Penang Round Island Tour + Non-stop Food Trip

Our story together for 3 days in Penang~ 我们热血的青春,致我们即将逝去的青春.... LOL

Read too much novels recently. So, here we start. Last week, i received a Facebook message from my "损友" Mr.Zerga, asking whether did i have the interest to have a penang round island tour and mural visit with him together with his fren~ Ken from Japan. Since i was free that time, and i planned to go to Penang to find Steven too, i took his challenge together with Von and Zhen Yin. pity Mr.Bamboo stucked in Singapore that time and shouting for "bojio". 

We went to Penang for 3 days. The first day mainly on mural and museum visit. well i left around 12.30pm for another dating so my trip with them was kinda incomplete. In the morning, we went to city hall and mural visit, then had our breakfast in food court so Ken can try out our typical Penang Lang breakfast. Then they continued their journey to Kek Lok Si and Penang Museum, while i went to Sip & Chew cafe for my lunch. 
For my story in Sip & Chew cafe, plz visit my post
 It was a nice place and i really enjoy my meal there with a very relaxing mood. 

The second day ( Sunday), they went for the Dim Sum while i went for church. Around 1pm, Mr.Zerga fetched me and we went to Balik Pulau for durians and laksa. Only 4 of us that day, Zerga, me, Von, and Ken. Zhen yin was not free while Mr.Bamboo did not pick up the call. We stayed around an hour in Balik Pulau, ate a lot of durians and mangosteen. To view our fun time in Balik Pulau, here it is =)) 

Our journey wont end that way hehe. we drove from Balik Pulau to Batu Feringgi, where we passed by the nutmeg factory, the 南天门, Empangan Teluk Bahang, Hard Rock Hotel and Straits Quay. We stopped at a cafe named Yard for tea time, and continued our journey to Butterworth to eat Bak Kut Teh and steamboat in 紫微园. Yes you count it right, we ate 2 lunch, 1 tea time and 2 dinner. All big eaters huh. Ken really enjoyed all the food haha. 

Third day schedule, we went to yumcha again. and finally this time everyone of us were there. there was 6 of us, Zerga, me, Von, Zhen Yin, Bamboo, and Ken. So we went there with 2 cars. We breakfast in Chao Quan, the most famous dim sum restaurant in Raja Uda. Finish our dimsum, we went to Sunway Carnival for a break. We went to Bubble Gurt for some drinks and yogurt, should go to Black Ball lol. So funny we played Tarot cards and the guys acted as fortune teller. LAugh until i stomachache. After that we went to Chai Leng Park for yam rice and pork leg vinegar for lunch. Yummy~ After 2 meals, we went back to Zerga's house as Ken needed to pack his luggage for the flight on that night.

huu. so long story about third day huh, not yet finish. We tortured our brains with "Cleudo" a board game. Around 4pm, we drove to Penang Queensbay for dinner in a chinese cuisine restaurant, which was a beautiful restaurant hehe.
Alright, after the dinner, it was the time to say goodbye. We sent Ken to the Penang International Airport in Bayan Lepas, then went back home. A full stop for our 3 days journey

ALthough it was quite short, but we really had a lot of fun~ We went to some places that we never been as a Penang Lang ( LOL), ate a lot of good food in the same day like what we did in Hat Yai. and the most important, had a great time together. Thank you you all my frens~ ^^

Our first day first station: we brought Ken on the ferry and went to the Esplanade/Ciy Hall. It is a landmark in Penang and a place that tourists should not miss out. there was a decoration at the city hall for the Georgetown Festival this Saturday~ The Theatre of Ship. 
Photos together with The Theater of Ship

The weather was so hot that day! I forgot to apply sunblock and I felt my skin was burning, oh gosh. We then walked to Fort Cornwallis for a visit. The entrance fee was RM2 per person. seriously it was my first visit to this place after I lived in Penang for around.... 21 years. Actually it was a nice place to visit, out of my expectation haha. Here is some history about Fort Cornwallis from Wikipedia:

Fort Cornwallis is an old star fort located on the northeastern coast of PenangMalaysia. It is named after the late 18th century Governor-General of BengalIndiaCharles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis. Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia. In its entire history, the fort had never engaged in any battle.

with the statue of  Captain Sir Francis Light, who took the possession of the island from the Sultan of Kedah in 1786 and built the original fort. Surprisingly, we met a lot of Japanese tourists there, since we did not really familiar with our own Penang history XD we asked Ken to listen to the Japanese tour guide. LOL

with the light house~ and the blue sky

Zerga and Ken with the Seri Rambai Cannon with Penang sea and sky as the background. 

