Penang Butterfly Farm~

I checked the tripadvisor for Penang attractions before, and surprisingly I found that Penang Butterfly Farm was rated as no.1 among so many POI in Penang. I was like 0.o really? wat is so attractive about butterfly farm, and it got so many good comments from the tourist. If im not mistaken my last visit to Penang Butterfly Farm was during my.....primary school time? I still remembered tat it was not fun at all that time. So, here is the chance for me to find out the reason when my fren Pat was having a visit to Penang. We went there on Monday so less crowd than weekend. 

Penang Butterfly Farm is located in Teluk Bahang, which is next to ESCAPE theme park. Basically for tourist, you can have ur schedule arrangement as below:
  1. 1st stop, visit to Penang Teluk Bahang Water Dam ( FOC)
  2. 2nd, visit to Penang Butterfly Farm. ( highly recommended for a family tour)
  3. Continue journey to Batu Ferringhi Batik Factory. you can learn how to make batik on ur own in that factory, visit their official website for more details.
  4. If you got child along, maybe you can visit to TOY MUSEUM which is just beside the batik factory.
  5. Don't miss out the beautiful beaches in Batu Ferringhi. Can have a stop at Hard Rock Hotel and have fun at their beach. If you are coming after end of September, dont forget to have your time with Wet Wild Water Park on the open sea.
  6. Have lunch in Batu Ferringhi area. I have no idea where to recommend coz for me the food there was expensive and not as tasty as Georgetown. Maybe can have a picnic on the beach?
  7. Drive yourself or take the bus to Tropical Spice Garden. Have a high tea in Tree Monkey Restaurant in the garden. Cooking class is available there =)
  8. Visit Straits Quay, maybe can have dinner there. For me i will have some light meal there then go for the real meal with typical Penang Food. Spend more than RM50 in Straits Quay can get a chance to take a ride on the water taxi Lady Martina to E&O Hotel ( Penang landmark).
  9. Shopping at new opening Gurney Paragon if not tired and wish to have some shopping! The night is still young haha. 
**Optional, spend your time in ESCAPE theme park after the visit to Penang Butterfly farm if you love challenging activities. ( view Here for Penang ESCAPE) But take note that it is at least half day activities and extremely exhausting after the games. Another option is start at Penang Tropical Spice Garden, then follow the route to Balik Pulau for a round island tour. ( view here for Penang round island tour)

Me and Pat together at the Teluk Bahang water dam. Different view at different time, still beautiful. 

Pat at the entrance of Penang Butterfly Farm. Rapid Penang is available to reach here. The car parks was quite insufficient for the farm until we had to park our car at the road side. For Malaysians, plz showed MyKad when purchasing the ticket. Get ready for our journey!

Honestly I was really impressed when i stepped into the farm and saw lots and lots of butterflies flying around me. It was totally different from what i thought before! haha low expectation comes with high excitements. We were so excited with the butterflies and took a lot of pictures. The farm was quite small actually, but the number of butterflies were big and it was well maintained. 

Butterfly photo 1 

caterpillars at the Tree of Hope. OMG i felt so disgusting to look at them. my nature enemy i can say 

the evolution of caterpillar to butterfly. 

Butterfly photo 2. Dont ask me about their species i have totally no idea with it =p

Me at the swing of love. but where is my lover? LOL

Butterfly photo 3 

Butterfly photo 4 

Butterfly photo 5. They put some hibiscus in some area of the farm to attract the butterflies. 

Butterfly photo 6

The signboard~ 

Butterfly photo 7 

Butterfly photo 8~ saw the little orange butterfly on my finger? I was so excited for it. Dont worry i did not harm the butterfly, just pick it up gently and carefully. dont try to grap their wings~

Butterfly Photo 9~Pat with the same butterfly

Butterfly photo 10

butterfly photo 11~ beautiful butterfly with unique wings

Butterfly photo 12~ on my finger

Butterfly photo 13

me with the pondok in the farm. 

Butterfly photo 14

Hi iguana! tis farm is not only butterfly but also some reptiles and ducks. reptiles do not include crocodiles and snakes la ya haha. Nice place for the kids. 

a small fountain in the farm~ 

Pat with the fish pond. there is 2 fish ponds, one with the koi, and another with the giant freshwater fish.
 ( i forgot their names but they were really huge enuf, black colour d). No feeding

Butterfly photo 15

The education corner with lots of millipedes. OK i felt geli again adi. They were so huge in size. yucks. BTW tis is the first time i knew that they fed on cucumber. LOL

Butterfly Photo 16

orchid corner in the farm after the educational corner. 

The photo gallery corridor. There was a mini theatre showing the film of the butterfly before this corridor for free. Actually this place is not allowed for photographing lol 

Butterfly Photo 17. Surprisingly it stopped on my head and Pat took it down. It looked like a fake one. Beautiful wings! almost transparent! 

Hi how are you XD are u a lizard?

Me with the butterflies samples. We wish to buy some souvenirs at the souvenirs shop but they were too pricey for us. haiz. 

Saying goodbye to the Butterfly Farm~ Beautiful place, and I finally understand why it was rated as No.1 in tripadvisor becoz it memang deserve for it, good maintenance and a good place for education and family tour. Kids sure will love it, coz we love it too haha. 

The admission rates at the counter. We cant stop laughing when we figured out why the Malaysian price is written in Bahasa but not normal 1,2,3,4 hahahaha. 

Goodnight world~ hope that tomoro is a good day for everyone~ 

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