. It is easier for us to study becoz we can link one disease to another from this study system. It was quite confusing sometimes.... but it is actually depends on the study technique. Be smart in study, not nerd haha. I don understand y ppl like to use the word "NERDY" to describe us. not fair at all....

So, here is the study program for MD in UPM 
1st year 1st sem
  • General Anatomy and Embryology ( study about the basic structure of the body, what is meant by anatomical position, how the cells grow from a morula to blastocyst bla bla )
  • Cell and Excitable Tissue ( basically it is mostly about physiology, action potential)
  • Molecualr Based Medicine ( biochemical, i dislike tis, apa Kreb's cycle, amino acid )
  • General and Biochemical Pharmacology ( this one is totally a disaster for me... We have to remember all the drug groups and their name, function, side effects, pharmacokinetic)
  • Gene Expression ( something we learned from matriculation, the structure of the DNA and the chromosome, mitosis, meiosis, gene mutation....)
  • Human Genetics ( the inherited disease and some disease due to gene translocation and mutation)
  • General Pathology ( the basic of disease must master this LOL very important. )
  • Medical Microbiology ( all the viruses, bacteria, fungus, one of the hardest subject in my medical school life. every tiny creature here means something!!)
  • Medical Parasitology and Entomology ( I think tis practical is the most disgusting one, coz i hate worms, and this module is dealing with parasites like hookworm, whipworm, whatever it is so geli)

    Oh ya, BTW for 1st year 1st semester, we also study University subject ( cant avoid from it =..=) Hubungan etnik and also the TITAS ( tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asian something like tat), boring thing... but fortunately for medical student we just need to get PASS for all university subject, but still need to slip thru the books a day before exam lol
for the rest of the years, just visit the UPM medic portal la haha

Besides from the boring lectures ( some of them are actually very interesting, depends on the doctor), we got practical session, revision class in small group, Early Clinical Experience ( or a day tour in hospital given by clinician haha ), and Problem based learning. And yes, we need to attend for some koku activites and join some events/activities in hostel to get enuf marks to stay in hostel zzzzzzz

OK now, how about exam? as i mentioned before, the juniors now only got 1 assessment for each modules. the assessment is very important for the carry mark in final exam. if not mistaken, the assessment carry mark consist of 30% of the final exam, another 10% from coursework/report, 60% from final exam paper. So, don take for granted. 

Our exam is divided into Multiple Choice Question ( MCQ), Short Answer Question ( SAQ), OSPE ( practical question ) for theory and preclinical paper. For the assessment, mostly is MCQ, and sometimes will come out with SAQ. The MCQ is mostly minus marking style, and they have new format of MCQ recently named as " Best answer choice" this one is really difficult than minus marking. For the "Best Answer Question", all the answers given maybe correct, but we need to identified the most suitable or the most accurate one, nerve cracking man!! haha 

In preclinical year, we got 3 final exams and 1 Professional Exam. Apa tu professional exam? It is actually something like SPM, which will test us based on what we learned in 1st, 2nd and 3rd sem. It is important to evaluate our knowledge from time to time, but it really sounds tired to us sometimes. Midnight oil is something very common among us... 

In UPM medical program, we got a system called " Buddy Line" , where the elder seniors will take care of the younger juniors. That is the time newbies are hunted by seniors haha. Orientation in medical schools are basically.... crazy haha, well im one part of it to bully the junior last year =..= It is a good chance to know the seniors as well as coursemates. Everyone need to prepare themselves physically, mentally and emotionally for the orientation week. Just have fun and don take it too serious if really kena scolded by seniors. But do respect the seniors, and this is the most important one as a newbie in medical school. 

Say about so much about academic, now is the time for fun hehe. U think we just study all the day? neh u r totally wrong. Our life is quite interesting actually, there are 3 medical club in UPM, the Putra Medical Club ( PMC), Asian Medical Student Association ( AMSA), and Malaysia Medical Association ( MMA). Im one of the member of AMSA and we organised quite a number of activities this few years. check out my label " UPM Student life" for more activities =)

We went to Bangkok together for a microbiology competition ( SIMIC). although we did not win but we really had fun with frens from overseas. My frens who were more active, they joined quite a number of conferences in local and overseas like Tokyo and the coming event " Action!" in Bangkok. 

the largest event in medical program: our Medic Night!! it is a prom night for us, we dance, we sing, we eat, we rock, we party haha. 

Sports event in UPM~ the MIVG from AMSA ( sports games among different university), the host this year is IMU. good chance for us to show that we are not as nerd as others thought haha

A camp from the faculty~ We got a camp in Tanjung Rhu tis year called Kem Bina Insan, which involves doctors ( lecturers), seniors ( the student faci) and juniors together. Nice memory to have exercise in the morning together hehe. 

** we also got a HIV awareness campaign every year, to expose medical student to HIV, so we learn more and gain more knowledge about this virus. 

with AMSA joined the NKF Kidney Day in Putrajaya this year. we helped in performing health screening to public. 

And last~ AMSA Health Day during this year january ^^ We had our own gadgets for the health screening, and we go into the community to provide health screening service for early detection of hypertension and diabetes. As a medical student, we should always serve the community, right? hehe

That is all, good night and all the best to those who wait for the result tomoro afternoon =))) 

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