crazy people with crazy minions with McD

Because of Despicable 2, those little minions are so famous nowadays~ bala bala papapika underwear, lol. Cant deny that they really cute, and yes, i love them too! no resistance at all when i watched the movie together with my frens. laugh like hell in the cinema. The movie company really got a good marketing brain in promoting their new movie, and it is really a successful movie in worldwide. Especially those cute minions who loves banana so much and " Butt" 

Besides the movie company, McDonald also come out with a gorgeous business brain, that is they sell minions toys together with their happy meal to KIDS to boost their sales. It is actually something fun and good to children, but it turns out into a nightmare to them when they cant get their toys, or even happy meal with McD just becoz the adults grab those toys like zombie, or we call it " minions zombie fever". Some ppl are so crazy in collecting minions, until those toys can be sold out in just 2 hours time in all over the country until the McD need to make a new rule that each ppl can buy onli 4 sets of McD happy meal maximum. can this stop the minions fever? nope, this just make ppl more crazy about it. 

So, what is the point, and the meaning of " HAPPY MEAL" when adults just take away their meal from kids just for a plastic toys? furthermore, most of the ppl, they bought the minions toys not for their kids, but to satisfy their own desire. worst come to worst, they bought they happy meal just for the toys, and throw the food into the dustbin without a bite, waste the food just like this. They can queue up in front of McD in the midnight for hours, fight between each other, break into the McD just for a toy. Come on! it is just a cheap plastic toy! Is it worth?? 

It is ok if you just buy 1 or 2 sets of minion toys, but some ppl just buy around 70 sets of happy meals just to collect the minion toys, and then sell them at a high price to the public. You may think, 70 sets? how they do it? are they nonsense? for me, yes they are, indeed, insane. They bought the happy meals with trolleys, show off in social network that " I bought 70 sets, so what? don blame me if you don get one", or " that is my money". Hey, do you really understand what is the meaning of HAPPY MEAL?? it is for kids! you got severe brain dysfunction or your brain being eaten by the virus or zombie is it? really, only those brainless ppl will buy so much sets of happy meals then throw them away just for the toys, while lots of poor kids or orphans still pray for a happy meal in their dream. Be rational ppl....

** i do not owned the pictures below, i got them from facebook or google. 

SOme brainless ppl just sell the minions toys in the social network. when ppl scold them for being so selfish, they reply: only stupid ppl give up the chance to earn money like tis way. well, sad to say, u r actually the stupid one. sorry for offend, but this is the fact.

The collection of minions toys in McD in Malaysia. 

Some kind ppl just try their best to stop the food wasting. They collected the happy meal from those ppl who queued up just for the toys, so that they can donate to the orphanages, as a meal for those kids. **clapping!! thanks to you all. 

scene of the McD for minion toys in almost all over Malaysia in the midnight. they even broke into the McD and destroyed the door in Prangin mall, Penang. it really reminds me the scene in Resident Evil when the zombie broke into the building just to kill the human. LOL no difference. 

the most brainless ppl in the world, shit. they purposely raise the price so they can earn a lot in one shot. from Rm7.95 to RM2000++?? are you kidding? RM2000 i can buy a LV bag adi, or a beautiful wallet from Coach. y should i spend my money on such a plastic toys? but sad to say, a lot of ppl are still competing for the toys, and i heard that it almost come to price at 5 digits. crazy crazy....

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