Penang ESCAPE theme park~ We escape to nature

Feel nothing to do at home during long holiday? wish for some " exra-ordinary" excitement other than water park or amusement park? Do you love to challenge ur limit physically and mentally? and yes, Penang ESCAPE theme park is a perfect spot for us for lots of challenges and excitement! throw away our electrical device, stop the minion rush or candy crush with ipad or smart phone, lets escape to the mother nature!! here we are, long awaiting Penang Teluk Bahang Escape Theme Park!

So, what is Escape theme park? it is a park in Penang which is an adventure and environmentally sensitive theme park where it is suitable for youngsters and also family day. It is a place for us to escape from the urban life and have a close contact with our mother nature again. They emphasis that they do not cut down the trees in the theme park, well i guess so, but what i see is they really practice a green environment in the park, which the trees and plants were all around in the park, and some plants on the roof of the buildings too! interesting haha. 

Basically, Escape theme park provides a lot of facilities in the park ( and the price is always the concern, yes, it is really much expensive compared to outside). There is picnic area, monkey business, atan's leap, go ape, tuber racer, Gecko tower, zoom bug, tots trail, treetop cabana, tarzan rope, balance beam, flying lemur and lots more. imagine we reached there around 10am in the morning, and we played non stop until 4pm but we played only like 40% of the facilities ( exclude the kids activities, LOL) in the park. OMG.....

ok, finish the lengthy introduction about escape theme park, now im going to start with our all day fun journey. So we departed from Chung Ling Butterworth High School around 7.30am in the morning last Friday ( bukan ponteng lo) to avoid traffic jam. still, we stucked in it =..= then we had our breakfast in the food court around the heritage area. Boost our energy man haha. Without any further delay we departed to Teluk Bahang around 9am in the morning, reached there before 10am. We were lucky because not much ppl in the park that time, which means we can enjoy our activities to the maximum muahaha. 

the look of the entrance of the Escape Theme Park. Oh yeah, it just located beside the Penang Butterfly farm and it is accessible via the rapid bus no.101. Just tell the bus driver that you need to Escape Theme Park then they will show the way. it is easy!! feel excited, yeah we were!! we planned this since June oh gosh

we parked the car under a little hut with veges, 小菜棚haha. this is also one of the way to be environmental friendly. hey they really plant something! got pumpkin, cucumber, bitter gourd and some i dunno what was that haha. shady and nice =)) 

cute things hehe
they also got atap hut in the parking area. be early for the parking! becoz usually during weekdays, less ppl is coming for escape ( but from what we saw that day, a lot of ppl too even it was Friday. Imagine my last visit during Sunday evening, i needed to queue up for 2 hours for monkey business! OMG imagine the crowd, it is super popular among Penang lang and also some tourists hehe. 

the ticket counter at the entrance. It costs RM60 for adult ( no more Malaysian price at RM48 T..T)  and RM 45 for kids ( 4 y.o -12 y.o). beside the skill stalls, treetop cabanas and the dunk tank there is no extra charge for any facilities in the park. of coz excluded food la haha. BTW they have online ticketing service too, just book your ticket 3 days prior to avoid the long queue.

**oh ya, outside food and beverage are strictly not allow, they will check our bag before we go in. If you feel it is not safety to put the bags in the car, there is lockers available too. RM 5 for the rental and RM 10 for the deposits. rent it with a Escape money card, which we will get it at the entrance with RM30 ( i forgot how much is the deposit). can open it for multiple times with a wrist band

**regarding the money card, basically it was like a e-wallet. just top up the amount of money at the top up counter if needed. we can use the card to buy food and beverage, and rent the lockers too. becoz the food and the beverage were quite expensive ( like money sucker huh), we top up for another RM 50 that day, and we got our balance after refund it in the souvenir shop for RM22, which means we used around RM58 for 6 persons in the park that day. 

**for the attire, sport wear is encouraged. we all wear white tee with loose pants that day. Of coz, sports shoes. Mr zerga and Mr bamboo wore their old high skul shoes becoz they did not have the proper sports shoes haha.

