Goh Kaki 五脚基

日盼夜盼,终于有时间和妈咪还有pat 来到了这件大名鼎鼎的 Goh Kaki 咖啡馆。嘻嘻,槟城近年来特色咖啡馆犹如雨后春笋啊 ( haha not bad leh my chinese), 可是为什么偏偏这一家有那么出名呢?进去就知道了。什么叫做五脚基?yupp, 这是槟城老屋的特色之一。槟城老屋最重要就是房子窄而长,有一个明亮通风的天井,还有一个屋外的 lorong 叫做五脚基。平日里,上一代的人就喜欢在下午把自己的懒人椅搬出来五脚基,和邻居说说话,人生的一大乐趣啊。

这间 Goh Kaki 保留了战前古屋传统的风格,也有许多能够勾起回忆的小摆设。00后的孩子们可能不知道这些是什么了咯,他们的世界里只有电子游戏, ipad。还好我的童年有很多的小游戏陪伴。 不过自从看了conjuring之后,真的不敢再玩捉迷藏了,太恐怖了啊! 

Goh Kaki 就坐落在 Lebuh Bishop 漆木街, the signboard is big enuf so we can spot it easily. There is a parking lot not far away from the cafe, RM3 per entrance if not mistaken ( so expensive lol). We went there around 4pm, and so sad that we miss out the lunch time and they served only carbonara and 面龟 for the tea time. I wanna eat their nasi lemak and nyonya rice lar~ wrong timing T..T 

The outlook of the Goh Kaki, isnt it look simple and nice? just simple decoration to create the atmosphere~

The view of the counter. They used white as their main colour tone, so the cafe look very refreshing to us =)) And I really appreciate the photos and some arts on the wall. Meaningful =)

Some decoration on the wall. I love to take photo with the wall decoration in those themed cafe recently, c coz the wall decoration is a place to show the owner's creativity to catch those customers' attraction for me. 

桌子上的打架鱼和美丽的天井。 I really love the design of the old house, which they made a 天井 in the house for the light and good ventilation, so the we wont feel hot and uncomfortable in those old houses without aircon. Environmental friendly wat hehe. There is 2 天井in the cafe, one with the drawing and another one they arranged the bricks and put some 打架鱼.

Mummy with the beautiful 天井。 

Congkak! who knows how to play with it? Me!!! raise up my hand, my childhood favorite haha

lots of games waiting for us, just put down those electronic gadgets and immerse ourselves with memories. 

my all time favorite when i was small~ 跳格子, lol my mom is the expert. X..x

Me with mummy. 

another 天井 with lots and lots of 打架鱼。haha 小时候的我也曾经养过打架鱼,这里的打架鱼尾巴都很漂亮,色彩缤纷哟~

Me and Pat playing games while waiting for our food. I forgot what is the name of this game adi

From left to right: 
夏之旅 (果冻)summer holiday with fruit ice. RM10.90
夜玫瑰  The Midnight Rose. RM 7.50 ~ actually is 火龙果juice
啡女莫属  Belongs to you. RM 8.50

The name of the beverage and the food are so special!! there is more like 红楼梦, OMG 

菇芳自尝 Never Try Never Know RM13.90
the carbonara is soso, it was the only main dish that i can order for tea time. 

This one is sipek famous d. Cheese Tic Tac Toe. 知面郎君 RM 7.90
Like the name, you can play T.T.T on the bread. The bread was soooo crunchy! I love it so much haha

Another of their famous dish in the cafe~ Sambai Xia Mi Kaki Ku 香闺辣妹 ( RM8.90). 用面龟 ( original pink colour tat one ) 做成乌龟样,再加上美味的sambal 虾米,好吃!!

Another set of 面龟 with Bang Kuang. 
Bang Kuang Kaki Ku 闺添色彩 ( RM 8.50). I preferred the sambal one, coz the bangkuang a bit tasteless for me. I just love the creativity of the owner for the name~

As you can see, all the table got 一瓶打架鱼. unique right =)

Some books on the bookshelf at the entrance.  

Finally me with the 木马 outside the Goh Kaki before we left. Such a nice place for Hi-Tea!! talked about the 木马, wth i watch the trailer of the Insidious 2 and they used 木马 to create the horror. apalah ni make me scare nia haha. Next time I shall come here for lunch! Join their contest if interested, check at the FB ^^

Farlim Branch
16F-01 (1st floor), Lebuhraya Thean Teik, 
Bandar Baru Air Itam, 11500 Pulau Pinang.
(Upstairs of Eu Yan Shang)
Business Hour: 6pm to 11.30pm
Tel/Fax: 04-828 2916

Bishop Street Branch
34 & 36, Bishop Street,
10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hour: 11.30am to 11.30pm
Tel/Fax: 04-262 9916

Their Facebook here :https://www.facebook.com/GohKaki

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