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Back to blog about food first be4 I get bored of writing my travel stories. So we decided to have our 3rd cafe hopping today! I got Yaya as my best partner once again, and the driver of the day too coz I don have my car with me. Then I got 2 besties who I did not meet for ages~ Pp and Goo as the new members for the cafe hopping! both of them were not in Penang since long time ago and I really miss them a lot! Again, we had lots of chit chat together with maximum fun.

We went to Penang around 10.30am and we decided to go Secawan 'n' Such as our first stop of the day. Located in Jalan Hutton, quite easy for us to get a street parking lot. Was attracted to the egg benedict in the cafe when I read some blogs article before we went for cafe hopping. Another best thing is they started their business at 8am so we no need to wait them to get ready for business when we reached. 

was attracted by the big mural on the wall when we stepped into the cafe. Really fulfil the name of the cafe as "secawan". 

and they serve dessert in the cafe too~ but becoz the time was still early and we had to reserve our stomach for the next stop so we did not try them out. Look tempting anyway. 

welcomed by glasses of water even before we made our order =)) very kind

we made our order at the counter and paid on the spot.

Matcha Latte Green Tea RM9.90
Quite sweet to me, and I just found out I could not take caffeine with empty stomach anymore, felt palpitation. But my frens really enjoyed it. anyway it really smells good. 
sorry to my tummy for torturing you with tonnes of caffeine during my study time =(

Organic English Breakfast tea RM8.90
I wish to have something warm as my starter, so I picked a pot of english tea to warm up my stomach first before I filled it up with lots of delicious food haha. It really taste good and I really like it. Not too bitter like chinese tea. BTW at first I thought they will give me a English classic pot lol haha

noted something besides the cup? Im not sure what was it but it tasted like mooncake biscuits. 

Pancake RM 14.90
their pancake comes with beautiful strawberries on top of it, fresh cream, maple syrup and passion-fruit puree 

Does it look tempting?? haha they just make their pancake into something extraordinary beautiful. How about the taste?

First, pour the syrup and puree on top of it first before we ate it. The pancake was so soft! this really change my mind that "pancake can be nice to eat too" becoz I always got hard pancake before and I just dislike it. But this time I would like to say I like it! especially when the syrup and puree combination wasnt too sweet to me, but add some fruit taste to the pancake~ 

Egg Benedict RM22.90
deng deng deng! our egg benedict finally here! we just cant stop our saliva from drooling when we saw it! it really assaulted my brain badly. it comes with white bread, green frisee, crispy bacon, poached egg and hollandaise. Every ingredient complemented this awesome egg benedict together perfectly! This is one of the best breakfast that I had ever ( becoz of bacons yes my favorite! ). we just finished it within few minutes LOL becoz everyone love it! 

Sometimes we felt like we are freak becoz because we take photos of food more than ourselves haha.

** pancake and Egg benedict are available from 8am to 2pm only

lets hang around the cafe~

they have a sofa corner which is quite private for some chit chat with frens. 

more seats at the back with relaxing mood~ 

another mural at the back of the cafe~ but i cant really catch the meaning. 

the overview of the cafe in the front part

Together with my besties~ thank you so much!

the counter of the cafe~ 

want to have some tea?? 

or have some coffee?? 

and finally, the outlook of Secawan 'n' Such. A bit pricey compared to others but worth it because they really served fantastic food! just located near to new world park, so it is easily accessible~

Secawan 'n' Such cafe
Tuesday to Sunday  8am to 12am 
019-528 8112
205 Jalan Hutton, 10500 Georgetown, Penang

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