10 things I wish to do with him~

Sometimes, girls love to have some imagination right? imagine to meet her handsome prince, a romantic confession with bouquet of flowers and maybe a huge teddy bear, get into a romantic relationship, live like a princess in those idol drama, bla bla bla bla. Who cares if you really meet with someone u think it is a right choice for u? LOL.. for me, it will be very nice if i can spend more time with Steven, ya my bf... he is so busy recently with his work, as a Houseman, yea he graduated like an old man adi and started his working life since last week like a buffalo. =..= 

My frens know us well, we did not stick together very frequently, even in the phone. we always have short conversation and mostly, SMS and SMS. LOL, bo huat coz both of us are very busy with our own academic stuff and now summore we are apart from each other. I always think, wat can i do together with someone i love? Then i come out with my own 10 list after i listened to G.NA's song " if you want a lover"....Not very sure he will read this or not, but these are just some of my "piece of mind" haha. 

1. the first and the most romantic one for me, someday travel together to Taiwan and visit the 10 most romantic place in Taiwan in this map. Explore the beauty of Taiwan together with him, and have a backpack tour which we have more freedom to plan our schedule. He wish to visit Taiwan so much, while i visited it when i was in secondary school ( but mine one not really fun thanks to the lousy travel agent). 

We went for travelling together once onli in the Langkawi, seriously i really jealous some of my frens, which they can travel with their boyfren when they got holidays. some of them don even need to worry about financial as their bf wil pay everything for them. this one, haha i prefer to pay my travel expenses on my own, it is my money and i feel more comfortable if i spend my own money. hoo, so tis is my first wish~ have a tour in Taiwan together with him. 

2. have a sunset beach walk together. Maybe it sounds funny but seriously we never try this before even though both of us are living in Penang. Maybe sunrise also very romantic but don kacau me for tat i wanna sleep haha.

3. go to a water theme park together. I promised for bukit merah during June but i did not make it..... feel so sorry to him.... well i cant swim, so... let's wait for it la muahahaha

4. cook together. We used to cook for each other, but we never cook together yet leh. Imagine how funny it will be to have a war in the kitchen hehe. He promised that wanna cook curry chicken for me since last year until now... Hng

5. Cuddling together and watch a late night movie. In the cinema or in the house i don mind.. 

6. Study together in the library like how we used to study together in the faculty when he was still in k17. i miss those time.... studying alone now lol T..T

7. Join Penang Bridge Marathon together. actually this was my wish since secondary skul. nah tis one can have sunrise together XD

8. Rear a cute bunny together. Both of us like bunny hehe. C how cute the bunny is muahaha, looks like him 

9. Have a couple bike together. really a healthy activities to cycle together wat. I feel tis one is extremely romantic everytime i watch the korean drama. 

10. Have a dance with him.... maybe Waltz? immerse in the romantic music.....

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