Labuan Marine Museum

what to do in Labuan? Hmmm this is quite a big headache for us during the plan because basically Labuan is just a small island and nothing much on it. So we decided not to have a plan!! haha this is my first travel without a plan Xp still I did some homework on Labuan attractions la. Labuan Marine Museum actually get quite bad comments in tripadvisor, but since it is free, so we just give it a try. Sometimes with less expectation, we can get more surprise because in fact Labuan Marine Museum is quite a nice place to spend our time for hehe. 

just 10 minutes away from the city, we reached Labuan Marine Museum in the hot afternoon. Definitely a good choice to get some shade XPP. Labuan Marine Museum is free of charge for admission and opens from 9am till 5pm daily. Compared to Langkawi Underwater World and KLCC Aquaria, it really explains why it get such bad comments. But what do you expect from a place with free of admission and a place with RM28 per entry? For me I am quite satisfied with the free visit. 

The outlook. Labuan Marine Museum is actually housed in the International Sea Sports Complex. 

Together with my bestie ^^ they have a seahorses statue outside the complex. 

The interior look of the complex. Yeah I felt it looks so deserted too. 

Once we stepped into the museum, we were attracted by the 'touchpool' opposite the reception. However I din managed to get beautiful pictures with the pool X..x emo. they have starfish, stingray and small sharks there. I think kids will definitely love it. 

Can I have you as my dinner tonight Mr. Lobster?

The beautiful aquarium with different kinds of marine life. they have lots of species of fish here! 

Not to forget the habitat of the fishes~ the beautiful corals. 

Hallo Nemo!! I found you!

Another highlight in the museum~ the 42 feet long skeleton of an Indian Fin Whale. Is it real? Im not so sure, but I guess not?? wish to have whale sight-seeing in Australia someday. 

The pseudo-mermaid sample in the marine museum. They are mammalian which lives in the sea area in South-East Asia, often mistaken as mermaids by people. 

The colourful little prawn hides between the rocks. And I spot you haha

The eels in the aquarium who looks so...... kong bu ( scary). They were really huge enough. habitat in Indian Ocean according to the introduction. 

Besides that, they have lots of shell collection in the museum. 

The outlook of the entrance of Labuan Marine Museum. Blue in colour, marine feel enough. 

Then we had a walk outside the marine museum, which is a beach. erm, actually is quite a polluted beach because it is near to the dock in Labuan. and the beach... due to lack of management, we can see rubbish everywhere. Another reason why people critic so much on this place LOL. 
Outlook of the international sea sports complex from the beach. 

Ships were so near to the beach hence the seawater was grey brown in colour ( polluted in short). I do not understand why there was still people playing around with the water. 

So I end this post with a photo of the floating restaurant near the beach. It was a Malay cuisine restaurant if not mistaken. although the beach is dirty =..=, still it is a nice place to take photos because of the blue sky. Call me addicted to blue sky haha. 

Overall, if you visit to Labuan and have nothing to do, Labuan Marine Museum is not bad for a visit haha. Visit their official website for more activities and information about Labuan Marine Museum. 

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