** and for girls, we need to tied up our hair into a hair bun when we were playing ( all facilities) to prevent any tragedy happen if our hair got stuck with anything. it is a safety rules and we have to follow. Apply sunblock is necessary as we expose ourselves under the sun whole day long. caps or hats are not allowed during the games as they will provide us with helmet. No accessories allowed for the games. 

the look of the monkey business, there is 3 levels available, from the easiest level 1, level 2 and the hardest level 3. Level 3 opened at 2.30pm so we did not have the chance to challenge it that day as we were quite rushing. This is the biggest attraction in the park haha

coco climb. challenge our own ability to climb a coconut tree like a monkey haha

the cafe or i should say, the dining area. We can buy our food via the money card. The food here was really expensive, same goes to the beverage. 1 bottle of 1L mineral water ( RM4), 1 can of 100 plus/revive ( RM4), 1 bottle of 100 plus ( RM4.50)

For the food, chicken chop ( RM14), chicken rice ( RM10), sausage bun ( RM3), char kuey teow ( RM10), potato fries ( RM6). huhu it was so expensive so we just share share for 2 plates of chicken rice and 1 sausage bun among 6 ppl in our lunch. sounds so pathetic haha. 

atan's leap, one of our target of the day. it looks like bungee jump but it is not as excited as bungee jump haha. still, nice try~

tot's trail, it is a mini-monkey business with little difficulty for the kids. while parents can have a short time for relax in the treetop which is just a few steps away from here hehe. 

So, we saw the treetop promotion at RM50 in escape and we wished to try for it. We rent a treetop cabana at the entrance counter, there were several, price range from RM50 to RM150. Among the treetop cabanas, the worker said the Ah Peng was the most beautiful one ( around RM100 if not mistaken). But we adi spotted a another treetop cabana Mutu which can accomodate 6 ppl with 2 storeys in the internet. So we rent Mutu at RM50 ( with deposit RM50, refundable) and we needed to wait for around 15 minutes for them to clean up. while waiting, we decided to have our first game, the Flying Lemur on top of the hill. 

FYI, the treetop cabanas are just for rest and not for accommodation. We need to check out before 5.30pm. And of coz, take good care of the treetop cabana hehe. when we were totally exhausted after the games, it was totally awesome to have a rest in the treetop cabana and enjoy the jungle view. 

the Ah Peng treetop cabanas

the bakar treetop cabana. each treetop has their own unique design with Malaysian style muahaha

6 of us, 2 guys + 4 gals, beside zhen yin, the rest of us went to Hat Yai together 2 years ago. feel addicted to hang out with them haha. 

another treetop Mawar

Before we started the flying lemur, we were briefed by the workers there about the do and don't and also safety precaution in the parks. Flying Lemur is a game which we can enjoy the excitement of the flying fox to the maximum with 4 zip-lines. OMG haha. there is 2 tracks available, and we asked for the easy one for warming up. 

so me, zerga, alicia and bamboo started our flying lemur journey first. made some funny pose while walking

and here it is, our flying fox compilation!! muahahaha we shouted like monkey when we crossed the longest zip line of the flying fox haha . it was totally...... fantastic!!

After the first track for the flying lemur, we were totally...exhausted XD so only bamboo accompanied zhen yin and von for the second track. INstead of challenging, bamboo said it was more tiring than the first track becoz need to climb and there was many obstacles, so he preferred the first track haha.

Bamboo walked on the obstacles, goyang sini goyang sana XD

After the games, we went back to our Mutu Treetop cabana for a rest. so tired after the first game, cant imagine for the rest! our treetop cabana was totally superb, there was a 摇藤椅 ( buaian/swing) in the second floor and we were so excited for it. From the top we can view the scene of the theme park. 

signboard for Mutu~ all treetop cabanas had very typical malaysian name hehe. 

with the Mutu treetop cabana~Look pretty right? it is pretty and we love it so much!

After rest, ok it is the time for us to challenge our limit physically, Monkey Business! To warm up we started with level 1 first. Too long din do exercise adi very pity haha.
the place for face painting and also temporary tattoo ~ hehe suitable for tourist lo haha

the dunk tank, RM5 for 4 balls. hit the target accurately so ur fren will get splashed into the tank! should play tis and ask mr zerga to sit on it! muahaha

picture first before we started our challenge hahaa. see the sign board? ya tis is a no wifi area, which they wish us to just enjoy ourselves with the games without the interruption or distraction of internet service. 

with the tower of the monkey business. they really improved their facilities here, at least they divided the lane into level 1,2 and 3 so we can choose the level that we desired instead of squeezing all together and wait for hours for our turn. 

with our harnesses on, we were ready for the challenge!!!

Level 1 obstacles~ this level was the easiest one and we spent around 30 minutes to complete all the challenge. there was 2 lanes in level 1 and we chose the left side one. Should try the right one also but we did not have much time for it. It was really fun to challenge our stability and balance while walking on the wood like Mr.Zerga did while Zhen Yin was ready for the last station~ the flying fox. 

After that, we rested a while for drinks and came back for 2nd level. tis time, miss von was not joining us becoz she was totally exhausted haha. we spent around an hour for the second challenge, there was 3 lanes available and we chose the middle one. Oh gosh the middle one, first station and last station was really a....disaster.. so tiring! and seriously, we girls were not tall or our legs were not long enuf for some games T..T huhu blame us for being short? 

the right lane for the level 2. look challenging ya. the pattern of the obstacles really banyak sangat LOL haha

Me and Mr.Bamboo before we started our level 2 challenge haha. 

