Labuan War Cemetery

Finally, here comes the last point of attraction in my blog list "point of attraction in Labuan, the finale of this trip will be "top things to do in Labuan" haha. Still got 30 minutes before departure to Cameron ( yeah don feel jealous IM out again) so i decided to write a blog LOL

Here is it, Labuan War Cemetery during our last day in Labuan. Planned to visit on the second day but the weather did not look good so we just postponed it to the third day morning, since we got nothing to do haha. Just few minutes drive from the town city, we reached Labuan War Cemetery while enjoying the sea view along the journey. The day looked good ya hehe. 

The entrance of the Labuan War Cemetery. it is a Commonwealth World War 2 graveyard in Labuan, many of the personnel buried under this land were from Australia and India. This is a place where we can pay our respect to the people who sacrifice their life during WW2. 

The cemetery #1 

There is a small building there which I was quite unsure with its function. 
Personally like the simple design of this cemetery, look tidy, greenish and peaceful. 

The holy cross~ 

one of the cemetery. Some of them had their name on it, for those "unnamed" they will entitle them as "KNOWN UNTO GOD". 

The cemetery #2

the bench

This cemetery is free of charge of admission. open to public
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