Khao Chong Phran, the bat cave in Ratchaburi

So, i post this photo in my previous post, and today I am going to write about this unique place in Ratchaburi. This place is called as Khao Chong Phran, is a famous spot to view the bats in sunset. I found some information about Khao Chong Phran from the internet and i would like to share it here:

Bat Cave at Khao Chong Phran  is located in Tambon Tao Pun, approximately 9 kilometres west from Amphoe
Photharam if you depart from the town of Ratchaburi. Take the route Khao Ngu-Boek Phrai and go on for about
17 kilometres. In the area of Khao Chong Phran, a beautiful cave named “Tham Phra Non” is situated with more
than 100 Buddha images and a massive reclining Buddha image which is 9 metres long inside. However,the most
famous thing to see at Khao Chong Phran is a giant flock of more than a million bats flying out together of the cave
and forming a large black and long line across the sky.This activity lasts for hours every evening after sunset,around
5.30 p.m. In summer, they will $y to the east but in winter theyfly to the west.

This hill is located in Tambon Tao Pun, Amphoe Photharam, 17 kilometres north of Ratchaburi along the Khao Ngu-Boek Phrai route (Route No. 3089). The roadside hill has 2 interesting caves; Tham Phra Non housing more than 100 Buddha images and Tham Khangkhao or Bat Cave, which is home to some three million bats.  As the sun sets over the horizon, they all disperse on their search for food and the mountain looks like a volcano disgorging thick black smoke.

Well Im just a medical student but not a Vet so i have not much knowledge about the lifestyle of a bat. But i really amazed and impressed by the power of nature here.

We left Ban Hom Thian around 4pm, and checked in the hotel before we departed to Khao Chong Phran around 5pm. It took us around 40 minutes-1 hour from our resort. Quite a long journey. Becoz Suan Phueng was not yet well known to the tourists that time ( mostly local tourists), the environment was too.... quiet along the journey. When we reached there, we can see a night market there with a giant bat statue as the landmark. Use GPS to drive there =)) since it was still early for the bat show, we just hang around in the night market and look for some local food to try out. 

guess what i found in the night market. Oh gosh i nearly got heart attack and night terror when i saw this pig head. I had no idea when i took this picture lo haha. Sorry pig ><

Some local food. I din try it out becoz of poor communication skill. I can't speak Thai, and they cant speak English, and worst, they did not understand my body language. T..T . 

the old time ice stick ( told by my mom ) it was so interesting to me!! my first time to saw this!! excited too haha. 

Around 6pm there was a drizzle, I was kinda disappointed becoz i thought that the bats wont come out becoz of the rain adi. But I was wrong, the bats still come out on time, say Hi to everyone around 6.15pm. Everyone was ready with their cameras, yes, the show is here! and it lasted for at least an hour without stopping! OMG can you imagine how many bats are there inside the cave? 

It looked like bees but it was actually a giant flock of bats. They fly in a formation towards somewhere else, until now, no one knows where are they heading to. amazing huh. 

me with the flock of bats. I was so excited. this is the first time i saw the bats flying like this. I visited some caves before in Malaysia like Gua Kelam and Gua Tempurung, the bats i saw just hang on the ceiling on the cave, but this one was flying in front of me!

Hi bats, Where are you going? 

bats and the sunset. such a beautiful combination. 

The beautiful sunset. I love sunset so much. 

take a closer look. yeah u can see, they were bats!! millions of bats. 

Together with my family. My sis, papa and brother. 

We left the Khao Chong Phran around 7pm and went back to the town centre for dinner. It was a wonderful day for me in Suen Phueng. And i think I really fall in love with this little paradise in Thailand

Khao Chong Phran, bat cave
Address                             :    Tambon Tao Pun, Amphoe Damneon Saduak, Ratchaburi
best time to view the bats   :   6pm onwards till 7.30pm daily
admission fees??   Free!!

So here is the summary of my first day schedule in Suen Phueng
Departed from Bangkok, 2 hours driving

Reached Suen Phueng, had our first lunch in New Land restaurant. 
Around 1.30pm, visited Ban Hom Thian the candle making factory

Around 4pm, checked in hotel, had a rest
5pm, departed to Khao Chong Phran
7pm, went back to Suen Phueng for dinner. 

Enjoyed Tv show in the hotel ( Eden Garden was really awesome!!) and planned for the next day schedule. 

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