Mr Zerga showed his funny face when he was about to complete all the obstacles in Level 2. **clap clap clap he really got a good body balance ha. maybe becoz of his lower central gravity? opppsssss. haha

since we did not challenged the level 3 that day, i would like to share some of my photos in the level 3. Level 3 also has 3 lanes, the left one is the easiest one, the middle one is the most difficult one, while the right one is the most banyak pattern one muahaha. Don challenge it if you are not physically fit enuf. I had shoulder pain for 4 days after the games!! OMG so painful arrrr muahaha

me with the middle lane for level 3. tis one was really exhausting. my legs were not long enuf lol. 

my sister.... this one was the left lane for level 3. 

middle lane for Level 3~ this one really challenge my balance. felt like swinging becoz i really did not have much energy adi that time. LOL

Photo together with the gang when we successfully challenged ourselves with the monkey business! adventurous enuf muahahah

**oh yea, taking photos in the games is prohibited to ensure our safety. 

the A-maze, but we did not play this one. Not very sure with the games haha.

then we walked to the another part of the Escape theme park for the jungle swinger and also balance beam. the jungle swinger was actually Tarzan Rope. feel the excitement to be a Tarzan here! If continue walking in front is the Go Ape session. 

I challenged the balance beam. well i cheated in the middle way to complete the journey, ok my balance was really suck! muahaha walked on a log was not easy at all man

Don't play play series with Mr. Bamboo and Mr.Zerga before they played the Jungle Swinger. 

Ready for the Jungle Swinger and shouted like a Tarzan everyone! oeoooooooo~ muahaha. the moment we jumped from the platform were really 精心胆跳 muahah, i felt like my heart was going to jump up from my mouth. really, it is fun and must try!

we need to grab the rope from the workers so we can land on another platform, if not we will continue swinging in the air like monkey haha. 

Next, we challenged our limit of how much we afraid of height. Yes, the Atan's Leap! it was like a bungee but it was not a freefall drop. the falling was quite slow actually because it was control by the rope, so we felt tat it was not scary as we thought. in fact, the moment we stepped onto the platform was scary. so high!!! took a deep breathe before i jumped haha. 

took pictures together before the jump haha. We really had a lot of fun that day. 

ready with the helmet and harnesses, we prepared to 跳楼 adi muahaha. it really like 跳楼 more than 笨猪跳 lol. someone from us was so scare of the height and gave up in the midway muahaha. we needed to climb up to the platform, tired @.@

compilation of our atan's leap! jumped into the sky and shouted as loud as we could! OMG i cant believe that i jumped from so high haha. 

After several games, von and alicia were so tired so they decided to have a rest in the treetop cabanas. while me, zerga, zhen yin and bamboo decided to have our last game of the day~ the tuber racer. the reason y we arranged it as the last game was becoz we knew that it was really exhausting to pull the tube up to the hill before we can slide down on the track. In fact, it was!! I was totally exhausted, no energy at all for pulling it. Gosh really 吃苦后甜 lo...

look syok to pull the tube in fact it was not haha. I was shouting for help while pulling, luckily mr bamboo was kind enuf to help me by kicking it haha. 

before we slide down from the slope of the hill. It was really fast and shoot up our adrenaline haha. yooohooo fun fun fun!!

The discovery dig for kids and family near the tuber racer area. 

Lockers are available in the park. total RM15. the size of the locker is just enuf to fit one bag inside, quite small i can say but at least it is safe. 

took pictures together again in our lovely treetop cabanas

the souvenir shops. one shirt coz RM49, oh gosh so expensive. BUt if you wish to buy some souvenirs maybe can have it here with the ESCAPE logo? hehe. To refund the balance of the money card can be done here too.

Photos together again with ESCAPE logo outside the souvenir shops. YEs we did it!! and we will come back again in future. The ESCAPE water park is going to open in 2014, look forward for it hehe.

our best photo together~ our " buaian " look, with sunglasses and white tee  ^^

and last, the map location of the Penang Escape Theme Park in Teluk Bahang.

Penang Escape Theme Park
Address    :   828 Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia
Phone       :   +604-8811106
Email         :
Website     :
opening hours : 9am-6pm daily ( but check with the park calender in the website)

Have fun everyone!!!

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  1. win liao for hami lo. hat yai in august, don care lo u must balik for tat, swim or fly we don care XD

  2. Very beautiful pictures.These are very special moment you have shared with us.Lovely place and beautiful surrounding environment. Nice trip

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