Since it was too hot, we stayed around an hour there then drove our cars to Gat Lebuh China for parking. Here we started our mural visit~ hehe yea it was my 4th mural visit, but this time was not the complete one~ My frens said i can be the tour guide adi coz I visited so many times and I knew the way for the tour. LOL. 
for my previous murals visit in details, plz visit my previous post:

our photo together with the Basketball mural~ located at Gat Lebuh Chulia, behind the 旧光华日报会馆

Then we crossed to the opposite to visit the 姐弟荡秋千 in step by step lane. Semua ni pattern king and pattern Queen haha 

here is the map for the 101 lost kittens~ the latest mural project in Penang. The big kitten is called Skippy =)) so cute ya the name and it lives in Langkawi. The project is to increase the awareness of people to love the animals and do not harm them. There were 11 murals and 1 MAMA sculpture. 

Zhen Yin with the 新鲜出炉 MAMA sculpture in front of the China House in Lebuh Pantai. Cute!! 

opposite the China House there was a art gallery and guesthose named Sekeping Victoria. They used plastic chairs to make some 艺术品。 really beautiful, should visit it if got a chance. =) summore they got 铁网沙发, haha. no need pay money for the visit. 

Zhen Yin with the 幸福猫 mural opposite the Giant Cat mural. not going to post all the photos with murals here, coz i adi post them in my Facebook haha

The wedding mural along the road down from Khoo Kongsi. turn left after u visit the 爬墙少年 in Lebuh Cannon and you will find this mural sumwhere around the corner of the house between Lebuh Pantai and Gat Lebuh Acheh. von and zerga, the pattern is there but the feeling.... it was sooo wrong LOL

All of them squeezed on the same bench to take photo together. location: along the Gat Lebuh Acheh, opposite Khoo Kongsi. this road is quite romantic actually haha.

Here is our second day of Penang visit. As i mentioned above, we went to Balik Pulau for Durian and Laksa. every year during durian season, there will have a pesta in Anjung Indah in Balik Pulau. everyone come up to here just for durians, yes, crazy for durians. 

Mangosteens.... our favorites haha. We bought mangosteens for RM12 for 3 kg. actually is my auntie belanja us one. Thankiuuu =))

the focus of the day~ Durians!! Ken said the durians were nice but he preferred mangosteen. haha we understand that, not everyone can stand with its strong smell at the first taste XD

the durian trees and the blue sky in Balik Pulau~ I did not edit this photo at all. 

After we ate until we full XD we drove from the south-west part of Penang island ( Balik Pulau) to the north part of Penang Island. thanks to Zerga as the driver haha. the road was so winding and dangerous, i don dare to drive lol. geli dao haha. So how to drive to there from Balik Pulau? there is a fountain in the city of Balik Pulau, drive to the direction towards the Hospital Balik Pulau and drive straight along the road. Kindly remind that there is no petrol station along the road beside somewhere opposite the hospital the until you reach Batu Ferringhi, so plz make sure there is enuf petrol for the journey. =))

view along the journey, the Malay village~ or we called Kampung 

Along the journey, we passed by the nutmeg factory and a famous waterfall in Balik Pulau~ Titi Kerawang Waterfall. We also can see a lot of ppl enjoying their durians beside the road. haha 

view from the hill~ with the durian orchard as the background. Love this view? me too

our sampat look~ we knew each other for around 7 years adi, Von and Zhen Yin longer, i knew them up to 10 years. really feel blissful to have a good friendship like this =)

View from Empangan Teluk Bahang~ a pretty water dam but we cannot enter it like Mengkuang Dam

View no.2~ with the crystal blue water, blue sky and white clouds. never feel so close to nature in Penang before~ that is y i love outdoor

yeah!! 我们的青春不败!haha

After around 30 minutes drive? ( lol i cant really remember how long we drove coz we kept on stopping for photos), we reached the beach at Hard Rock Hotel. just parked our car and walked towards the beach outside the hotel for photos. Oh ya we passed by the Tropical Spice Garden before we reached this place and there was so many ppl around. Penang is so famous recently ya, feel proud of it haha. we got heritage, got beach, got sunshine, got tropical fruits, got food~ muahahaha

beach view from the Hard Rock Hotel, not bad, white sandy beach haha. very clean

Von with the beach view~

Zerga and Ken with the beach view. there were some water sports activities available, but the charge was quite expensive for me LOL. we did not plan to get wet on that day so we just walked on the beach. 

photos together on the Batu Ferringhi beach 

view of the Hard Rock Hotel~ a 5 star hotel. I guess i don have the money and the luck to stay there huhu. the swimming pool just like a mini water park LOLO 

After we took enuf photos, we went to the Straits Quay. Just wanna showed to Ken how it looked like. we just took some photos outside and with the Brownie cafe, then we left coz nothing much to see there, as we were not going to dine over there. =)
Ken and Zerga with the Snoopy Valentine seat haha

