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So, one more nice place to visit for mural visits in Penang! and Yes, it is Camera Museum in Lebuh Muntri, which is not far away from the painting~ The Kungfu Girl. and yes, I visited the murals again for the 5th time =..= my frens were like, WTH u went there for so many times! =pp I saw tis place from my frens instagram few days ago, and I found it accidentally today when I cycled on Lebuh Muntri. ( I forgot to do homework today haha). Tis place was really awesome!! It really gave me a picture about how the old style cameras looked like. But the museum was not fully opened yet due to some delay in construction. According to the workers, the museum will welcome the guests with the real look around end of August. hehe

So, where is it? It was just next to the MoonTree 47 cafe, which the Kungfu Girl painted on its wall. quite easily spotted by 2 cameras outside the museum haha. So far they opened for the photos gallery, the souvenir shop and also a small cafe at the back of the museum. The under renovation one are the collection of 300 antique cameras ( I was like WOW ), a darkroom and also an activity centre if not mistaken. Cant wait for it!! Becoz the hall of the museum was already impressive enuf!!

**I was not a good in photographing, LOL. I took these pictures with my Canon Ixus 130, so dont expect too much of artistic photos from me =p 

Patricia at the entrance of the Camera Museum. They got the signboard at the Lebuh Chulia. 

Pat with the cute painting on the wall in the museum. Quite cute huh hehe. 

The collection of cameras in the souvenir shops. Some of them are the real one! Like the LOMO camera, Devon owned one from taobao but I forgot how much she got for it. 

a view of the souvenirs shop. They sold a lot of things here, from bags, keychains, tee shirts, necklace, earrings and some creative items! 

Me with the cameras in the shop. The pink colour one on the left was the real underwater lomo camera ( it was about RM70?) , and the black colour with orange one is the real camera with film. 

Look like a DSLR but in fact it was a fan. How to use it? I'm not sure but the design is creative haha

Look like a DSLR lens huh? but it was actually a lens cup. We bought it at the price of RM49.90. hehe 

Me with the antique camera

Pat with the bicycle in the museum =)0

The look of the cafe in the museum. I like tis environment! It was located at the end of the museum. The second floor was closed due to renovation. I asked the auntie there whether they got any cakes in camera design or not, she said she might take it into her consideration haha. 

They wrote the menu on the board. Saw the lens cup on the rack? They served the fruit juice in the lens cup. 

i cant really wait for tis!!! 

The hall of the museum. The workers in the museum were really friendly and helpful. They explained to us how to use the old big camera in this pictures. Same goes to the workers in the shop. Thumbs up!

Took photo with the big big camera at the entrance of the museum. 

Tis is not The conjuring, tis is the image of Pat from the antique camera which was inverted and showed in the camera. Special huh! first time i got the chance to have a close contact with old cameras haha. 

pat with the old old camera, where we saw tis before? yea, the movie series Wong Fei Hong!!!

Me with the old camera haha. 

Some nice quotes in the museum on the wall. 

Nice one!! 

So after visited the camera museum we moved on to our next destination. definitely will visit it again when the antique cameras collection is ready for public. It makes Georgetown more interesting than just mural visiting! 

Penang The Camera Museum
Operating Hours    :      Mon-Sun  9am-8pm
Address                :      49 Lebuh Muntri, 10200 Penang Georgetown
Phone                   :       04-2613649
Facebook page     :
Admission            :        Free admission! bring ur cameras along!! **but cannot take picture at the photo                                           gallery. 

Nice day everyone! will try to upload my cycling route in Penang Heritage Site as soon as possible!! hehe nitez nitez 

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