Penang Cendol with HIV?? Are you Kidding?

I read a news from Facebook recently that i think is something very.... idiotic =..= seriously, some ppl who dont have good medical knowledge create the rumours that a "AIDS gang" in Penang "pour" their blood into cendol to transmit the HIV virus.....and summore, it is confirmed by Putrajaya. well, don believe me? the msg is shown below from Facebook:

**I dont owned any of the pictures below, i took them from facebook or google. 

I guess this ppl play too much... er.... RESIDENT EVIL?? eh plz la u thought HIV virus is ur zombie virus meh... HIV virus cant survive outside the host for more than 20 minutes, n it cant survive in food. ( eh if u want to create the rumour, u better said they contaminate the syringe n cucuk orang sesuka hati, neh tis will really create chaos). I have no idea why tis kind of ppl want to create such a nonsense worry among the public. Most of the ppl had stigma against HIV, they think that HIV ppl is "dirty", and they will get it easily. But we cant blame the public, becoz this shows that the awareness among the public towards HIV is not strong enuf, and they got misleading information from some sources.

Stop fooling the public who lack of knowledge on how HIV transmit. it is so irresponsible, summore they blamed on "cendol", one of the most popular food in Penang. I was wondering y they don use char kuey teow?? becoz it was cooked before served? ya, funny. really funny. Virus need a suitable environment for survive, as it was totally fragile once it is outside the host body. For more info about Virus or HIV, plz go to google and get correct information. sometimes wiki does not mean that it is totally correct ( n that is y our lecturers prohibited us from using wiki as reference) 

A brief figure on how the HIV is transmitted via sexual activity. It is OK if you don understand, unless you got enuf health science or medical knowledge for it. 

Basically, HIV virus will attack our immune system, or i can say break down our immune defence system in years ( some up to 10 years). And that time, we called the status as "immunodeficient", which means our body dont have enuf lymphocytes ( not white blood cells) to fight for the disease. (imagine our body is a war zone, virus is our enemy, lymphocytes is our soldiers, that will make the picture easier.) Consequently, even a small flu can kill that time, as it will get worsen into pneumonia easily. DON PLAY PLAY. AIDS is the end stage of HIV. And unfortunately, so far there is still no medicine to cure AIDS and HIV. 

Back to topic, so, how HIV transmitted? it is confuse to explain in words, so lets look at the pictures: 

I guess it gives a clearer picture now? Food is no a medium for the transmission, so stop spreading the rumour about the cendol. isssh, my favorite cendol. and stop the stigma towards ppl with HIV, we can shake hand and hug with them, as long as we don have any blood contact with them. 

In short, ppl are risk for HIV if they are:

Intravenous drug user, sharing the syringe together 


multiple sex partner...... 

As a conclusion, 没知识的人活在这个世界上太恐怖了!!
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