Seafood Dinner at Mawilla Yacht Club Restaurant

How can we miss out seafood when visit to Labuan? definitely not even we were in a budget trip!! but how to get a delicious seafood dinner at reasonable price? after scratching her head for a thousand times Xp, Rochelle decided to bring us to the famous Mawilla restaurant, which is just walking distance from Labuan International Sea Sports Complex. 

Reason for choosing tis restaurant?
  1. according to yuan sen, they have beautiful sunset view here during dinner time. Well we went there around 8pm so what we got is just BLACK. emo. 
  2. They let us choose the seafood on our own, so we no need to worry whether they served us the dead and smelly seafood or not. And they are really helpful to help us to choose the seafood that we want ( obviously we did not go to morning market in usual days)
  3. They state price clearly for each different kind of seafood. 
  4. The price is really reasonable, as compared to Pulau Ketam ( damn expensive, not a pleasant memory that time). we spent around RM125 for 4 dishes, 8 glasses of beverage and some miscellaneous. The best thing is it is tax-free!!! no need to pay for the extra 16% service charge and government tax. Not to mention, they really serve tasty food hehe. 

The outlook of Mawilla Yacht Club Restaurant, located at the beach side. 

They let us choose the seafood that we want on our own. Too many of them.... 

fishes. plz be aware that some of the fishes are expensive! so ask them to recommend and ask the price clearly first before making a decision. for 5 ppl, a fish of 500g is enough. 

mussels, don miss out their cheese baked mussels! and the mussels are huge compared to Penang.

A big prawn which is as big as my palm. Of course, it is expensive. 

They put the seafood on the perahu style table, which is quite unique than the morning market steel table. The yellow bin is not rubbish bin, it is lemon water to soak our hand and clean it up after dealing with the seafood, so we don smell fishy haha. 

The price tag. Initially we accidentally choose the angchow, which was much expensive then we changed our fish to siakap. 
we choose crabs, mussels and a siakap. Not sure about the exact price. 

we were so lucky to get a seat at the beach with open space. Enjoying the sea breeze while having our dinner together. What a relaxing day. 
something about the restaurant, maybe it was so famous it was fully occupied on that day. We waited our food for more than 30 minutes, crabs for an hour. And in fact we were so hungry that time!

Our first dishes~ Kangkung belacan.
just take some vege to prevent from constipation. So-so, not that impressive. 

Cheese mussels, my favorite!! I love these mussels so much! it was so cheesy and creamy, and the mussels were really big enough to cheer our taste bud and appetite. a big thumb to this. 

Crabs with salted eggs. 
. They don really provide us a hammer to knock the crabs. don have much flesh meat, but still satisfactory. 

Last one,  fried Siakap with sweet sour sauce. 
Initially we wish for steamed fish, but the workers there recommend us to fried it. The outside was crispy and the flesh was smooth. another thumbs up for this dishes. And they removed most of the bones in the fish. 
But if compared to the one I had in Khuntai, of coz Khun tai served a better one haha, at a higher price =..= 

Here is the end of our dinner. So in total we spent RM103 for all the food above, with 5 people servings. Quite reasonable, not too high, and the money is worth for the taste.
A kind reminder, to avoid disappointment, it is better to make a reservation before the arrival. Because it always fully occupied during meal time.

Mawilla Yacht Club Restaurant
Mawilla Beach, Jalan Tanjung Batu, 87000 W.P. Labuan, Malaysia ( just beside the Labuan international sea sports complex)
+6087-  423 888
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