Labuan The Chimney

We were attracted by the mysterious chimney in Labuan when we were searching for point of attractions in Labuan when we waited for the flight in KLIA 2. Why is it mysterious? because no one know its actual function from the past until now. Some said is sort of defence during war, unfinished mansion, ventilation shaft and so ever. To fulfil our curiosity, we had a visit to The Chimney during our round island trip on the second day. 

It took us about 20 minutes from the city. The Chimney located at Tanjung Kubong. Very easy to find because it located high on a hill. Only a few cars were there so we had plenty of parking lots. 

There is a museum besides the chimney. Although it was named as "Muzium Chimney", it did not explain much about this chimney. Quite funny LOL. Again, this is a free admission point of attraction. 

Took photos together before we started our visit. Love the blue sky~ it was so blue that time. 

There is a small tunnel in the museum, exhibiting the live of a coal miner under the ground. Not so interesting to me, because I had visited the real coal mine ground in South Africa before. Quite dark inside this pseudo tunnel so plz be prepared with torchlight. 

even faster the Labuan Museum, we spent only around 15 minutes to finish the whole exhibition in this double-storey building. 
The chimney is just beside the museum. 

the picture of the chimney from the second floor of the museum. it has a height of 106 feet, build with stacks of red bricks. 

The chimney #2 

together with the bestie and the chimney. Here we are

A brief introduction about the history of the chimney, but I did not read it much haha. 

My frens said this structure is the strongest support to a building, the bridge shape. Well Im not a physics student so I have not much idea about that. 

Last picture of the chimney before we left this place. Quite amazed by the knowledge from the old people, at least they can build a strong building, better than now. 

Come on a sunny day to take beautiful picture of this chimney!! operation time unsure, but office hour for the chimney museum. Next stop: Labuan Bird Park which is just less than 5 minutes away from the chimney. 

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