8 things to do in Labuan free and easy~

Labuan, one of the Wilayah Persekutuan in East Malaysia, a very small island with a small town. We finished our island round trip in 4 hours, just imagine how small it was. Before we went there, we understood that not much thing for visit in Labuan so we don put any high expectation on it. Still, it is a fun trip together with my besties. So what can we do in Labuan?

Usually people will include Labuan for a 2 days trip or one day trip in their trip to Kota Kinabalu or Sabah. There is a ferry service from Labuan to Jesselton, Sabah daily twice, in the early morning and evening. A bit pricey to us so we cancelled our plan to go Kota Kinabalu for a day trip haha. The best way to visit Labuan is by self-drive. Don expect on the public transportation because it is not as good as the developed city such as KL and Penang. Car rental for viva perodua is at the price range of RM80 daily ( petrol fees not included). 

So, lets see what are the 8 things that I feel interesting to be done in Labuan. Not by ranking, I just put it randomly. And these are just some of my humble opinion. 

1. Visit to the town and Labuan Museum
Labuan Museum is in the town, so how can we miss out the town visit when we come to a new place? Although it is small, but Labuan Museum is quite a nice place to visit if you wish to know more about the history of this small place. And it is Free Of Charge for admission!! 
The outlook of the small museum. 

Some display of the chinese antiques from the shipwreck in Labuan sea area. 

2. Visit to Labuan Marine Museum at Labuan International Sea Sports Complex
Not far away from the town, it is a nice place to have some family activities over this place. Free of admission.
To me, this place look quite deserted, I guess it is due to lack of maintenance fees. Of coz it cant be compared with the KLCC aquaria and Langkawi Underwater World ( which their admission fees are so pricey while Labuan Marine is FOC). Just come here to have a look on various marine creatures.

The outlook of the complex which house the Labuan Marine Museum. 

Don miss out the 42 feet long skeleton of a Indian Fin Whale on the second floor exhibition room in Labuan Marine Museum. 

they have a beach by the side but it was really polluted. Nice place to take some photos. 

3. The mysterious Chimney and chimney museum
The landmark of Labuan, the Chimney which its function and purpose still a mystery from the past until now. Why should we visit it? just to fill up our curiosity haha. 

group photo together in front of the Chimney and the chimney museum. 

The look of the chimney~ 

4. Have a nice beach walk
Beach walk is another thing should not be missed out if visit to Labuan. Unfortunately, to me most of the beach in Labuan was not as impressive as the others, not really sandy but still satisfactory condition. Layang -layang beach is one of the famous beach recommended from the internet for a beautiful sunset. We went to Palm Beach Resort for a jubilant beach walk~ We did not stay there, just walk around there as a visitor. 

The swimming pool of the Palm Beach Resort. But I guess only for their customers. 

Love this picture so much. Purple is the colour of romantic don u agree with me? this combination is just too amazing for me. 

5. A fabulous seafood meal
Although it was a budget trip, still we pamper ourselves with a nice meal with seafood. FYI, the seafood in Labuan is considered cheaper compared to KL and the main city in Peninsula Malaysia. We had a great meal there with mussels, fish and crabs at the price of RM103 with 5 people serving. The restaurant we went was Mawilla Yacht Club Restaurant. Initially we wish to have a romantic sunset dinner but we were too late for it. Still it was a nice experience to dine with frens, with awesome seafood and the sea breeze. 

The outlook of the restaurant. 

another best thing to dine over here is we can pick the seafood that we want on our own! haha nice experience especially to those people who seldom go to morning market like us. 

6. Visit to Labuan War Cemetery
This is a beautiful cemetery garden to those personnels who sacrifice their life during World War 2. It is also a place where we can pay our respect to those warriors who help to protect our country during the war. 

The look of the cemetery. Nice, Tidy, green and peace. 

The holy cross in the centre of the cemetery garden.

7. Clubbing
One of our original plan to go Labuan is to experience the clubbing life there. But since our fren told us that most of the club houses were ILLEGAL, we don dare to risk ourselves there and hence we just decided to buy some chocolates and alcohol beverage back to the house..... and brought the club back to the house! Still, we had lots of fun together haha. We dance, sing, eat, drink in the house, and we felt more secure with it 
I drank half of bottle of that sparkling juice, LOL. 

8. Tax Free Shopping
This is a MUST MUST MUST thing to do in Labuan. Because everything is tax free here, everything is almost half of the price out of the island. The everything I meant is alcohol and chocolate. we had a crazy shopping time in Labuan. 

One of the recommended shopping point for chocolates and alcohol~ one stop duty free at victoria point. Because they have the cheapest rate and a great varieties in the town. Just near to the Labuan international jetty. 

Have a peek in the shop. They have vodka, tequilla, beer, wine, anything that you can name it. We bought a Australian Wine at the rate of RM20. cheap right?? haha

So here is the end of my Labuan Trip, just a humble opinion on what should we do when we visit to Labuan. Stay tune for more on my Cameron Batch trip!! 

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