Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

I believe everyone know something about Cape of Good Hope? or in bahasa, Tanjung Harapan, in chinese, 好望角. It is so famous in history, and also in the movie "Pirates of Carribean". Here is some history about this place
So named by Portugal's King John II this area has captured the imagination of European sailors such as Dias who first named it the Cape of Storms in 1488 and later in 1580 Sir Francis Drake who called it the "The Fairest Cape in all the World"..

Something funny about Malaysia History, they said becoz the Portuguese found this place, to ease them travel to India and North-East Asia ( actually conquer the business route), and lead to " keruntuhan kesultanan Melaka". significant or not? for me, not really, but ppl blame that this place is one of the reason. Sorry guys, not interested in this kind of arguments. 

I went to this super famous place before I entered UPM as freshie. i was so lucky to have the chance to step my foot on the Cape of Good Hope. I was so excited with the spectacular view, oh gosh nothing can describe how gorgeous the scene is. I went to South Africa with my family, joined a trip via Super Tour. **I was not backpacking that time. I got too little time to spend there to appreciate the beauty of Cape of Good Hope, and i wish to have a backpack tour in future in South Africa again =)

We went there around evening in our second day in Cape Town. It was a long journey to travel to Table Mountain National Park to view the Cape of Good Hope. It was so cold that time that I still felt that I was freezing although i already put on my coat. 
Along the journey to the Table Mountain National Park. The fauna was different from what we found in Malaysia. but still I love the view hehe

The view of the Cape of Good Hope from the observatory platform of the national park. 一片无际的海洋,与天空连成一线。霎那间,我不知道哪一个是海洋,哪一个是天空了。I think the photo will be much beautiful if the sky was not cloudy. 

Took a closer look. The ocean water was totally unpolluted, and the white sandy beach, what a perfect combination! I was totally impressed! Cape of Good Hope was once believed as the dividing point of the 2 oceans, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. This was the first time i had such a close contact with ocean. It was soo.... gorgeous!!!

Another angle of view from the platform. the cliff was so high huh. It was so beautiful until it really left a permanent mark in my memory, remind me how beautiful the mother nature is. 啊,沉醉在这美丽的景色里。

Lets take a closer look. The blue of the ocean, how should I describe it? crystal clear? no, not suitable becoz it was more than tat. 

Not enuf closer? then lets have a look at this,
浅蓝是浅蓝, 深蓝是深蓝,浪花是彻底的白, 美得无法挑剔。多么美丽的大自然啊!

Me with the Cape of Good Hope. This place was a heaven or a paradise to me!

There was a lighthouse on the platform. and there was another one, which we did not go there. Here is some story about the light house:
At the point, visitors are treated to excellent viewing opportunities from both lighthouses that adorn the most south western point in Africa, one still fully functional. The lighthouse is accessible by foot or one can catch the Flying Dutchman funicular to the top.
Me again with the ocean, but I was not sure which ocean I was with haha. First meet with ocean was fantastic! Love it!

Together with my family in front of the souvenir shop of the Table Mountain National Park. 

Then, we moved on to the ground after visited Cape of Good Hope on the cliff. We were lucky to say hi to the wild ostrich along the journey haha. 

Again, say a closer HI to the ocean. Seriously the sea breeze ( or should i said ocean breeze) was so strong. I could not stand still when I was at the beach. some force kept on pushing me forward. haha. Interesting! 

say Hi to the ocean and the wave~ look, the breeze was so strong until me and my sister could not open our eyes haha 

Took picture with the Cape of Good Hope signboard, it is a MUST lol. 

And last, said bye bye to this beautiful place. =)) I love this place, very much. I wish i had more time to spend here, so I can feel the beauty of nature with my heart, and my soul

Here is the official website of the Table Mountain National park

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    如果是请问你们到当地租车还是网上租车? 谢谢你 :)