Labuan Bird Park

Hence, after the Labuan Marine Museum, we came to the second place which receives lots of critics in TripAdvisor for point of attraction in Labuan. But for me, again, due to its cheap admission fees, it is reasonable for it to look so. It looks like a playground, or backyard farm than a bird park. Not to mention Singapore Jurong Bird Park, it is worse than Penang Bird Park in thousand ways. However, cant blame them because they don have the strong financial support like the others. The admission fees is just RM2.  

Not far away from The Chimney and Palm Beach Resort, here we are~ the Labuan Bird Park. 

The entrance of the Labuan Bird Park. They don really have a public parking space so we just parked our car at the roadside. Admission fees was RM2 per person for student. 

Welcomed by the famous Burung Kakak Tua in the park, chewing its feather. more protein?? I have no idea what was it doing. 

A fountain in the ducks pond. 

ostriches, not bad that they got quite a variety of birds too. But pity these ostriches that they had so limited space to move around while they are so huge enough. 

The aviary, but not much birds inside. 

The beautiful bird with a very CHIO hairstyle. haha, the second most beautiful bird in the park after the peacock. 

say HI to the birds. The blue colour bird is very attractive but I dunno its name. Ya, visit bird park and gain no knowledge, LOL

colourful birds~ 

modelling shooting~ cover bird for the " Malaysian Next Top Model" 

since the weather was so hot with lots of mosquitoes , we just spent around 30 minutes in the aviary and walked to the gallery on the hill. 
some samples in the gallery. QUite a lot in fact, too bad they don really promote this as their real attraction, such a waste! 

Beautiful view from the gallery. If they put more effort in maintenance and introduce more species of birds into the park, for sure they can make it an interesting attraction. 

View of the gallery without filter. 

Lastly, some small bird cages around the corner of the park with different small species of birds. 

In overall, it is OK to visit this park, since there is nothing much to do in Labuan. Don put too high expectation on this park, because it is just a small one. just have a relax moment in this small place will do. 

Labuan Bird Park
Location   :  Tanjung Kubong
operation  : 10am to 5pm daily
admission fees:  RM3 for adult, Rm2 for student, Rm1 for child. ( bring mycard)
telephone:  +608 742 3445

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