Irrational Fans~

I was so irritated bty some irrational fans action in the internet recently. I can't accept their concept that " my unnie/oppa is always right n they are my god/goddess, no one can say anything bad about them". They really take action by shooting and revenge if they think you "harmed" their idols by ur words, although we were just  ordinary ppl and i dont think our opinion give any bad effect to their idols. They took it very seriously.

 If you comment that their idols cannot sing it live properly, they will shoot you back that " your singing is 1000x worse than them". Hey come on, these idols choose to be a singer, so they must sing well, act well or at least dance well right, what is the meaning of their debut and support from fans if they just good in looking and become a beautiful vase on the stage. That is why some of the veteran singers/ actors cannot stand with this condition, talk something about that, and they become the "No.1 ENEMY" by those crazy fans. Sometimes they even play boycott. it is ok if u just boycott and don listen to those singers that u don like, but they were not. They will dig out those ugly pictures of those idols, and started shooting that " XXX got plastic surgery b4" or " Ew, this is the real face of XXX". and then start to have a anti-group fans. Childish. 

I love music and i always love to see a real LIVE performance from the idols becoz i think they really did a good job for tat. SOmetimes when i found out that my favorite group SNSD lip sync on the stage, honestly i felt disappointed but luckily, they still rock on the stage when they sing it live. But some groups, they were not consider as " Lip sync", just like their background music was so loud until they just need to sing very soft, or even no need to sing also can. Some idols even worst, cannot sing at all. Is this the professional style should be seen on a singer? But, you cant comment that they were lip sync u know, their fans will attack you, and your idols when they found out. This is the horrible way when the internet service is very advance. They can even know where you live. Can't someone just do something on this?

What if there is 2 groups come out with a song together and their strength are almost... equal? trust me, the fans wont support each other. they will start their attack. If one group got the better rank than another, they will say " XXX get that glory with sex activity" " XXX cant sing at all they do not deserve to win it" or " they play tricks for the ranking!!" haiz.... and i don understand y they always use SNSD as their target. they will feel extremely happy when they beat SNSD ( mostly when they were having comeback while SNSD adi goodbye stage)

Crazy action of fans? well they can buy dozen copies of the same album just to let their oppa or unnie to win the award. the album is not cheap at all man. of coz, this cannot beat the fans from AKB48, which they bought a lorry of CD just to make sure they got the chance to shake hand with AKB48. I even read a news that there was a male fans put his sperm on his hand when he shaked the hand with AKB48. Ewwww. Think tis is disgusting? well there was a history that a female fans used her menstrual blood to write a letter to her oppa to show her love. walao e!!!!

I just want to be a rational fans to all the music i like, without any quarrel. I feel very sick with those childish fans who love to quarrel on youtube, forums and facebook, then attacking each other. I dont get it, what is the benefits that they will get from it? funny. 
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