8 Things to do In Suan Phueng, thailand

Tis was an old old time post, during my first year study. Where is Suan Phueng? it is a beautiful small town in Ratchaburi, Thailand, 3 hours drive from Bangkok. I had a wonderful time with my family there. And we are going to have another one soon ^^ love to travel to this kind of small town with lots of surprise. 

One thing I love to travel to small town is.... CHEAP! haha

think that Suan Phueng is a boring place? here is some of my travel diary in Suan Phueng, which I listed out the 8 things we did in Suan Phueng. 

1. Visit to Suan Phueng Sheep Farm~ The Scenery Vintage Farm
Sheep farm is really popular in Thailand. There is another one in Hua Hin, the Swiss Sheep farm. No need to travel to New Zealand to have a close contact with sheep!! they are so tame, and so cute especially the lambs. 
sheep and the lamb. Hi little lamb haha. they are so fluffy here 

and we can feed the sheep here during feeding time. with the food provided by the farm. 

with beautiful buildings and view here you wont be disappointed. 
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2. Pong Yup, the power of soil erosion
We always heard of sea erosion or land sliding, how about soil erosion? lets us amazed by the power of nature again in Suan Phueng. 

we can actually go down to the holes in between
This is how it looks like from the down view. 
for more information about my visit here, plz click

3. Bat View from Khao Chong Phran
Khao Chong Phran is actually a bat cave. But according to rumours no one managed to get in before because the crowd of the bats is too big. we saw a lot of bats in the cave during cave visit, how about the flying session? another amazing view that can be enjoyed in Suan Phueng. 
Bats. they leave the cave from 6pm onwards, continues non-stop until 7.30pm for food. non stop means the crowd comes out from the cave non-stop, not flying non-stop. Where they go? no one knows. 

The big bat statue at Khao Chong Phran. 
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4. Make your own candle at Ban Hom Thian
Ban Hom Thian is a candle making factory, instead of normal factory, it transformed into an attraction point and a must visit spot to Suan Phueng. They have candle festival every weekend in December every year. It is such a romantic place with many kinds of candles all around. 
isnt it look so romantic with so many candle cups hanging on the ceiling? 

and we can make our own candle with guidance from the local workers! they have the model for angry bird ( i guess they change something new adi for now?), love, normal 3 colours tone candle and more. price range from 20 baht to 200 baht. get something special as souvenir for the special one here! 

and don surprise that this "cao ni ma" is acually made of candles too~ how they make it? come to discover yourself then ^^ 
Let's read more in 

5. Visit to local night market
Compared to Bangkok and the big city, Suan Phueng does not have its own local night market because it is just a very small town. There is a night market over Khao Chong Phran, with lots of local food to try out at cheap price. ya as I mentioned before, nothing much but CHEAP here. 
Some local food which I cant name it. 

what is this? wanna guess? the old time ice stick ^^

6. Get some big juicy Lychee here
You have no idea how I love lychee so much. inherited from my grandma I think because she loved lychees too when she still here. The lychee here were so juicy, big and again, very cheap! Thanks to daddy for bought me these big bunch of lychee and I spent 3 days to finish it. Satisfied and happy to the maximum!! 
the background is actually a room of our villa during our stay in Suan Phueng, isnt it beautiful? neh, focus on the lychee on my hand please. they were red, juicy, big, and I guess they were organic? 

7. Visit to Suan Phueng Resort, or Resort Hopping. 
Suan Peung resort aka Flintstone resort. not enough budget to have a stay here? nevermind, they opened to visitors at 12pm to 2pm daily. Suan Phueng/ suan peung whatever since it is a translation from Thai so I also don know which one is the real one. Suan Phueng is famous with lots of unique resorts around. 

Does it bring out any childhood memory? I wish I can stay in the head of the DINO!! It is just too special than a place to stay

another unique villa in Suan Peung Resort. 
have a look at

8. Last but the most important, get a beautiful resort and have a relaxing holiday.
We stayed in Eden Garden for few nights and I really love this resort so much!! only one thing, it looks so ghostly haunted during night because of low staying rate. Otherwise I really enjoy my stay in the resort! the room, the hot shower, the villa, the river, the breakfast especially, the awesome service, the beautiful garden and everything.
Our villa, for double storey. Is it expensive? not really haha. Worth for the price? YES!!

And what I love the most is this beautiful scene beside the dining area for breakfast. Imagine to have a lovely delicious breakfast with the sound of flowing water and bird "tweet" around? this is what holiday really meant for! 
Wish to know more about my stay here, please click

So here are some of my sharing about my experience in Suan Phueng, which is a beautiful and small town in Thailand. It is a nice place to relax and have a family trip there. Hope you enjoy the reading ^^
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  1. Hi. May i know how did u travel to suan pheng and how to move from one attraction to another?

    1. hi, we rent a car from avis in bangkok and drive there ^^

  2. Hi. May i know how did u travel to suan pheng and how to move from one attraction to another?

  3. Hi there, I'm Thai and the owner one of the resorts there in Suan Phueng, Thailand. If you have any questions about Suan Phueng I would be vey happy to help. ;)
    Here is my resort FB: https://www.facebook.com/laprovence.suanphung

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