Purple Burger Day~ ^^V

Purple burger!!!

Burger Day on last Sunday~ hehe. There is so much of burgers in the market nowadays, n they really look yummy to me!! Still don have the chance to try out the famous Burger Lab in Petaling Jaya and also the Spade Burger in Penang yet, aiks aiks. So, yesterday me, pat, yen and qiao mei decided to go for an outing to Low Yat ( ya thanks to the blackout in K17, as usual =..=) and we would like to try something new in Pavilion, The purple burger!!
**lol can blackout be a good reason for me to hang out again? haha

How I know about Purple Burger? well i saw it from Facebook from my coursemates last time, so i asked for further information from them. The Purple sesame burger can be found in Pavilion Tokyo Street at 6th floor, in a restaurant named cafe Taka. It is a japanese cuisine restaurant, but we were not coming for Ramee or Sushi or Tempura today, we were coming for Purple Burger!!!

We went there for lunch yesterday, and becoz we were not familiar with Pavilion ( LOL ) we took a hard time to find the location. The price was moderate, not as expensive as the others so it was still affordable by us hehe. The decoration in the restaurant is good, but not as special as those cafes in Penang hehe. But yes, it is clean, relaxing and comfortable.

The decoration on the wall. 

They are having the summer promotion for meals now. The lobster purple burger costs around RM18.90 without drinks, so we decided not to order it. LOL

Here it is, the menu for purple burger!! i think if i bring my fren Khim here, she will definitely very happy becoz she loves purple so much. So, the chicken burger is RM11.90 and the beef burger is RM 12.90, come together with wedges and fruit punch ( drinks). So personally i think it is really worth for the price. 

Photos while waiting for the food. Some interior design of the cafe. 

Love this lighting decoration. 

Something caught my attention. Oh ya, we sat on the sofa seat, muahahaha. 

here it is! our fruit punch! it tasted like lemon + watermelon + mint, weird combination huh? but still ok for me. quite refreshing actually hehe. 

My beef purple burger!! we waited for around 15 mins for the it. Not really long waiting, maybe becoz the cafe was not really crowded. 

have a peek of the ingredients of the burger~ i love the cheese it was soooooo yummy!! *ok im cheese lover

Yen d chicken Purple Burger. They ordered 3 sets of chicken haha. I think tat my beef tasted better coz it was not as hard as the chicken. chicken one looks like goreng goreng d. The wedges, hmmm not bad, but maybe more cheese will make the taste even better muahaha. 

my picture together with my beef purple burger. feel excited! the beef burger really taste nice! So far i ate pork and beef burger adi, my next target will be chicken burger? lol i look forward for a totally different taste one haha. 

Our photos together with our purple burger. Satisfying! the portion was quite big for yen and qiao mei wor, but still ok for me and pat. ( actually i wished to have Hokkaido Mille Crepe for dessert, but they were too full so we had to cancel the idea )

The outlook of the cafe~ 

Japanese cafe/ restaurant love to display their food to attract for customers. arg i cant control my saliva and my tummy anymore! 

The view from outside into the cafe

Decoration in conjunction to Bon Odori? ok i missed out the Bon Odori again.... thanks to research, lol 

Cafe Taka
Address       :    level 6, No.6.24.1B, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
Phone          :    +603-21436454
email            :    info@cafe-taka.com
Website       :    http://www.cafe-taka.com/main.htm 
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