Pong Yup, power of soil erosion

Most ppl are amazed and impressed by the power of sea erosion when they went to the cliff or beach site, but ppl never know, soil erosion can create an impressive scenery too. So here it is, my day 2 in Suen Phueng, Ratchaburi. since my sheep farm photos was not ready yet, I will continue with Pong Yup, a place with soil erosion. 

Here is some information about Pong Yup which i got it from the internet: 
5 kilometres before arriving at Amphoe Suan Phueng, there is a 5-km. branch road on the left leading to Pong Yup at Tambon Tha Khoei. This attracts visitors with plenty of strange looking earthen pillars and cliffs naturally created by soil erosion.

Again, very limited information found in the internet. But from what i know it had became a famous POI recently. In fact, we took a hard time to find this location becoz our GPS directed us to a death end. Summore we cant read Thai so we actually passed by the entrance of Pong Yup at least 3 times, LOL. It just a small place without a big tourist sign board. the good thing is everything is preserved well here without any pollution yet.

The entrance fee for Pong Yup is around 40 baht. The place was quite muddy so we had to careful with our shoes. Some believe that Pong Yup had soil erosion due to the river. Well quite make sense becoz Pong Yup located quite near to a river. It closed around 5.30pm, so go there earlier. To prevent mosquitoes attack too lol.  

The sign board played a VITAL role, becoz the real sign board at the entrance of the Pong Yup do not have English. Luckily I saw the Thai word there haha. 

The land of the Pong Yup, sign of the soil erosion. 

Me with the stone pillars. We can walk freely in Pong Yup as long as it is safe. I cant imagine how many years it took to erode a rock until like tis. 

another picture with the stone pillars in Pong Yup

I got this from the internet. They really had good picture. Sorry for my poor photo quality becoz i went there quite late that day, n it was quite cloudy.... the camera effect was not satisfying without the blue sky and white clouds. 

My sister with the mother nature. 

Holes on the ground. From the top of the rock. ya we walked between those holes just now. 

a big big hole on the ground. I was wondering, where did the soils go??? How they disappear from here? Mysterious huh

me and my brother with Pong Yup. Neh one step wrong i will fall down into the holes and say goodbye to the world. 

Say goodbye to Pong Yup~

The signboard at the entrance of Pong Yup. Seriously if i did not notice the Thai words on the blue sign board I swear we cant find it at all! LOL

We spent around 30 minutes there becoz everyone was attacked by the mosquitoes. There is a lot more beautiful places to be discovered by human. My next destination in Thailand? I wish to visit to Kanchanaburi =)) flight ticket plz gimme a cheap one! 

For more details about Pong Yup and its map, plz refer to http://vancoevorden.net/wp/2010/06/03/pong-yup/

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