We then went for a tea break coz we were hungry and Zerga needed a rest after whole day driving. We went to Yard cafe, recommended by my fren before for a break. The Yard cafe is situated beside the Sip & Chew cafe. There is something special about this cafe, going to reveal it later hehe. Very near to Guan Yin Ting and the 槟城华人大会堂

Yard Cafe
Adrdress:  70, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Phone    :   04-2639784
Operation hours: 3pm till 12am for Tuesday till Thursday & Sunday. 
                          3pm till 2am on Friday & Saturday

What do they serve?
Well basically it is a nice spot for dinner but not for tea break lo haha. But we promised for bak kut teh and steamboat adi so we just ordered some drinks and snack for it. They serve pasta, pizza, salads, but they do not serve desserts like mille crepe. We ordered for 1 Yard's Bangers ( RM 13.90), 1 fries with dip herbs ( RM5.90), 1 iced cafe mocha ( RM9.90) and 1 Carlsberg bottle ( RM11)~ eh bukan i drink d ha, my fren drank it. 

Overall the food just okok =) maybe becoz we were not ordering their spaghetti which was their 招牌 food there. I knew it when i asked the girl at the bartender. She told me that they just renovated their cafe and made the light in the cafe a bit dim than before. make it more special than the original one. I like the design in the cafe, very special than the others one, with arts and graffiti. 

Yes, what is so special about this cafe is their graffiti on the wall. guess what, the customers in the cafe can have their own graffiti too using the marker pen provided by the cafe. We can draw or write whatever we like on the wall as long as it is not vulgar language and not related to religious. Zerga and Ken were so crazy they wrote about 4 different language on the wall in different spots to show they VISIT this place before haha. But we really enjoyed it =)

the interior design of the cafe, the free seating for the 2nd floor starts only after 6pm. U may think that the cafe is a bit old, but i think tis is one kind of the decoration =) hehe 

some interior decoration in the cafe~ most of the cafes in Penang love to use antique as their decoration. This cafe is kinda freestyle in the decoration, a nice place to hang out with frens especially for teenagers. 

Me , Von and Ken in the cafe. 

Von and Ken sat together with the graffiti in the second floor. 

Zerga and Ken's fries and Carlsberg~ 

Crazy Zerga wrote something i don understand on the wall with Vietnam language. He is so pro in language, beside chinese, english and malay, he can speak japanese, thai and recently vietnam. OMG 

our signature on the wall~ me, von, zerga and ken =))

zerga and Von with our iced cafe mocha. the mocha was nice =)) blended one if not mistaken? maybe i should try the hot one next time so i can really taste the mocha~ that is y i seldom order cold coffee drinks. 

the ground floor design for the Yard Cafe. there was a lot of graffiti, and they were very cute. 

We stayed in the cafe around 30 minutes, then we drove back to Butterworth Jalan Raja Uda to eat bak kut teh in 吴家庄. i used to hate bak kut teh before, but after Steven brought me for bak kut teh in Klang, i am ok with it adi hehe. the bak kut teh in Klang is a bit concentrated while the bak kut teh in 吴家庄 is more diluted. of coz Klang one is tastier, so famous wat. this was actually our first dinner haha.

Me and Von with the Bak Kut Teh. We just share share ate the bak kut teh coz we were going for steamboat after this. just want to let Ken tried for it. 

And here, our last station of the second day~ steamboat 紫微园鱼头火锅!It was so famous in Raja uda and i wanted to try it out so long time ago. they use the 炭炉n it looked special to me haha. Just near to 斗母宫 and the most famous market in Butterworth~ Apollo pasar hehe.

Delicious! it was not the buffet style but we can ordered whatever we wish to eat. So we ordered for maggie mee, seaweed, fishmall, chicken slice, meatball, toufu and also abalone slice. The soup we order for 炸鱼汤底 for RM35 one. yummy and delicious!! It was really an awesome dinner for us and we ate until we were so full and cannot move at all. In total we spent around RM82 for the steamboat, while Ken was having some culture shock when he saw the way the workers clean the table haha. 

and our photo together while enjoying the steamboat~ yeeppeee^^

The third day comes, we just continued to have our food journey, so we went for yam rice in Chai Leng Park. Not very sure about the price but the rice and the soup, together with the pork leg vinegar was fantastic combination together haha. 

Group photo together while Mr.Bamboo dunno where he looked to lol

Our dinner in 炫升港式小厨

And finally, time to say goodbye to Ken~ bye bye Ken ^^ 
Location: Bayan Lepas Penang International Airport Domestic Departure entrance~

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