Labuan Palm Beach Resort Beach Walk

Beach Walk is something a "MUST DO" when we visit to Labuan, Sabah. Although the beach was quite disappointing, not as sandy and crystal clear as we thought, still the scene is beautiful enough to catch our breath for it. Thanks to Yuan Shen for kind enough to be our tour guide and driver of the day ^^. So he brought us to Palm Beach Resort, which they have a beautiful beach in Labuan, about 20 mins drive away from the city, 5 mins drive from The Chimney. 

The romantic scene with the purple and beautiful blue sky at the beach ~ yea canon ixus u did a great job ^^
FYI, the beach walk at Palm Beach Resort is free of charge even we were not the customers. 

The entrance of the Palm Beach Resort~ well it costs around RM200 per night for a double room, so we did not have a stay in it la haha, just a road trip

The swimming pool at the beach~ still, love the sky, it must be awesome to swim and enjoy such a beautiful weather. but swim on your own risk, there is no lifeguard on duty

volleyball court at the beach~ play a game? hehe

the overall view of the palm beach resort from the beach~ 

a closer look of the resort. 

a shelter at the beach. what is the function? let us have a place to hide under the hot sun haha. This is y i love and dislike sunny day at the same time. big hot sunny day gives great picture quality but it is too hot!

Me at the beach! ok failed pose haha
a great friendship that I owned since secondary school~ wee ann, mei san, me. Shu yin, we wish that you were here together with us, so we can have the moment together. we miss you. 

My pretty bestie!! 

Me on a wood at the beach. Not in the drain near the post office! haha if you know me well you know what does tis meant XD thanks to my bestie for a great photo like tis. 

Another beautiful scene on the beach. Too bad it does not have a real white sandy beach to suit this beautiful photo. The water is not as crystal clear as I thought before ( still acceptable because it is clean). 

The main accessories for our beach photos~ the wood haha

coconut trees~

The seats near the lobby. wish to read my favorite book and have a leisure evening here, if I got money. 

The interior look of the restaurant in the Palm Beach Resort, love it because it looks so classic. but the price of the food is double than the city, so we cancelled our plan to have a quick lunch here. 

So this is my beach walk at Labuan, stay tuned for more interesting post about this little island of Labuan ^^ 
If got chance, will have a sunset view at Pantai Layang Layang not far away from here too~ 

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