Day trip in Labuan~

Labuan is an ideal place for a pleasant weekend escape to me. Some of my frens do not understand what is the reason behind I chose Labuan as the first destination for my "weekend escape" plan. Haha still in progress for my next weekend escape plan. going to Cameron next weekend, my batchtrip with coursemates. Back to topic, why Labuan?

of coz the first and main reason is..... because my best fren Rochelle is having her internship there! She is currently having her internship at Schlumberger in Labuan, which is an international company. Just fly to visit her during weekend together with another bestie~ Wee Ann aka Taylor. The second reason: because of the cheap flight ticket! we spent around RM171 to and fro from KL to Labuan without luggage. the third reason: we just wish to find a place which is relaxing, and we think Labuan is a good choice.

Think that there is nothing to do in Labuan? hmm maybe yes but not for me haha.

So here is our selfie together at Labuan domestic airport with the air asia plane on last Friday evening. Took it illegally lol. Air Asia delayed our flight for an hour *unhappy for that. but glad that we arrived safely

The control tower of Labuan airport. nice sky! and I fall in love with the blue sky in Labuan during my trip. 

We did nothing much on the first night in Labuan because we were exhausted after long waiting for the flight. Just went to Rochelle's house and had fun together after dinner together. 

So the next morning, we had our breakfast together with Rochelle's fren~ Yuan Shen and his fren together. Thanks to Yuan Shen for being our tour guide during our visit in Labuan. What we ate for breakfast? Rochelle highly recommended the fish soup with mee in Labuan town area so we headed in the morning. 

This is the coffee shop, just opposite the Labuan ferry terminal. it was so crowded even early in the morning. FYI, the price for a meal in Labuan is actually even more expensive than KL OMG!!!!

Rochelle's Borneo famous delicacies ~ Kolo mee. look simple, unlike the one I used to have in Kuching before. 

My fish head soup with bihun which costs me around RM9. X..X 
we wish to order for fish fillet unfortunately it had sold out early in the morning. Fish head had too much of fish bones which annoyed me so much. And this portion was really heavy for me as a breakfast ( as I seldom took breakfast, usually just milo and coffee) so I could not finish it. Should share with Wee Ann. 
Tasty? erm... due to overwhelmed annoyance by the fish head my taste buds don really enjoy the food. 

The international ferry terminal in Labuan. Just opposite the coffee shop that we had our breakfast. 
Car rental, island hopping, package for shipwreck scuba diving are available here. 

After the breakfast, we went to Labuan Museum. ya due to no idea where to go haha. as I mentioned before, this is a "planless" trip. Labuan museum is free of charge and it is air-conditioned...... so this is the reason we went for it haha. 

The dataran Labuan which located opposite the Labuan Museum, beside the Grand Dorsett Hotel,  where they will have grand event such as parade here. Very big field with a small platform. 

The outlook of the Labuan Museum. Ya, compared to museums in Malacca, Penang, Perak.... it looks so..... shoplot. I was shocked when my fren told me that we reached the destination. It just a small museum and we finished our visit within 30 minutes. 

welcome to Labuan Museum.... OK Im so speechless..... 

But, although it looks so... simple outside, they displayed quite many things inside the museum, from some antiques artefacts to models on traditional costume. again, what do you expect so much from a FOC museum? haha

Some artefacts from the shipwreck around Labuan sea area. From China, Qing dynasty I guess? 
Oh ya, since no one stop us from taking photos, no instruction that no photography is allowed, so we just took photos la. 

They said this was a Japanese bomb during World War 2. 

After just a short 30 minutes walk, we finished our visit in Labuan Museum. Things proved that I returned all my Sejarah memory to my secondary school teacher. They explained most of the story in details, so it is quite a nice place for those who which to know more about the past of Labuan. Which Im not interested in haha. 

On the way back we saw quite a lot of trees like tis. Can anyone tell me what tree is this because I love it, it just decorated the street in a beautiful way. 

end up with a close up shot with the yellow flower on the tree. 

Stay tuned for my island tour in Labuan!! haha

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  1. food is so expensive here..literally, almost everything! I've never tried the fish head bihun soup..people here like it..Couldn't imagine how it taste haha

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